Liveblogging PALIN!

I’m so glad McCain did this. But my first thought: Murphy was wrong on MSNBC – Bill and Hillary Clinton will NOT be voting for McCain in November…if McCain is elected and bites it in office, Palin will be the first female president. I first imagined that scenario back in May. Ouch, Hillary wouldn’t like that!

And, as Tim says here, if McCain is a one-term president, it sets us up for a Clinton-Palin duel in 2012. Interesting!

McCain’s introduction of Sarah Heath Palin was amusing. Every line was a blow. “Her father was a teacher!” (Slam!) “She’s a woman!” (Bang!) “She and her husband union members!” (Bang!) The audience is going nuts.

Her husband is a commercial fisherman: She has the “Deadliest Catch” audience locked up! And he’s really handsome!

Son in the US Army, going to Iraq. (The Tank notes Obama’s plan to cut defense “line by line”.

5 month old son, how cute!

Her family is beautiful, but Obama’s is, too, so that’s a bit of a wash.

She’s giving her resume; we will immediately hear from predictable quarters that she is too young and inexperienced, (here you go, right on schedule) but her resume doesn’t seem any thinner to me than Obama’s…some might think it a bit thicker. And she’s at the second spot on the ticket, not the top.

She is a clear and forthright speaker, and she gives off a lot of energy. A good, lively and slightly ball-busting speech. She seems completely at-ease and confident.

But then I have always liked strong, capable women. She’s an executive; she has a story.

WOW…she’s just co-opted Hillary’s 18 million cracks. I’m glad she mentioned Geraldine Ferraro and Hillary Clinton and left it at that, did not go into a whole litany of names, like Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Barbara Jordan. Would have been too much.

I’m just glad she’s not yet another senator. She’s a first term governor, but at least it’s an executive position.

A good, brief, excited and energetic speech. The demonization of Sarah Palin as “worse than Quayle” will now commence. The Dems and the press will hate this. Hate.

Note Glenn Reynold’s has first links and comments here, and he notes that Obama’s camp did not manage graciousness out of the box. They should have tried for gracious, at least as a first note. Lorie Byrd has more thoughts on that.

Sissy Willis has Palin being interviewed by Kudlow.

My husband just said, “they’re going to say he only chose her because she’s a woman.” Of course they will. The proverbial “they’s” also make similar – though different – churlish remarks about Obama.

He’s just flipped the MSNBC. I didn’t even have to turn my head to say, “boy, Andrea Mitchell sounds miserable and he said, “yeah, that is her…yeah, she does look really unhappy…”

So much for sisterhood.

Ferraro seems to like Palin on the ticket.

WHY do the press seem so surprised? Many of us thought Palin would be a serious contender for this slot. I suppose they’re so close to things and so “inside” they can’t always see things.

I can see Tina Fey being a natural to do Palin on SNL.

NOW – I am finally ready to say I’ll vote for McCain. McCain/Palin. Where’s my checkbook!

Bender, who was reluctant on Palin makes a good comment, below:

And we have the other side who is a real change, composed of four people who have actually lived a “real life” that is not totally bound up in politics. Even though McCain has become a Washington insider, his first life was one of hardwork and sacrifice, and Cindy has remained outside of the Washington scene — a real person, even if on the wealthy side. And now learning about Sarah Palin and husband, a hardworking couple who come from everyday America, who have done dirty-hands, back-breaking physical work for a living…So, four people who have lived common, everyday lives vs. three elites. Who wins the “change” argument? Whose “change” can you really believe in?

From my email – a mom with two kids at Notre Dame:

Sarah Palin has me more excited about this election than any in my lifetime. She was magnificent this morning. Now I will work for the campaign. Big Mac rolled the dice and I think he just might win.
Both my kids are now [at] the Honors Program at Notre Dame – I texted them about this and I think a lot of kids at ND will get onboard now that Palin is the running mate. Yeah, it’s not politics as usual and it’s about time.

(Meanwhile, my husband, just back from a business trip is making <a href="Monk Coffee and wondering why the airlines can’t serve their good stuff!)

A look back at Democracy Project’s 10 reasons McCain should choose Palin

Pajamas Media has the round-up here

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  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    She did give a WOW speech. Enough to wish that she were at the top of the ticket. I still would be more comfortable with a few more years in office, but perhaps, with a few more outings like this, she can do what no one else has come even close to doing — give me a reason to vote for McCain.

  • Obis_Sister

    I am thrilled.

    Just back from lunch with the Hubster. We were in a restaurant with a TV going… I keep peeking around at the room. A lunch place near a college campus can be a treacherous minefield if you’re not a flaming lib. You could feel the tension in the room as the announcement neared. Then the air cleared, almost like a release and then sly smiles all around – no cheering or applause – surprisingly most of the room looked pleased.

