Running Sarah Palin Thread of Hate & Doooom!

I’m liveblogging the RNC convention and the Giuliani/Palin speeches here

Regarding Gov. Sarah Palin, the press and the Angry Left remind me of those beetles in the film The Mummy – the pass over something in a swarm and it is destroyed and stripped bare…we must be reaching the climax of Palinsanity, or will do so tonight, because I don’t see how this intense, unhinged hate can go much further. But haters always manage to surprise me…There is so much out there that this is going to be a day-long post…pretend that I am Instapundit, culling interesting stories (though I could never do it as brilliantly as Glenn) specifically about Palin, Obama, McCain, the Convention and the Angry Left Press – that’s pretty much what we should be calling them now, right? The Angry Left Press? Anyway, scroll down, then read your way back up, so that the latest stuff is on top!

9:17: Ann Althouse and Melissa Clouthier will be live-blogging. I will be be trying to as well. Right now, I’m so torn though…Diane Von Furstenberg is on Project Runway! I know…you’re disappointed in me.

But you can get ready by reading these excerpts from Palin’s speech, which are flying all over the internet. I don’t actually approve of that. I think a speech should not be criticized before it’s even given!

9:15 PM Well, the US magazine ultra-aimed at women hit piece is backfiring. I don’t think they actually know women at all.

6:45 PM Okay – will be back later to liveblog the convention if I can get the computer working over there. Pajamas Media will be streaming from 7 PM, but my ‘puter is too slow to both stream and write.

6: 44 PM: Another hour goes by…another smear Inaccuracies abounding. Blogfather Ed Morrissey explains it all.

6:35 PM: Joe Biden, making life interesting for Barack Obama. I sort of feel bad for Sen. Obama, sometimes, when I think of Biden and that loose cannon he hauls around, everyday…in his face.

6:31 PM: I thank God that my sins are not as the sins of this Republican.’. I wish I’d written that.

5:48 PM “I AM Sarah Palin; Her Story is My Story”! Well, I’m not, and her story is not my story, but I do “get” the sentiment. What I’ve been getting in my email today is a lot of women saying, essentially, “Back off Bitches”, and I think they want the tee shirt. Honestly, them’s some angry babes and I would not get in their way! Maybe Sarah Palin <em really is Keyser Söze, hiding among all these women!

So, “back off bitches” and maybe see what questions you should maybe not ask. And ummm…Hands off Levi! too!

4:56 PM Taking a break.

4:56 PM From First Things:

I will vote, enthusiastically, for Sarah Palin as vice president this November. Even if the media pressure forces her from the ticket, I will vote against the Democratic party—partly because I respect John McCain and believe him to be the better candidate, but equally because I’m tired of the intransigence and condescension of the Democratic leadership on the abortion issue.

I will vote for Sarah Palin because I don’t need the Democratic platform’s belated affirmation of motherhood. Thanks, but I already know that motherhood is good, several times over.

I will vote for Sarah Palin because she has guts. We’ve never met, but I suspect I know something about her life, and so do a great many other women. I know what it means to have a son with Down syndrome. I know what it means to talk a good line about religious faith and then be asked to prove it.

Read it all: Everything depends on Palin. If she makes a great speech tonight, all bets are off and the Dems and the Press have disastrously overplayed their hand. If she falls apart, all bets are off too, but differently, in either case, the Dems and the Press will be remembered for helping to destroy a fundamentally decent woman, because she had the wrong letter after her name. I’m just saying.

4:49 PM Deacon Greg: Writes that “since you’ve gone all political (for now)” he’s got the spiritual stuff covered. Ah.

4:44 Fun thing to consider: Palin is the same youthful age as Obama and she HAS NOT written two biographies. What’s up with that? Couldn’t she manage a book? A book is a good thing; TWO books make you more qualified to be president than almost anyone! Of course, one could argue that Gov. Palin had no time to write about her life because she was out LIVING it, and actually changing things, rather than just writing about it. Not that there is anything wrong with writing! Living a life, though…living an AUTHENTIC life? It takes both audacity and hope. And I think Sen. Obama knows that, too.

