48 oz of coffee is maybe 16 too much

A little overcaffeinated, here, as I am rushing. Had a deadline to make (made it) and now must dash off for a meet at Buster’s school, then gotta wash away the grey (dining with the Dear Hubby’s boss tonight – eek!) and ummm…there’s other stuff I have to do…

Meanwhile, Beth does a very good job of talking to an atheist about faith

Speaking of faith, what do you think about the Christmas trees and the Rabbi? Am I the only one who is getting tired of all the “hurt feelings” everywhere?

Like these Flying Imams. I’m getting very tired of their hurt feelings.

Anyone seen Apocalypto yet? I’m curious about your thoughts. Stephen Hunter at the WaPo seems to like it.

More later, folks, byeeeee….

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  • GJMiller

    48 oz. is too much if you didn’t EAT anything today, A!

    Like you, I am fed up with “hurt feelings” everywhere. I am, however, more than suspicious of the Flying Imans. Their behavior was unduly and deliberately provocative and they have absolutely no right to any grievance!

    Have some fun, dear Anchoress. Heaven knows you deserve to enjoy the run up to the Holidays.

    So far I have voted for you each day since the polling began. Vote early, vote often – that’s my mantra!

  • http://hillaryneedsavacation.blogspot.com/ HNAV

    holidays are becoming a religious war…

    encouraged by the bitter secular extremes…

    freedom be damned.
    tolerance is unthinkable.

    if someone sneezes in the future, fines may be provided for saying ‘bless you’…


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  • rcareaga

    Madame A: Unlike you I was underwhelmed by Beth’s response to her atheist correspondent. I count myself a “mystical agnostic” (more on this anon, perhaps, via the other channel). Her argument was weak on every point (I will single out: “To be sure, there are religions that ARE violent and divisive, or at least religious leaders who are. Christianity isn’t violent, but there have been times during history when that wasn’t so apparent. And it should go without saying, look at Islam.” I might [cough, cough] observe that perhaps we might just have the misfortune to be living through one of those periods of history during which the nonviolent nature of Islam isn’t “so apparent”).
    Although I think that Richard Dawkins is least effective when, as in The God Delusion, he sets out explicitly to be a polemicist, I think that he has an unanswerable point when he observes that the world’s major creeds, while insisting that their own premises are self-evident, have no difficulty dismissing one anothers’ founding axioms. Do you imagine that God dictated the Koran to Mohammed, and that the teachings therein supplant the New Testament? Of course you don’t. Do you believe that the Angel Moroni led Joseph Smith to the Book of Mormon, and that the contents thereof are divinely inspired? You know that you do not. Do you worship Ganesha, the elephant-headed deity revered by zillions of devout Hindus? I will bet January’s mortgage payment that you’ve never burned a single stick of incense before his image, and shame on you for that impiety. Dawkins would say: I’m with you on all three points, and I raise you one Jehovah/Jesus.
    I’m not prepared to proclaim, as some of the hardline atheists will, that there is no organizing principle to the universe, although I’m inclined to believe that this principle bears no resemblance to anything that we’d recognize as humanlike consciousness, still less to the vengeful bronze-age Bedouin chieftain depicted in the Old Testament. But really, A, Beth’s effort was in every particular right down there with “Remedial Argument from Design” (“Of course God exists! Here, look at this watch!”). I think that Christains will do better to take refuge in the late Stephen Gould’s notion of “non-overlapping magisteria,” which preserves good manners all around.

  • http://maxedoutmama.blogspot.com MaxedOutMama

    I am getting tired of hurt feelings and the failure to concentrate upon others, which is the root cause of so many hurt feelings. I have yet to meet a person truly focused on helping others that is so terribly sensitive.

    This ought to be a season for happiness, charity and joy.