Impudent? Moi???

I just got called “impudent” in an email!

What a great, underused word! I have not been called “impudent” since the grade school, when I insisted to Sr. Mary Gemma that the word “it” was a preposition. I may have called it a proposition, too! :-)

Yes, I was impudent back then, and I deserved the standing-in-the-corner bit.

But today? Impudent? Moi? As a famous radio guy would say, “I’m a harmless loveable little fuzzball…”

Or something.

I’m going to go off to Adoration, now. I’ll pray that I don’t come off as “impudent” anymore, today!

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  • benning

    Are you sure this person didn’t actually mis-spell imprudent? Eh?


    Why, you impudent rapscallion!

  • MaxedOutMama

    Go adore, Anchoress. It’s a better use of your time and energy than reading emails about impudence. “Impudence?”

    I get the mental picture of a Queen of England type looking down her nose and muttering about whippersnappers.

    Thanks for the laugh.

  • Jean

    Someone called you “impudent”? How impertinent! And right before Adoration? Inopportune, to boot! :)

  • Mary

    Hilarious! Would love to know which one of your many observations got the ‘impudent’ rating. Alas, we will probably never know.

  • Donna

    Was the email from Maureen Dowd by any chance?