4:39 PM: A pal writes that Palin’s resume is thin for a veep, as thin as Quayle’s. Yes. But against Obama’s exceedingly thin resume running for the TOP of a ticket, it must be at least as “acceptable” as his is. If he is qualified to be president on the basis of community activism, time in state legislature and a 140 days in the senate, then I think her her 8 years as mayor (it’s executive) and 2 years as governor (again, executive) and her records put them on pretty equal footing, don’t you?

4:15 PM Aw, this is nice: a picture of fornicators, adulterers, hypocrites and baby-neglecting, possibly incestuous wimmen-oppressin’ neanderthal, moose-hating, over-populating war-mongers and beauty queens welcoming another into the fold. Family matters. Glenn notes: McCain does not seem to be running away from this. Yes. The press and dems have overplayed their hand. Again.

4:12 PM The Other Side of Change; Obama and Saul Alinksy

4:10 PM Dishonest, tacky and not really journalism. Is this sort of advocacy smearing what they teach at prestigious j-schools today? Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who will guard the guardians? I guess, the bloggers. Or some. Other bloggers seem to distract and feed the guardians.

4:03 Neo – so infuriated she is calling for the Vestal Virgins

3:50 PM: What is it with Democrats and Imaginary Sniper Fire?. They “joked” about it with Bush, even before he was president. Hillary imagined it all around her. I suspect it’s because they came up in the 60′s and snipers have come to symbolize something great and terrible to them. Also, because they are relentless drama queens. And Biden is one of the biggest! And no, I’m not calling him “gay.” You don’t have to be gay to be a drama queen.

3:50 PM Meanwhile, at another part of the ranch: things in Iraq continue to look positive

3:47 PM Just noticed several donation notifications from the Amazon Honor and Paypal buttons. Thank you; it is very much appreciated. A few have no names, I don’t know how to thank you personally, but please accept my humble thanks.

3:21 PM Patterico on why the press is in hissyfit/tantrum mode Iconic MidWest chimes in

3:14 PM Siggy has why she just scares the left to death Also, heh.

Another Shana button, picking up from here

2:55 PM Cobb says Gov. Palin handling a 10 Billion dollar budget ain’t beanbag.

2:49 PM Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!: More on destroying Palin here. They want her DNA!

In an extraordinary and emotional interview, Steve Schmidt said his campaign feels “under siege” by wave after wave of news inquiries that have questioned whether Palin is really the mother of a 4-month-old baby, whether her amniotic fluid had been tested and whether she would submit to a DNA test to establish the child’s parentage.

The press is taking its editorial orders from the farthest extreme of the sociopath left, and those lunatics STILL want to try to run with the “Bristol is Trig’s real mother” insanity. Can you believe it? Can you hear the Witch of the West sending forth the flying monkeys? McCain blasts the media

2:30 PM Peggy Noonan: Of course they must destroy Palin; It’s a fantastic piece – read it all, and then remind yourself of what yer Anchoress always says: “Hate consumes the hater”…and “the left always, always overplays its hand.” The right sometimes does, as well. But the left…always. They’re counting on reactions from their stereotypes of Evangelicals. But they neither know nor understand Evangelicals. Which is, as I said here, perhaps why they fear Palin so much.

2:22 PM What does Joe Biden’s daughter’s arrest say about his parenting, his judgment, his abilities to be a vice president? Ugh. I feel dirty just playing that game ironically.

2:02: I’m listening to Ann Compton on ABC radio. She sounds like she is talking between closed teeth. “Sar-ah Pa-lin…con-ser-va-tism…” she sounds really unhappy.

2:00 Why Authenticity Matters: Dick Meyer – in his book Why We Hate Us discusses how incredibly rare authenticity is in America, particularly in politics. Kristol shares an email with Gingrich on The Power of Authenticity:

The power of Palin is that she is so out of the establishment, and so out of the talking-heads, inside-the –Beltway-elite mindset, that the 80 per cent of Americans who believe we are on the wrong track suddenly can identify with someone who isn’t part of what got us on that track.

Palin will make mistakes. The news media and the Obama researchers will find things to attack. But if she stays relaxed and continues to be authentically who she has been for 44 years, the country is going to love her, and they are very rapidly going to get disgusted with the cynical negative nastiness of politics as usual.

I don’t think the press can see that, yet. Btw, Dick Meyer is interviewed by Siggy, Shrinkwrapped and Dr. Sanity here, and discusses Why We Hate Us.

