Sigmund gets Award Winner on Couch

Sigmund gets Award Winner on Couch February 22, 2006

Siggy shrinks Catholic Blog Award Winner Julie (Best Blog By A Woman)

It’s better than it sounds. Go read!

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, The Anchoress won in the category for Best Political Blog! I thank you all for going over there and voting for me! My l’il bro Thom points out that I won with a plurality, like Clinton and not a majority, like Bush. Boooo, booo, Thom! I remain grateful, folks! :-)

I’m a little mad at Siggy, though because he freaking beat me to it! To what, you ask? To linking to this great piece by neo-neocon who is taking a look at Democrat Kiddie Propaganda. I thought I’d be first to post it! Dangit! Read them both though. Neo is bright and snarky and Siggy is also snarky, but both have serious things to say about this.

Also, please be sure to read Gerald Vanderleun’s thoughts on this cheesy book. Although in fairness this is cheesy, too. How about we NOT propagandize our kids until they’re in junior high?

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