The Remnant: to worship underground

For some reason, there is a theme recurring on this blog, not by intention. A while back I wrote this piece, which jumped off of a remark by Hillary Clinton and mused on how a “big” idea like communism can work well when executed in a “small” way but utterly fails on the large scale, mostly because of free will and intention.

There is an enormous difference between a few dozen people voluntarily giving up their worldly goods for communal living, and forcing people to participate in such a society against their will. The first brings freedom for those who choose it. The second, historically, has brought tyranny, poverty, slaughter and the gulag.

I’d thought no more on the issue until I re-read a copy of The Right to be Merry by Mother Mary Francis, PPC and read her thoughts:

One has to be very spiritual-minded to grasp the true meaning of the cloistered contemplative vocation, very convinced of the supernatural values to understand its supreme significance for the universal Church. Those who hold power in communist-dominated countries have a very comprehensive grasp of it. They understand its significance quite perfectly. If they sometimes draw red herrings of “national churches” across their atheistic paths, they dare not deal even in half-measures with cloisters. We shall grow old and die waiting for Russia or (Communist) China to set up “national cloisters.”

You can find that post here.

Today I got an email from my L’il Bro Thom linking to this piece by Deacon Greg, who features a short film, Via Crucis (The Way of the Cross) depicting the plight of Catholics in China.

My Auntie Lillie had a few words of advise for me, growing up. One was to tilt a glass 90 degrees before pouring the lager, and to let a Guinness “build” before drinking, another was to talk to St. Michael the Archangel when dodging nightmares, and the third was to “pay attention to anything that keeps being put before yer eyes; it’s the Holy Spirit calling you to prayer or action. Pray to know which.”

I’m paying attention. I’m praying. And I still say socialism doesn’t work.

Is Totalitarianism Incompatible with monasticism and religion?

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  • Viola Jaynes

    Our country has never seen this type of persecution. I just wrote a post on Gratitude and this short clip says it better than I was able to. Thank you!

  • Rose

    I’ve spoken volumes, and posted literally tomes – but never better than the short concise and compelling words of The Anchoress – on the issues that separate Socialism (and all its various names) from the willing heart of charity for others, and also from the natural responsibilities and obligations of individuals towards the community they live in, and require for their own survival – which makes it imperitive for people, particularly their posterity, to promote a healthy community to support their own nesting efforts – and to accept responsibility for activities which only tear that down.
    In short, the efforts of Socialists to use ANARCHY to destroy the healthy social structures in place, so they can pervert and contort and “engineer” the devastating and destructive changes they require in their own personal support for micromanagerial powermongering – in a purely anti-social way, of course – these do NOT constitute the Liberty of our Founding Fathers, as some Socialists try to pervert the plain meaning of their words, today.

    Our nation was founded by people who recognized that all in the community had a role to play in helping ALL the families gather their harvests, raise new barns and houses, have quilting bees and corn shucking bees, working together for canning, building their children’s hope chests and dowries, providing trustworthy and dependable, loving children to be spouses of their friends and neighbors’ children, and rush to the common defense of each and all, from all the wide variety of causes for alarm.

    Just because the system has gotten so large, that it has become too impersonal for those without proper upbringing to recognize their own responsibilities and personal fiduciary accountability towards the community they live in, doesn’t make those obligations LESS REAL or less vital – and neither does it leave more scope for the individual to choose their own destructions over and against the general welfare of the Host Community they live in.

    A Goliath can be killed by the death of a thousand cuts just like the tiny dwarf – you may see results faster w ith the smaller entity – but they are just as sure and mighty with the giant entity, nevertheless.

    The difference is the same as that of a branch of a tree abiding peacefully as part of the healthy tree, or whether it is a parasitic growth, such as moss or mistletoe, firmly attached TO the tree, BUT NOT CONTRIBUTING ITS FAIR SHARE of responsibility towards keeping the whole as healthy and vital as possible. Yet each branch is fully entitled to its own fruit.
    And the parasite isn’t entitled to a single bite of said fruit! Nor to take the nourishment that starves off production of that fruit, either.

    Volumes again spring to mind, here, it is a subject that sore provokes me!
    Bottom line is this – there are takers/destroyers – and there are givers/promoters of Life/builders.

    Any society that lets the Socialists/destroyers take control of every micro issue is already dead on arrival – even if it still appears on the surface to be yet walking around.
    All protests to the contrary, the record is 100% consistent.

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