O Sword of God…

Please go avail yourself of this wonderful post at Counseling Kevin, The World Wanders With Me Tonight.

I am reprinting Chesterton’s poem here, because it was something that I absolutely needed to read, tonight, and I want it here. The Holy Spirit has a way of providing us with precise and perfect aid, at all times.

But go read it at Kevins, because he has along with it a wonderful video of Josh Groban singing Gira Con Me. Read the poem with the music.

The Sword of Suprise
by G.K. Chesterton

Sunder me from my bones, O sword of God
Till they stand stark and strange as do the trees;
That I whose heart goes up with the soaring woods
May marvel as much at these.

Sunder me from my blood that in the dark
I hear that red ancestral river run
Like branching buried floods that find the sea
But never see the sun.

Give me miraculous eyes to see my eyes
Those rolling mirrors made alive in me
Terrible crystals more incredible
Than all the things they see

Sunder me from my soul, that I may see
The sins like streaming wounds, the life’s brave beat
Till I shall save myself as I would save
A stranger in the street.

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  • http://www.theglitteringeye.com Dave Schuler

    This reminds me a good deal of a little prayer written by my 12 times great-grandfather. Perhaps you’ll like it:

    My Lord and my God,
    Take myself from me.
    Give me all and whole to You.

    My Lord and my God,
    Take from me
    All that makes me turn from You.

    My Lord and my God,
    Give to me
    All that draws me nearer to You.