“Saint Piro” – she’s “just that good!”

I love this story:

Buzzing over this northern Iraqi city in her Kiowa scout helicopter, a .50-caliber machine gun and rockets at the ready, Capt. Sarah Piro has proved so skillful in combat missions to support U.S. ground troops that she’s earned the nickname “Saint.”

In recent months of fighting in Tall Afar, Piro, 26, of El Dorado Hills, Calif., has quietly sleuthed out targets, laid down suppressive fire for GIs in battle and chased insurgents through the narrow alleys of this medieval city — maneuvering all the while to avoid being shot out of the sky. In one incident, she limped back to base in a bullet-riddled helicopter, ran to another aircraft and returned to the fight 10 minutes later.

“They call her ‘Saint Piro’ — she’s just that good,” said her co-pilot, Chief Warrant Officer Todd Buckhouse, a 19-year Army veteran who has worked with Piro on two tours with the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment in Iraq.

“There was no one I wanted to hear more on a raid than her. She’s a spectacular Army aviator,” said Maj. Chris Kennedy, executive officer of the regiment, which is returning home this month.

The feminists won’t honor her, I’m sure…she’s the wrong sort of feminist, so we won’t likely see her being profiled in a list of 100 Most Whatever Women along with Katie and Oprah and the rest of the gals in the ghetto “sisterhood” of comfortable Upper West Side Feminism.

Read the story of this heroic woman and others like her. Maybe someone, someday, will memorialize ’em.

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