My punny son…

As I was listening to this brief podcast of Heather King discussing a recent retreat experience (which reminded my Li’l Bro Thom of this post, so he sent it my way) my Elder Son wandered into my office munching a Stella D’oro Breakfast Treat and chuckling.

“What’s so funny,” I asked, knowing that whatever he’s laughing at will be something I’ve never thought of before.

“I was writing an administrative outline for a forum and referred to it as an ‘adminifesto.’ Someone wrote back that he was a ‘fan of portmanteaus’ so I asked him if that made him a ‘portfanteau.’ I don’t know if he appreciated that.”

Heh. Meanwhile, I’m still flitting around, not quite engaged. Here’s a mystery. Can you identify the young man in this photo?


Günter Grass, in his memoirs, recalls an encounter with [him] while both were held in an American prisoner-of-war camp in 1945. The young Grass, a Nazi who had been proud to serve in the Waffen-SS, was taken aback by this soft-spoken, gentle young Catholic [who] played dice, quoting St. Augustine in the original while he did so; he even dreamt in Latin…“I said, there are many truths,” wrote Grass. “He said, there is only one.”

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  • cookiemomster

    Is that Joseph Ratzinger? God bless you!

  • plantlady

    Pope Benedict XVI (Joseph Ratzinger in the picture)

  • TheAnchoress

    Wow, you guys are good. To me, he looks remarkably like one of Buster’s musician classmates. But then B16 is a musician too.

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    In addition to the Papa Ratzinger Forum, which has hundreds of pages of pics, there is a Russian site that has a lot of pre-papal pics.

  • dellbabe68


  • Lynne

    Darn! I wish I saw this when it was posted (three days late and a dollar short)…I knew this… I’ll have to send you some other pictures of the Pope when he was young.

  • layla

    I can’t believe I recognized him almost instantly!