    It’s a great day for America. Maybe now my nightmares of my daughter in a burqua will stop.

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  • Klaire

    I’m there with you Dear Anchoress! I can’t remember the last time, if at all, I was this excited over a presidential candidate. I believe they can win this! You are right, both families are beautiful, but only ONE is pro life, and the world stage, more than ever, needs too SEE what a real pro life family looks like. Just having a “mother/politician” in the White House is so refreshing.

    After all the crap in Washington, what could be more refreshing than a “take no crap” VP. Palin won’t get the Hillary pro choice gang, but she should certainly get the needed Hillary Cathlolic vote (the last 9 elections went the way of the “catholic vote.” Smart move too with all the “hunters and fishermen in PA”, THE KEY state IMO. This was a BRILLIANT move. To your credit Anchoress, you were behind Palin before most even knew who she was.

    This is such great news! I see antother “Reagan” in the making, proving once again that people skills, courage, and honesty are what make great leaders.

  • Fr. Steve Leake

    This was a fantastic choice! I was going to vote for McCain, but now I will do so much more happily!

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    So now we have one side calling for freshness and “change,” but is composed of three career politicians/elitists (Barack, Michelle, and Joe have never worked a regular job in their adult lives (I know nothing of Mrs. Biden, but Joe Jr. got a plush nepotism job)).

    And we have the other side who is a real change, composed of four people who have actually lived a “real life” that is not totally bound up in politics. Even though McCain has become a Washington insider, his first life was one of hardwork and sacrifice, and Cindy has remained outside of the Washington scene — a real person, even if on the wealthy side. And now learning about Sarah Palin and husband, a hardworking couple who come from everyday America, who have done dirty-hands, back-breaking physical work for a living.

    So, four people who have lived common, everyday lives vs. three elites. Who wins the “change” argument? Whose “change” can you really believe in?

  • Piano Girl

    I’ve never voted FOR a person because of his/her skin color or because the candidate happens to be of the female persuasion, but I will say that I’m delighted to be voting for McCain & Palin. I’ve heard her on several conservative radio shows and have been so impressed with the logic and knowledge coming from her. Perhaps we should buy stock in Fruit of the Loom, because the democrats must be having a BIG laundry problem about now!

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    This should go over VERY well in the crucial battleground states of Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and West Virginia. The blue collar voter should not only find Sarah to be cut from the same cloth as they, but looking at pics of goateed Mr. Palin (Althouse thinks he’s a hunk), he embodies them.

  • HNAV


    You were wisely advocating for this for some time, and I am thankful.

    Gov. Palin is a fine choice.


    An Outsider, NOT a SENATOR, youthful, experienced, accomplished, tax cutter, great family, etc…

    Good for the GOP, the Nation, etc.

    Palin adds massively to the McCain offering, and gives many a real reason to be inspired.

    Good news indeed.

    Best choice I have seen Senator McCain make in a long time.

    Very pleased.

    However, this gaming for votes, by placating the Clintons is tiresome.

    Gov. Palin had one sore point in the speech, which the crowd clearly objected to.

    If one wishes to mention Hillary, that would be fine, even though I think it is a clear manipulation for votes, and will be seen as such – especially in front of this crowd.

    McCain’s face looked shocked at the boos – maybe because he has such ‘respect’ for Hillary.

    Susan B. Anthony, Sandra Day O’Connor, Amelia Earhart, Condi Rice, etc., would be a more inspiring reference.

    BUT, HILLARY did not run a ‘classy’ Campaign.

    Hillary Clinton’s Campaign was ugly.

    If the McCain Campaign wishes to invoke Hillary Clinton for votes, they shouldn’t try to glamorize what isn’t attractive.

    It lowers credibility. It is not ‘straight talk’.

    Even after she lost, Hillary Clinton remained in the RACE, pushing an implied racist contention that her opponent could not win, using a coded term of the ‘working class’.

    Everytime I see someone placate the Clintons in this overt manner, it only enables the worst, and they usually get burned in the end.

    Anyway, it seems many are inspired today.

    Very thankful.

  • tim maguire

    This brings up an interesting situation. Assuming McCain wins, which is the most likely scenario (it was prior to today but is more so today) and he serves out his 4 years but chooses not to run again because of age (another perfectly plausible scenario), then look what happens in 2012:

    Sarah Palin (R) vs. Hillary Clinton (D)

  • Fr. Steve Leake

    I think the Governor was very classy and made her references to Sen. Clintor for the historical significance of the moment. I also think it was a clear invitation for women to join McCain/Palin! God bless them and God bless our nation!

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    How about some pics?

    I like the one of Sarah, Todd, and newborn Trig.

