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Buttons thanks to Shana!

Althouse coined the word “Palinsanity” and one of her commenters made a palindrome to describe the whole movement of the left and the press: Harassarah….that would be, Harass Sarah. It’s all they can do, because the left is clearly out of its collective mind over this woman, and they’re only going to get worse. And it’s all going to backfire on them. Big time. And the left is utterly destroying their own credibility with regards to women and family issues. As I wrote yesterday:

Ace writes: Don’t believe a damn word the lefties write about the Palins. Don’t worry, I won’t. Their credibility is finally, utterly, used up with me. If there was ever a time to ask, “have you no shame. Finally, have you no shame,” this is it.

Do you get the impression I am getting, that if Sarah Palin does not learn her place and “go home” soon, the members of the press, especially on tv, are going to begin shaking and screaming, and totally losing it? That’s the impression I am getting; that Andrea Mitchell and Chris Matthews, and Olbermann and Alter, (and all the rest) their heads are literally going to explode soon if – after this relentless journalistic jihad, meant to destroy Palin in a matter of days – McCain does not drop her or Palin does not collapse. I think I’ll pray for Mrs. Palin and for McCain. I wouldn’t mind seeing members of the media have on-screen breakdowns. Not after this. Hang on, Sarah! Hang on, McCain!

And no, I have never seen anything like this in 40 years of watching politics. The hatred being spewed for Palin is like the combined hate for Hillary, Bill and Dubya. Except all of those hates took time to build. Sarah Palin has been on the national scene for about 125 hours. HOURS. It seems unnatural to me, and intellectually dishonest.

I was just thinking today, how much Chris Matthews would LOVE Sarah Palin if she were a Democrat: “This woman is the stuff! She hunts! She fishes! She runs a state! She fights corruption in her own party! She raises a family! She came up from the ranks, she’s not an elitist, she’s not a professional politician! Her husband is in the union! She can speak without teleprompters!” He’d be spitting all over himself and his leg would be trembling.

Lost in all of this Palinsanity is a very important story that we’re losing site of: the US – terrible, Imperial America – has returned the Anbar Province to the control of the Iraqis. Please take the time to read this important piece by Steve Schippert, which helps us to understand and appreciate what that really means. If you’re too bug-eyed with Palin-mania right now, print it out and read it in bed, tonight. You’ll be glad you did.

Where is the sane Democrat who is going to stand up and say “that is enough?” Is there one? Is there a Democrat out there who is not simply marching in lockstep goose-step, and who will stand up and say, “you have crossed all kinds of lines, now…”

You’d think Hillary – champion of women and children – would be standing up for Palin and Bristol, wouldn’t you?

Politico: New Palin details may help rather than hurt. Uh, yeah, especially as the left reveals themselves to be women-hating, narrow-minded sexists and misogynists who never meant all the things they said about powerful, smart women and the choices they make.

Mirabile Dictu Mommy Wars, well Hillary DID say that there was more sexism than racism in the nation (and in the media, didn’t she? Or was that Ferraro?

Ace: Nation in Crisis, Day 2 (Yes, look what a youthful pregnancy and the family values that support her and love her have wrought among the “sophisticated, edumacated and enlightened!”)

Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter: when asked to defend the press’ overboard hysteria about Bristol Palin (and how her mother should “go home and parent her”) vs Al Gore’s son being picked up for driving 100 mph while on pot, (which did not necessitate concerns about Gore’s parenting); he justifies it all! After all, Gore’s son’s pickup was “in the papers…”. Yes, I recall a few lines about it, in section B. Some comparison. Can I say that Alter is a bit of an asshat? Is that allowed?

More on Palin (and the election in general) from around the very busy internet: (keep checking back; I’ll add more as I read them!)

One Cosmos: The Metaphysics of Envy & Revenge of the Left
Byron York: Palin subjected to “complete vetting” by McCain Camp. McCain pissed at NYTimes. Finally.
Newsweek: Gushing like Girls over Obama and working to give him the same 10-15% they got for Kerry
Katie Granju:Writes sane and shows great wisdom
Althouse: The Authenticity of the Palins
Hot Air: Obama on his experience, but I have been campaigning longer! (offered with a smile)

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  • http://www.tonyrossi.blogspot.com/ tonyrossi

    There are 2 things the anti-Palinites seem to be missing:

    1. If he becomes V.P., the kids will essentially have a full time stay-at-home Dad to care for them. (And I’m assuming she will still make time to be with her own kids too.)

