I’s only good when I’s bad. Or mad.

Got two interesting emails today. No, three.

First one was from someone who said he/she didn’t much like me and found me “unscrutable.”

Ironically, I’m not sure what the writer means. Please advise whether you mean I am “inscrutable” or “unscrupulous.”

Second one told me to be alert because if Sharon recovered from his stroke, it would be like the Beast in Revelation, “who also recovered from a head wound,” and thus we would know that Sharon was the Beast.

Hmmm…Joseph Heller once wrote, in Catch-22, about a woman who couldn’t count to 28 without getting pregnant. I think there must be some people in the world who can’t look at a public figure without seeing a Beast. (Shrug) maybe that’s a good way to be, after all.

Third one linked to this old post and told me I haven’t written anything good since then.

I dunno. Re-reading the thing, I note that I professed to being in a bad mood when I wrote it. So, perhaps I just haven’t been teed off enough, lately! :-)

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  • gcotharn

    It would be unscrupulous to be intentionally inscrutable.

  • Mary

    Gee, all I’m getting lately is January Sale e-mails from companies where I’ve already spent too much Christmas money. At least you are getting some comic relief! Enjoy!

  • joeh

    I read you first or last depending on my mood. I guess it depends on if I have been treated unscrutable that day. Or is it if I have been unscrewable that day. WHATEVER.