  • tonyrossi

    From a Catholic values perspective, Palin is an excellent choice and I’m inclined to like her. Hopefully in the coming weeks, when she has to prove herself on the issues, she stands up to the test. I’d love to see her shock everybody by besting Joe Biden in their debate. I do however feel sorry for her and her family because ‘The Belittling of Sarah Palin’ has already begun. I heard McCain took out a one day only ad congratulating Obama on his historic achievement. Too bad Obama’s campaign couldn’t be a little gracious in return. The insults and attacks from Democrats have already begun. Does that smell like change to anyone?

  • dmd25

    NOW – I am finally ready to say I’ll vote for McCain. McCain/Palin. Where’s my checkbook!
    We got an email asking for money from the campaign a couple of weeks ago. I wrote them a very polite, but stern reply letting them know that they would not be getting any of our money until we knew that the VP selection was a pro-life person.

    Whew. What a relief.

    I would LOVE to see her go head to head with Pelosi on the issue of when life begins.

    Great post, Anchoress!

  • ShanaSFO

    I am sure that Gov Palin is tough enough to take the criticism, belittling, condescension and bitter digs that will be coming her way.

    Any woman who gets up at 4 am to hunt moose isn’t going to be a wuss.

    [I get the sense that she is tougher than Hillary, and I doubt very much that when it gets tough, and it will get tough, she'll be whining that the boys are picking on her. I'd be surprised if she did.- admin]

  • alexandrag

    I am stunned and thrilled. Smart, hardworking, a mom, oh, and she’s also very attractive. I would have been OK with Romney or Pawlenty, but Palin has pushed up my excitement level immensely. The kudos to Hillary Clinton and to Geraldine Ferraro are fine with me. A little graciousness, even to the opposing political party, never hurts. I also liked John McCain’s congratulations to Barack Obama. Let’s hope Mrs. Palin is a barracuda on the campaign trail.

    [I was NOT going to get excited about Romney or Pawlenty. I needed Palin on this ticket. I'm happy! -admin]

  • Gayle Miller

    What a beautiful baby boy. The hubby isn’t chopped liver either!

    I love the example of this 20 year marriage of high school sweethearts!

    Respect for human life – even the unborn.
    No tolerance for corruption in public life.

    My goodness – she has actually WORKED for her living as opposed to being an attorney!

    She isn’t one of the elites like Obama, Biden and Michelle Obama!

  • HNAV



    “NOW – I am finally ready to say I’ll vote for McCain. McCain/Palin. Where’s my checkbook!”

    Indeed mighty ANCHORESS.

    I have been very tough on McCain, and he may have made this choice partly to game the gender vote.

    However, it is an embrace of the supporters of his own Party.

    And has nothing to do with Washington Insider Celebrity.

    Gov. Palin is a good choice.

  • Piano Girl

    I thought it was fine for Palin to mention Hillary & Ferraro in her speech. It showed a sense of graciousness that you absolutely do NOT find on the other side. I doubt you’ll hear more mention of the dims who didn’t make it on the ticket. I’ve just spoken to hubby and another male friend who are not happy with the VP choice. They will be by the time I finish with them!!!

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  • Klaire

    Once this country gets a taste of Baby Trig, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the abortion rate on Down Syndrome fall. After all, a Down Syndrome baby, incapble of sin, is a saint on earth; a constant beaming light of God’s love.

    I believe McCain will win, but even if not, I feel God has already heard the many prayers of the pro life. He chose one of the finest families to put on the world stage, at a time when we stand in the crossroads of the unborn’s right to life.

    Glory to God on this great day in America! Without exploiting Trig, I pray the world will fall in love with him!

  • terip

    I am just so happy over this pick. I’ve liked Palin since I first heard about her. She’s like my mom in a way, who hunted, worked and raised a family. I think it’s a fabulous choice and really seems to have a lot of folks stoked.

  • ABracker

    I just donated $50, AND ordered a yard sign! I’ve never done either one for any election ever. As a conservative who is sick of old-guard Senator types, I was very lukewarm about McCain (although I’ve been warming up slowly as I learned more about his history). But, PALIN!!!! Now that’s someone I want as the future of the GOP! She’s bright. She’s tough. She’s real people. She answers the (false, but prevalent) perception that Republicans are just rich people who don’t care about the “middle class.” And, as a woman, I am thrilled to see a fiscally conservative, pro-life NRA-member become VP—and maybe someday PRESIDENT! Frankly, this choice ups my respect for McCain considerably. GO McCain/Palin!

  • igout

    We were all moping for our Reagan, and then out of the blue….Maggie Thatcher!
    Sarah’s got the stuff, I can feel it.

    [Some of us kept telling you guys to stop moping! - admin]

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