Where've you BEEN, Mr. President?

You know, I’ve been – inarguably – one of President Bush’s staunchest supporters through some pre-tty rough days, and I’m really, really glad to see Ed Morrissey post this video and add his typically well-reasoned commentary.

But I just want to know – and with all due respect – where the HELL has this version of President Bush been for…oh…the last couple years???????

Go check out the video and Ed’s comments. But come back and read this piece by Jay Nordlinger who writes about the UK’s Clare Short, who is dreaming before an Arab audience of the day George W. Bush and Tony Blair may be brought to trial in an international court:

I don’t believe that Blair and Bush will be arrested right away, but this issue may haunt them, because, after all, they will not die very soon, since they are not old. Just like Pinochet was tried — who knows? There are brave lawyers who are waiting for this opportunity, which will come one day.

Writes Nordlinger:

“…there is a sickness in the West, as manifested by Clare Short on Al-Jazeera. She is one of those who repeatedly condemn Israel as an “apartheid state.” In fact, she has stated that Israel is “much worse” than the old South Africa. Yes, there is a sickness, one of whose most powerful symptoms is a deep misunderstanding of Israel, and a hatred of it. Will the West recover?

To add insult to injury, Clare Short was talking to people — Arabs — whose governments are world-class torturers, and whose officials are certainly never held accountable in any international court. Yet she was talking about Bush and Blair, who have done more to help Arab people than a billion Clare Shorts ever could.”
It seems that Israel’s enemies are in the catbird seat: They can lose and lose, and still survive. Israel is not interested in eliminating a single state. But Israel’s enemies: the opposite.

Nordlinger is spot-on all around – all things that are never said enough.

Bush and Blair are two witnesses. There is a deep reason neither one of them has ever wavered in the war on terror or the action in Iraq. I suspect is a reason that runs along the lines of more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in our philosophies. But that’s my opinion, and I’ll keep the rest of it to myself.

Brutally Honest notes (as I do in the comments section) that Bush is very fluent when passionate. We need to see more of this.

feels the same way, says he’d pay “folding money” to see more of that and has more interesting links.

Meanwhile, more of the usual from Mrs. Pelosi

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