The Great Silence can’t come fast enough

Not for me, or for some others.

This is a nice piece on the Carthusian documentary which is making such waves in Europe.

The world as it is today seems to need what these people are offering.

Speaking of what we need more of in the world today – I just finished Rev. James Martin’s In Good Company: The Fast Track from the Corporate World to Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience and it’s a winner. A man gets a good education, finds a nice job, starts living the American dream and suddenly…hears a different call. I’m going to review it more fully (along with another Martin book) next week, but for now, if you’re inclined go check it out. A very warm, funny, human and winning book, conversational in tone, not at all pedantic, and full of awe. You’ll get drawn in immediately.

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