Bryn and Meat Loaf? Hush your mouf!

Okay now, someone who wants to upset me has sent me this comparison of my Bryn, my lovely Bryn Terfel, with Meat Loaf. Yes…a guy who calls himself Meat. Loaf.

Terfel: Dramatic roles in operas such as the Flying Dutchman have involved the imposing star wearing heavy prosthetic make-up and projecting his mighty trademark voice to audiences around the world. Critic Manuela Hoelterhoff described him as “a guy with the body of Meat Loaf and an exuberant performing style”.

Meat Loaf: Singing dramatic songs such as I Would Do Anything For Love have involved the imposing star donning heavy prosthetic make-up in videos and projecting his mighty trademark voice to audiences around the world. Critics have yet to describe him as “a guy with the body of Bryn Terfel and an exuberant performing style,” but it can only be a matter of time, eh?

Damn you, Welsh media!

They’re nothing alike! Nothing! See for yourself!

There! The difference between them could not be more pronounced.

You DO know that my Bryn is the guy in the second picture, right? Of course you do. You should, anyway. Damn straight.

Hmph. The very idea! Meanwhile this is a very nice interview with Terfel who carries on about how much it means to him to drive his kids to school, these days.

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  • Ellen

    Anchoress, there are about three popular singers whom I think could have sung opera if they’d had the training. One is Roy Orbison, one is Freddie Mercury and the other is Meat Loaf.

  • Fausta


    Who knew that Meatloaf, showered, groomed and clean would bear a slight resemblance.

    Roy Orbison, one is Freddie Mercury and the other is Meat Loaf
    I’d add Andrew Strong, too.

  • newton

    Must. Laugh. Again…
    Stop it, Anchoress! This Bryn silliness is just going to make my Kegels become useless!

  • newton

    OK… on second thought… Let me sleep on it… ;)

  • Jeanette

    Anchoress, just as you are a hussy for Bryn I’m a hussy for Tony Snow. Ahhhh, such pleasure to the eyes. ;)

  • stephanie

    Gotta tell ya, they look the same to me ;-)

  • TheAnchoress

    Go ahead, Stephanie, break my freakin’ heart! ;-)

  • benning

    Not bad – photos are similar enough so that they could be brothers!

    Oh, and here’s something for your Jack Bauer collection:

  • Mamacita

    I have been a Meat Loaf fan for many years. Both the dinner AND the singer.

    But Bryn is cuter, albeit they could be brothers. I’m listening to “And the Trumpet Shall Sound” as I type.

    Everybody makes fun of me because I like Meat Loaf. I really think he’s good! And I have a few MP3′s of him singing opera, too.