Obama is the Moses of the Democrat party – UPDATED

Obama is the Moses of the Democrat party. With his victory in Iowa, he is freeing the Democrats-in-captivity who have long been disillusioned with the Clintons but felt they had no choice but to vote for them or their interests.

Standing before the Pharoahs Clinton, Barack says: “let my people go! Or at least let them vote for whom they wish!”

I have people in my own family who have said, “I don’t really like Hillary, but I will probably vote for her,” simply because it seemed the “next thing” they were supposed to do. Just like the “time to make the donuts man,” the last few years have seemed to them to be a mindless “time to elect Hillary,” whether they wanted to or not.

Barack Obama’s win in Iowa – in a state that so many have unfairly dismissed as being populated by “yahoos” and farmland unsophisticates – breaks the mesmerizing “you don’t have to fall in love, just fall in line” hold of the Clinton team. That is exciting.

UPDATE: I like what my Li’l Bro Thom wrote to me when he read this:

It was striking to me watching him and Hillary. She was surprisingly normal (but inauthentic, as usual). But she just couldn’t help herself. Obama’s rhetoric was about uniting the country and holding on to hope and bringing about positive change. Hillary thanked, with a sneer, “Republicans who have seen the light.”

In his way, Obama almost reflect the “affirmative orthodoxy” (Democratic variety) that John Allen used to describe Benedict XVI. He’s less combative, more thoughtful than Hillary – and he is one hell of a speaker.

That’s quite a good insight by Thom. Everything just became more interesting, too.

There will be lots of time for taking a long hard look at Obama’s experience, his ideas and his character. For today, let’s just give props to the man for running a clean campaign and re-charging the nation’s battery.

Betsy Newmark says, Hillary, they’re just not that into you.

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  • Sigmund Carl and Alfred

    From Peggy Noonan, today:

    “As for Sen. Obama, his victory is similarly huge. He won the five biggest counties in Iowa, from the center of the state to the South Dakota border. He carried the young in a tidal wave. He outpolled Mrs. Clinton among women.

    He did it with a classy campaign, an unruffled manner, and an appeal on the stump that said every day, through the lines: Look at who I am and see me, the change that you desire is right here, move on with me and we will bring it forward together.

    He had a harder row to hoe than Mrs. Clinton did. He was lesser known, too young, lacked an establishment. He had to knock her down while building himself up. (She only had to build herself up until the end, when she went after his grade-school essays.) His takedown of Mrs. Clinton was the softest demolition in the history of falling buildings. I think we were there when it happened, in the debate in which he was questioned on why so many of Bill Clinton’s aides were advising him. She laughed, and he said he was looking forward to her advising him, too. He took mama to school.

    And so something new begins on the Democratic side.”

    Obama may not be “the guy,” (he’s certainly not my cup of tea) but don’t shoot the messenger. His message resonated before the Iowa caucuses, and will now resonate further.

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  • http://www.splendoroftruth.com/curtjester The Curt Jester

    Using Moses as a comparison is pretty ironic. Moses was suppose to be killed by his midwife and Obama’s policies are pretty much the same as the Pharaohs, except he wants it for both males and females.

  • KIA

    While I do think the black victory was historic and impressive, I can’t get past Oprah on his side. More than even MH, I have this “more than mets the eye don’t be fooled by Obama.”

    That connection is just too close for comfort if you ask me, especially with a women (2nd in influene only to the pope) who is teaching the new age anti-Christ religion on her satellite radio show (Course in Miracles).

    I would love someone to ask this question, being that “celebrity match up” is all about “so much in common.” This would be my question.

    “Senator Obama”, does it matter to you that Oprah is, for the next 363 days on satellite radio, via her Oprah and friends network, teaching the Course in Miracle which teaches no sin exhists therefore no salvation (or Cross, or Christ) is necessary?

    Considering the religous scrutiny some of the others have gotten, I think it’s a fair question.

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    Yes, after taking a long, long, long (etc. x 100) hard look at Hillary, folks are starting to be brave enough to say out loud “No thanks.” Well, that is the danger of starting your campaign for president 16 years before election day — you tend to peak and top out way too early. If Hillary had waited to start her bid until only a year before, perhaps she could have fooled everyone, and folks would not be oh-so-tired of her.

    As it is, who really is supporting her? For all the talk of Dems loving the Clintons, who in the party establishment has supported them since 1999 besides the administration hacks? The congressional leadership has nothing to do with the Clintons, M. Jean-Francois Kerry had nothing to do with the Clintons, First Emperor of the Moon Algore really has nothing to do with them.

    And now it is safe to vote against the wicked witch, so more and more will publicly say, “No thanks,” and bid her adeiu. Watching the meltdown will be very interesting. But it is not yet a done deal. We cannot yet pull down the statute and smack Hillary’s bronze head with the soles of our shoes yet, but we now at least have a glimmer of hope.

  • KIA

    I predict if Hillary doesn’t get the nomination, she will be on the VP ticket. So doubt it will be adious anytime soon.

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    If Hillary does not get the nomination, that means that either Obama or Edwards do. Hillary is doing her best to be an enemy to Obama, so he’s not going to choose her as a running mate. And both he and Edwards are smart enough to not want the whole Clinton soap opera if she were VP. Besides, Hillary has been a second to Bill all of her adult life, and she would never, ever, ever accept VP.

    But it will be interesting as to what either one of them does with their lives if she (and, by extention, he) is repudiated by her own party. They will have lost the only reason they have had for existing lo these past 30 years.

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  • stephanie


    Ooh, ooh! In light of Obama and Edwards playing nice during the debates, and tagteaming Hilary, am thinking that the game plan is to eliminate her. Then, they each win- whomever gets top votes will be pres, the other VP. Time will tell if I’m correct…but if I am, we’re looking at an Obama-Edwards ticket, with the only question being who gets top billing.

  • pst314

    “Or at least let them vote for whom they wish!”

    Which is pretty ironic, considering the dirty ploys Obama has used in the past to keep rivals off the ballot.