A little drinky-poo, a little smoke

There is absolutely nothing wrong with an adult having a drink, or even with an adult having an occasional cigarette. Done in moderation, what’s the problem?

I mean, aren’t we all getting a little weary of the finger wagging that erupts, constantly and on all sides, depending on an issue? I certainly am. I’m tired of adults being lectured to by other adults for the lesser sins of the flesh, or the even lesser sins of the carbon, when in the end the sins of the heart are the ones that bring us down.

I say Hillary, have yer wee dram and heave a good cleansing sigh. Unwind a little – after all, on top of all the campaigning, you’ve been to Iraq a couple times.

Seems to me Obama ought to stop clinging to his outdated storyline about Iraq, and go visit the place, as well.

As Hillary said to the questioner at Mt. Rushmore, “go learn something.” (Gad, I’m actually starting to enjoy her!)

I like the ring she’s wearing in the second picture at the link – that looks pretty.

But…maybe it’s because I just saw the Seinfeld episode a few nights ago…does Hillary have MANHANDS?

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