James Taranto takes batting practice

Taranto’s Best of the Web column – always a good read – is
particularly smart and funny today. Reading it is like watching a good hitter take batting practice, with one ball after another going out of the park. His first swing, “In Cold Blood” (wherein he examines a weatherman’s assertion that Iraq may only be going well because it’s so hot in July) is a home run, but it follows it up with other humdingers, little bits of idiocy perpetrated mostly by the press, but also by some pols:

Because There Are Only 8 Republicans Left in the House
“The House on Tuesday overwhelmingly approved sweeping ethics rules. . . . On a vote of 411 to 8, Democrats moved closer to fulfilling their pledge to change the culture of Washington.”–New York Times, Aug. 1


If Clinton Were President, They’d Be Called ‘Wages’
“Employment Costs Rise in 2nd Quarter”–Associated Press, July 31


Franco Marks His 32nd
“Castro Marks First Year Out of Public Eye”–headline, Sydney Morning Herald, Aug. 1

There’s lots more. Enjoy.

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  • cathyf

    He connected again today! This one made me laugh out loud. He quotes John Edwards who is criticizing Murdoch’s acquisition of the WSJ.

    “The basis of a strong democracy begins and ends with a strong, unbiased and fair media–all qualities which are pretty hard to subscribe to Fox News and News Corp. (Read his full statement here.)

    First of all, unless he’s complaining that his local cable system doesn’t carry Fox News Channel, he should have said “ascribe,” not “subscribe.”