Thank you for your forbearance

Thanks kindly for enduring my ummm, bloopiness the other day. I thought about taking down that post but my Li’l Bro Thom liked it and told me to keep it up. “It’s half ‘put up yer dukes’ and half ‘oh, look at the pretty kitty!’”

This is why I am not much of a drinker, and never used drugs. One glass of wine makes me giddy. A little muscle relaxant and well…do you know, I had the most amazing day on that stuff. I kept opening up my site by accident, and I’d see the ad for shoes and boots and say, “Oh, shooooooes!” like I’d never seen shoes before, and I’d have to go look at them for a while, then I’d remember that what I really need is a handbag (I really do the one I’m carrying is dreadful) so I would go surfing for handbags, but not just any handbags – no for some reason beyond my understanding, I needed to look at red handbags. Leather ones.

Thankfully I made no purchases while in that state. My heavens, I can’t believe what some people will spend on handbags, but I never would do it.

I wanted to thank people who were very kind to me in emails, blogs etc – you know who you are. My back is better, thanks, I’m on the lower dose now, and only for another day or so, I think. But I have that other prescription in my cabinet, should I ever require it again! And now I understand how people can fall into habits with that stuff! Oh, look at the pretty kitty/handbags/shooooooes!

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  • Gayle Miller

    If you really do feel the need for a red handbag, just e-mail me. I have several and we will NOT discuss my state of mind when I ordered them.

  • Peter

    When I went through my first bout of back spasms, the nurse told me that she would get me what I needed. She got me Percoset (sp?). The nurse was right.

  • Mommynator

    This is why i’m glad demerol is not easily available.

  • PA_MainyYak

    Your brother Thom is exactly right. It was a very surreal reading assignment. However, at your loopiest you make more sense than most people at their most serious and sober.
    Thank you for your insight into a wide range of topics.
    And when it comes to back pains, I echo Mommynator’s regard for the medical miracle that is Demerol.