“A good program is over…” UPDATED

UPDATE: The new line from folks in the media is, what secret? Everyone knew this!. Which makes one ask, then why was it a front page story????

The perfidy and folly of the NY Times has spooked the “international community”. But they didn’t do any harm to the program, or anything. Also read scathing and brilliant satire on the NYTimes editorial decisions.

End Update.

Ed Morrissey gives us a heads up to an interview between Thomas Kean, the 9/11 Commission chairman, and Byron York of NRO. Bottom line – a good, effective and fruitful program has been effectively crippled by the actions of Bill Whats-the-big-deal-anyway-you-idiots Keller and the NY Times.

Writes Ed: All of this was as predictable as the sun rising in the east, and the Bush administration tried to explain that to Bill Keller on a number of occasions through a number of different people, including Kean. However, Keller remained obtuse either deliberately or through some defect of intellect and ran the story anyway. Thanks to Keller, we will now know much less about terror financing, and therefore much less about the terrorists, their plans, and their resources.

Read the interview and get mad all over again. Then read Andrew McCarthy’s smart take on what should be done.

THEN go read Jack Kelly’s post on a BoHerald editorial that does the heart good.

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