Hillary will suspend, not concede – UPDATED

:::UPDATE I:::Drudge has the siren up that Hillary “will take the veep slot.” If this is true I hope McCain is smart enough to choose Sarah Palin for his running mate.:::SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE UPDATE:::

Will she or won’t she concede tonight – that’s the big question burning up the blogs: what will Hillary do in the face of Obama’s declaration of victory?

Months ago I made a suggestion to the Hillary camp. I’m not so stupid or conceited as to think they are taking my advice, but I and betting that they’re running along the same thought-lines. Back then I wrote:

Hillary’s smartest move would be to “suspend” the campaign, which is not the same as ending it, allow herself some time to rest, save whatever money she can, and let her attack dogs render Obama as impotent and unelectable as possible…then “re-animate” her campaign before the convention, when the Dems are having Obama-remorse. It can’t hurt her. Might help her become the party “savior” she really wants to be.

Be on the lookout for Savior Hillary.
Once the focus on the ’08 campaign becomes purely Obama/McCain, it will be a little more difficult for the press to cover up his many weaknesses, save his live pressers for editing, etc. Many people suspect that the mythical “Michelle/Whitey” video is out there and being held by the Clinton campaign for strategic timing. IF that is true, Hillary needs to look like she’s reconciled for the good of the party (although I doubt she will go this far). She’ll make sure her fingerprints are nowhere near the video – IF it exists – blaming it on the GOP.

So, tonight. Obama declares victory and Hillary – hopefully wearing her yellow suit – will smile like the canary ready to swallow the cat.

Pajamas Media has the roundup.

UPDATED I: Commenting over at Just One Minute, Larwyn notes that the AP has been proclaiming Obama has having clinched the nomination, though he is still 30 delegates away. Larwyn wonders if the AP is pulling a Dan-Rather-calling-Florida-early in 2000, which discouraged thousands of Bush voters in the panhandle from going to the polls. Has the press, both by declaring this morning that Hillary was conceding, and by this afternoon – while people are still voting – continuously calling it for Obama, been trying to suppress Hillary voters? That’s pretty interesting. Hey, it worked for them in Florida….

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