Couric to CBS – UPDATED

I only care – because mostly I don’t care – but I only care because I freaking TOLD them not to do it, and they never listen to me…just like the Yankees never listen when I say “bunt…BUNT!”

CBS Public Eye has a round up of blogger reaction and some reader comments that are interesting. Lots of unimpressed, yawning folks out there.

As I wrote here, I thought Bob Schieffer was as good as anyone doing the news – and better than some, but I warned Moonves a while back that there were issues with yergirl Couric, not the least of which is she’s not going to attract the young men CBS seeks, the young mothers who like her are going to be busy feeding the kids, and half the country literally cannot stand the wee little newslette and her affable “everywoman” “I-have-to-take-out-a-loan-to fill the tank of my minivan” schtick. Yeah, honey…on 15 mil a year you were really feeling our pain! Too funny! And insulting.

There’s a big old Katie-boo story here – I’d worry about that briefing book. Portends unhappy futures, by my measure.

Vaughn Ververs wonders what the Couric acquisition means, and how the Evening News will evolve. More interesting comments follow his post.

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  • Sigmund Carl and Alfred

    I wrote on the matter, as well.

    I’m convinced they wanted someone else on 60 minutes besides Ed Bradley that wore earrings.

  • http://none Darrell

    Maybe CBS Public Eye can explain taking Little Green Footballs off their blogroll…???

    This announcement should have come on the First of April…Break a leg, Katie! Heck, break two!

  • PeggyR

    I’ve decided that I am just going to have to stop watching the network evening news period. Schieffer was the only one of the new bunch that I could tolerate. I thought the newscast was pretty good under him and a vast improvement over the abysmal Rather.

    Thats all going to change now. That newscast is going to be a carbon copy of all the others and even more unapologetically slanted toward the liberal viewpoint. The very idea of watching Couric softball some vile dictator in a time period that used to be something of a haven from network news fluff, chirp and tabloid sensationalism just makes me sad. Unlike a lot of people I used to love watching the network news. I found it to be mostly servicable which is what I look for in a 30 min after work briefing and the few times I was totally annoyed enough to shut it off did not outweigh that.

    Sigh….and I used to complain about Jennings and Brokaw. If only Tom, who I never much watched, would accept the chump change that I could offer him, I would pay him myself to come back. I just wish I could do the same for Jennings who was my favorite in spite of his leanings.

  • Tony

    I don’t think “perky” is going to work on the nightly news. Time will tell, I guess.