Sanity, insanity, distortions and questions

Sanity, insanity, distortions and questions September 5, 2006

The problem with writing as much as I do is that I don’t get to read as much as I’d like. Too often I fall behind in reading the folks in my blogroll – who are there because I think they’re absolutely worth reading – and linking to them in “round ups,” but it is the only way I can direct you to so much interesting stuff and still stay reasonably sane. I hope the folks I link to don’t feel slighted that their good work is not much excerpted in round ups. My heart is in the right place! And besides most of the folks I link to get more hits than I do, so, it’s not like they’re missing much! :-)

That said, there is all manner of interesting stories out there and my favorite bloggers are writing like gangbusters. If I direct you to a site, do yourself a favor and look beyond my link.

Francis Porretto takes a look at a terrible slander against Republicans that really must be addressed. While a study by ABC News concluded that conservatives are not prudes, Hollywood seems eager to promote a different idea. Quite an erroneous one, too.

Shrinkwrapped has a must-read post – part three of a multi-parter – entitled Reasons for Optimism which you’ll want to read. A fast look: …the Jihadis are not yet in a position to impose the degree of unity they need for their victory. Their master stroke energized us and moved us to action, calling into question their basic assertions about our strength. They continue fight us using terrorist means because they lack sufficient support in the Islamic world to fight us any other way. This means that the Jihadis are not as dangerously close to the mainstream of Islamic society as many seem to think.

Flopping Aces, ever intrepid and ready to go lurk where the rest of us would rather not has checked out the far left view on “remembering” 9/11, and it’s…well, it’s entirely predictable, and sad. Dr. Sanity has instructive remarks on Ace’s piece.

More secret holds placed by the folks we employ. Both Democrats and Republicans are still placing “secret holds” on porkbusting legislation, even though we – their employers – have told them we don’t like that. Instapundit has a big roundup and links to Tapscott who suggests the senate is hoping to “outlast” the bloggers. Hmmmm…sounds like Al Qaeda hoping to “outlast” President Bush. What an odious comparison, I’m sure the senate does not want it made about them…and yet, there it is. GM Roper says perhaps we should throw out the whole boiling of ’em, as Judge Taylor used to say.

The Plame Story should not be allowed to die until everything that needs knowing is known. Why didn’t Pat Fitzgerald close down his “investigation” five days into it, when he learned the identity of the “leaker” (lefty-fave Richard Armitage) and the circumstances of the “leak?” Why did Valerie Plame seem so concerned about Iraq and Uranium? How could Tim Russert and Chris Matthews not get called on their three years of unseemly carrying on about it all? Why isn’t David Corn interested in those questions? Check out the links. This story reminds me of what Martin Luther King used to say, and I think I quoted him before on this very matter: “A lie can’t last forever.”

Neurological problems are no laughing matter, and I can identify with some of Maxed Out Mama’s situation, but her circumstances were much more serious than mine. Like her, though, I did have to re-learn how to do the dishes. Read her remarkable post on living and being healed, in light

Frank James looks at why the Democrats can’t be trusted with National Security. Mac says their sure things are not quite so sure as of right now. We’ll see. Betsy links to some thoughts by Jim Geraghty on the same subject. Very interesting. But I didn’t get a review copy of his book, like Betsy did!

Speaking of Democrats and National Security, Hugh says ABC has slightly edited The Path to 9/11 to placate the Clintonistas. Hope it’s not true. Here is a sort of round-up touching on that.

The next Vatican Sec’y of State seems…well…rather disappointingly like the last one, but we’ll have to give it some time to know for sure. Check out the last big from this post to counter the narrative of the news item.

There’s more, lots more out there. Check out my blogroll…it’s all great.

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