Couric to CBS – UPDATED

I only care – because mostly I don’t care – but I only care because I freaking TOLD them not to do it, and they never listen to me…just like the Yankees never listen when I say “bunt…BUNT!”

CBS Public Eye has a round up of blogger reaction and some reader comments that are interesting. Lots of unimpressed, yawning folks out there.

As I wrote here, I thought Bob Schieffer was as good as anyone doing the news – and better than some, but I warned Moonves a while back that there were issues with yergirl Couric, not the least of which is she’s not going to attract the young men CBS seeks, the young mothers who like her are going to be busy feeding the kids, and half the country literally cannot stand the wee little newslette and her affable “everywoman” “I-have-to-take-out-a-loan-to fill the tank of my minivan” schtick. Yeah, honey…on 15 mil a year you were really feeling our pain! Too funny! And insulting.

There’s a big old Katie-boo story here – I’d worry about that briefing book. Portends unhappy futures, by my measure.

Vaughn Ververs wonders what the Couric acquisition means, and how the Evening News will evolve. More interesting comments follow his post.

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