Eason Jordan, Malkin and Curt

Lorie Byrd reports that Eason Jordan, whom neanderthal bloggers were accused of tire-necklacing a while back, has decided to head up an Iraq information site.

Ed Morrissey has the full and accurate background on that whole story, and why Jordan’s new gig is full of irony.

I’m kind of wondering what else it’s full of. Seems when Jordan’s new venture was announced, Michelle Malkin challenged him to get to the bottom of the “who is Jamil Hussein” question and Jordan has invited her and Curt from Flopping Aces along for the search.

Should be interesting, but my antennae are up on this. Seems to me Jordan would not invite Malkin to Iraq to “look for” Hussein any more than a smart lawyer would ask a witness a question to which he does not already know the answer. And distrust is so prevelant on both sides that neither left nor right will ever accept any report filed. What a mess. But who knows? Maybe everyone is completely on the up-and-up, all is sweetness and light and everyone will get along swimmingly. After all, I’ve been writing about how “left and right” need to pull together, somewhere…maybe this will be the place?

Okay, I’m done giggling. Let’s see how this unfolds. CBS has its eye focused on all of this, and the very prolific Jules Crittenden is also watching and has a good roundup of blogger reaction.

Gateway Pundit says while you guys are there, look for these guys, too.

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