What are you giving up for Lent?

Super Tuesday is on, ummm…Tuesday.

And then Ash Wednesday follows, and the forty days of Lent, a time of quietening down – playing less, praying more. It seems like a perfect time for the over-harried American electorate to get centered, look within instead of without, and to beg Christ to draw near, to teach us, and to give us wisdom. A time to back away from “the world” and all of its priority-skewering noise, and focus on matters of the spirit.

I think we need it. We need the forty days of slowdown and the hope and renewal of Easter if we’re going to survive this election! :-)

Lent is a gift. It is like a spiritual spring cleaning – a time to put aside all the things which take our focus off of Him; yes, even our politics.

This Lent I think – barring anything earth-shaking (and I am one who believes the earth may yet be shaken, in this election season), and barring international incidents which seem to be looming, I will give up writing about politics or getting sucked in to all this illusion, clatter and chatter.

Gonna be hard. The sitemeter will whimper in loneliness.

Of course, I could give up chocolate and make the nanny state happy.

But I think the other will be better for my soul. And the soul is the issue, not the body.

Of course…it’s not Lent, yet!

I’ll pray about it – see what I’m feeling called to do.

What about you? What are you thinking of giving up? What are you planning on reading for Lent?

Meanwhile: thought about your Guardian Angel, lately?

Three o’clock in the morning
It’s quiet and there’s no one around
Just the bang and the clatter
As an angel runs to ground
Just the bang and the clatter
As an angel hits to ground

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  • invernessie

    I’m not giving up chocolate as I’m not the candy hound I was in my younger years. Starches are my nemesis now, so I plan on offering up my pretzels, potatos, and pasta.

    On the proactive front, I plan on heading back to the church where I was an active member for 11 years, and felt an integral part of the community. After a series of moves, my engagement with the congregation faded and I feel the loss.

  • KIA

    I’m trying to “detach” as much as possible, in all things from food to “distractions.” Everytime I read anything by St. John of the Cross I become reminded of how way too “attached” I still am! So, I hope to at least advance a baby step or two this Lent.

    For reading, I always reread The Imitation of Christ; and every year it “looks” different.
    I also have Pope Benedict’s book “Journey toward Easter” I plan to read. I might even tackle the Cathechism; never really read it from “cover to cover.” Most of all, during Lent I especially try to follow all the teaching from Pope Benedict. Last but least, I will be reading YOU Dear Anchoress. I’ve noticed that especially during Advent and Easter, you really “light the light.”

  • http://thecatholiclibertarian.blogspot.com amcalabrese

    As usual, I will give up ice cream/ My mother used to have an ice cream store when I was in high school, and i never lost my taste for it.

    But I like your idea about trying to shut the world out for a bit and I think that is a good idea also.

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  • Hantchu

    Far be it from me to intervene with a spiritually sensitive person’s religious practice, but isn’t commenting on politics part of your job? (Not that it pays the bills, as you have pointed out.) There are plenty of other news outlets to tell us what’s happenning, and plenty of other political commentators who can help explain why, but many of us have come to depend on the Anchoress. We know where you’re coming from, we know where your values lie, and there is no hidden agenda with you. Your political point of view is significant to me in keeping informed; it is not just self-indulgence on your part. I would be more willing to accept this give-up were I to know you were going into full spiritual retreat and not reading or viewing about politics for 40 days, but as it is, you’re just not communicating about it. You have to decide for yourself, but I would feel a bit let down.

    In any case, I wish you a productive season of spiritual pruning, and I hope the fruits will be worthwhile.

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    hopefully, I will give up about 10 pounds for Lent

  • Piano Girl

    Not to worry about your site meter, dear A ~ your spiritual writing is a balm for our souls (even to those of us who are not of your Catholic faith) and I daresay that those who check your blog on a regular basis will return time and time again for a non-political morsel or two.

  • Consanescerion

    I’m drying out for Lent. No liquor for me.

    “Now don’t say you can’t swear off drinking; it’s easy. I’ve done it a thousand times.” – W.C. Fields from “The Temperance Lecture”