If you could spare a prayer…

I learned last night that a family member ffamily has cancer that has metastasized to several spots, although its origin is still unknown. A great deal of pain is involved. and the prognosis is not good.

Why do I feel like half the time I spend on this blog I’m writing about the impending deaths of family members and friends?

This is a member of my birth family, and there is a complicated – and searingly painful – history there.

I expect blogging will be light this weekend.

If you could spare a prayer for this man, and for my family…and for me…I would be most heartfully grateful. Pray that I might offer up the renewal of pain that I am feeling, for some better purpose. Thank you.

Owen has a good post, btw, on the concept of offering it up. I like especially his quote from JPII:

Human suffering in fact can show forth the goodness of God: the wound can become a fountain of life (cf. Jn. 19:34). The experience of suffering discourages and depresses many people, but in the lives of others it can create a new depth of humanity: it can bring new strength and new insight. The path to understanding this mystery is our faith. When faith turns to prayerful contemplation, it reveals to us all the power of the Lord’s Easter victory: ‘death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning nor tears nor pain’ (Rv. 21:4).

and his quote from Marc at Wild Tangents:

I am not asking you to pray for me. This will pass. I will be alright. I am asking you to help me give this suffering some purpose. Please comment with your prayer requests. I will offer up this suffering to God for your intentions.

H/T Julie. Thanks, Julie – you pointed me exactly where I needed to be this afternoon. The Holy Spirit is really something, no?

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  • Cathy

    As always, you and your family have my prayers. God be with you all.

  • http://happycatholic.blogspot.com Julie D.

    He’s playing tag as near as I can see. Gotta love it! :-)

    Praying for all of you.

  • gcotharn

    Prayers shall be offered, from a heart in Texas.

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    Pray that I might offer up the renewal of pain that I am feeling, for some better purpose.
    These are difficult times to go through, and I am so very inadequate in expressing thoughts here, but I did have a recent experience that had a profound effect on me. An acquaintance of mine from law school, Sylvia, recently died from cancer at about age 40 with a husband and kids, and I went to her funeral Mass a few weeks ago. In her “eulogy” at the end of the Mass, her sister related how much she suffered physically because of the cancer near the end, as you would expect. But the pain only led her closer to Christ. And in order to share and participate in the redemption of Christ, in order to help Him carry the cross just a little bit, her sister related, my old law school acquaintance not only offered her sufferings up to Him, but took herself off of the pain medication. In doing so, she found some purpose, some measure of joy even, in that pain and suffering.
    When I heard her sister relate those last days to me, it gave me a great deal to ponder, and a great deal of comfort, not only for me, in whatever trials may be before me and my family, but for Sylvia too. Although it is not proper to presume on God’s mercy, I have to believe that, in walking along side Christ in those last days, she is most certainly with Him now. And as her cousin the priest said at the Mass, the prayers of the family for a miracle were heard and granted. Her afflictions were healed and she has gained life everlasting.
    May it be so with you all and your families as well.

  • Joseph

    The way out of pain is through forgiveness. Forgiveness and faith. May you and your relative give yourself wholly to both. May all pain everywhere be bound into one and dissolved into the Heart of Perfect Wisdom.

  • http://benningswritingpad.blogspot.com/ benning

    As always we respond to your requests, Ma’am. I think it helps us to find a powerful reason, an immediate one, for our prayers to the Father. So we gain, as we pray, in ways we still do not comprehend.

    Thanks, Anchoress, for letting us in to join in prayer.


  • Myssi

    Prayers are going up on your behalf, Dear Anchoress. I have many friends who are offering up pain for God’s use this week. God bless you among them.

  • http://ohhowilovejesus.com Jeanette

    Anchoress, you and yours are always in my prayers. I will lift you all up in prayer again today.