    2. If McCain dies and Palin becomes President, she can pick a V.P. with foreign policy experience like Obama did with Biden.

    [Actually, Tony, I think part of the reason for this madness is that they cannot stand the idea that she could very well - as Camille Paglia immediately noted, and she noted it for Palin's gifts - be the first female president, and from the GOP! -admin]

  • http://vita-nostra-in-ecclesia.blogspot.com/ Bender B. Rodriguez

    Hillary said? Hillary said?

    The woman who would not leave, the woman who screeched until beyond the end, is apparently nowhere to be seen or heard these last couple of days. Is she in hiding? Did she take a trip overseas? Ever since the announcement came out, and ever since the nukes were fired off, all I’ve heard from Hillary is


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  • igout

    The left is being the left, what do else you expect from a turd?

    But the hurt is coming from fellow soldiers on the right. Because she’s a woman and a wife and a mother she’s not allowed to serve her country? Hey, Sarah, do old ‘gout a favor and make these marshmellows choke on their words.

  • alexandrag

    There is a madness at work here in the media, and a frightening one at that. No questions being asked, no inquiries being made, no pretense at attempting to find the facts before reporting the smears. This is the false Texas National Guard memo story magnified thousands of times. I don’t even call this the politics of personal destruction at this juncture, just the politics of absolute destruction. Once I asked a wise Orthodox priest how to discern God’s will in a political context. His response was that God’s will will always be for the salvation of the individual involved. And that truly is what I must pray for now, for the sake of the salvation of each and every one involved in any way in this madness. Lord have mercy.

  • Klaire

    I’ll tell who can stop all of this, Obama or Michelle. Yeah, I know Obama “spoke out” yesterday, and it all sounded so nice, but he also has the clout to shut up the media, at least the MSM. Michelle could do it too.

    If Obama REALLY believed what he said, he would hold the MSM accountable. With his own two kids at stake, he would be REALLY smart, and classy, to do it.

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  • Regina

    Last Saturday, after listening to and reading the craziness (and this was before the pregnancy nastiness), I went to Mass and participated in a Miraculous Medal novena for the intentions of the Palin and McCain families. I think I’ll make it a weekly ritual, at least until after the election.

  • Bridey

    The left is showing its true colors now, but I know that a lot of earnest and well-meaning people will insist, even in the face of poison like this, that “It’s only a few of them” or “Politics has always been this way” or “The right is just as bad.” All nonsense, but a lot of people — too many — find these notions comforting, even if it means overriding their own powers of observation and their own common sense.

    I guess it’s easier to turn away, even if in sheer disbelief, than to look straight at what the American left has become. There is a time to temper one’s terms, and there is a time to call things by their right names. And fascism is the true name of the American left. That is what it openly aspires to, but does not have the power to enforce. Yet.

  • http://federalistpaupers.com Hubbard

    Mrs. Scalia—

    I suspect that many on the left are angry at Palin because she could well be America’s Thatcher. I’m not saying that Palin is that kind of giant yet, only that she has the potential to do so. A large part of why Labour still loathes Lady Thatcher is that she proved their policies and their worldview wrong.

    For decades, the American left has pushed for abortion and gun control; feminism seems to mean one standard for liberals like Bill Clinton and another for conservatives like Clarence Thomas. Suddenly, Sarah Palin comes along: she proves that women can be pro-life and pro-gun and still be defiantly female. Palin could reshape America and make large parts of the left as relevant as 8-tracks and Betamax. Naturally, they must take her apart by any means necessary—their worldview would make no sense otherwise.

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  • lsheldon

    When you get rested–I know a little of the burnout–I just got home from an unpleasant meeting of the Vestry….

    The question that is burning in my hand is is this:

    Why is the Democratic candidate for the Office of President of the United States running against the (probable) Republican candidate for the office of Vice President of the United States? Is he afraid of McCain and figures he can beat a woman?

    Not in a fair fight, he can’t.

  • gs

    This might make you feel better, Anchoress.

    Palin is a quick study but she can’t learn instantaneously. Her enemies are vile but rational. They can’t disqualify her on the merits, so they’re trying to discredit her before her legitimacy can be established.

    Afaic the onus here is on McCain. Once he put her on the national stage sooner than she would have gotten there on her own, it became his responsibility to shield her while she’s getting her bearings.

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  • http://sthubertsrosary.com/default.aspx ShanaSFO

    The collection of virtual buttons is available on Facebook.

    You can do a search under “She” “He” “Palin” or “Obama” to find them, the “flair” applications There are 6 altogether.

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