1:57 PM Maxed Out Mama: Pound too low/Oil too high. Sounds like a Marvin Gaye song!

1:53 PM The New Republic: The Case Against the Case Against Palin:

What the Republicans missed about Sarah Palin then–and what the Democrats seem poised to miss now–is that she is a true political savant; a candidate with a knack for identifying the key gripes of the populace and packaging herself as the solution. That keen political nose has enabled her to routinely outperform her resume. Nearly two years into her administration, she still racks up approval ratings of 80 per cent or better.

Sarah Palin is a living reminder that the ultimate source of political power in this country is not the Kennedy School or the Davos Summit or an Ariana Huffington salon; even now, power emanates from the electorate itself. More precisely, power in 2008 emanates from the working class electorates of Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Sooner or later, the Obama camp will realize that the beauty pageant queen is an enormously talented populist in a year that is ripe for populism. For their own sake, it had better be sooner.

I’m starting to think that the elitists simply won’t permit themselves to go there.

11:48 PM Speaking of Althouse: She’s pretty much wall-to-wall Palin, like me. Go over and keep scrolling!

From the Great Althouse: Yes, the “f-word” is there. Deal. Watch this every time it all “gets to be too much.” I know it’s meant to denigrate McCain/Palin, but I rather liked it. Might backfire a little on the very excellent satirists who are undoubtedly clever.

1:30 PM Stephen Hayes: Media descends to a new low. Credibility zero.

Thomas Lifson Palin and the two Americas

1:23 PM Message to Mark S; Does this woman really seem incompetent to you? And NO, she does not want creationism taught in school It’s another lie; she said it should not be in the curriculum, but a student should be able to bring it up for open discussion. You can look it up, instead of just repeating what you hear. But I notice the big “don’t be evil” search engine seems to be shuffling; things are harder to find today than they were yesterday. In my searches, I DID see the Kos instructions on “how liberals should talk about Sarah Palin and Creationism” so I see you were under instruction.

12:59 PM Brief Announcement: Please don’t expect me to engage in debate with you in the comments section just now. That’s something I do when I have time and inclination, it is not an obligation. My archives are extensive and complete, and I write all day long; I’m sure if you really need to see what I think about pretty much anything, you can find it. And yes, there is a whole category on Sarah Palin. I’m all for debate, and discussion. I’m all for scrutiny, and for criticism where it is warrented. But let’s try to make the not-difficult distinction between “scrutiny” and “character assassination.” For heaven’s sake, Sarah Palin has been running a whole state – one that looks at Russia and borders Canada and involves our energy policy – for two years, and before that she ran a town for 8 years. Let’s talk about how well or badly she did that, can we? Rather than indulging in fake moralizing about how “women can’t do” what Palin clearly does?

Can we finally, even a little, talk about how Obama’s people are getting thuggish in their attempts to NOT talk about his association with Bill Ayers? No?

12:31 Sally Quinn, an expert on all things religious, as evidenced by her insistence that she was correct and respectful when she (non-Catholic) received communion at Tim Russert’s funeral, tells Soledad O’ Brien (paraphrased) “we sophisticated beltway women can have careers and children, but Palin is white trash with FIVE kids (!) and one of them is “severely disabled” (likely she knows no one with Down Syndrome) and her pregnant daughter is ‘also a child’” (direct quote! Wait! Isn’t she ‘a mature woman capable of making her own choices about abortion and sex’? suddenly she’s a 12 year old?) She and Soledad display ignorance and bigotry and they shame themselves as they coze together describing how “how we live does not work for Evangelical women” (of whom they know many, I’m sure) who are – of course – the wrong sorts of women, and really, hardly even women at all! To these elitists, the husband is irrelevant. Family support is irrelevant. Palin must be demonized, even if it demonizes millions of women. I ask it again: Where is that “advocate and champion for women and children”, Hillary Rodham Clinton? Also, Hillary Clinton had “help” raising her ONE child. Why shouldn’t Sarah have some for her “five children…one with special needs and the 17 year old is a child, too” (direct quote again.)

I am appalled, and I have known feminists were phonies since the Clarence Thomas/Anita Hill stuff. Now they are destroying their own credibility just to destroy Palin. Well, we all know that hate consumes the hater.

12:26 PM DeLay to Media: Keep it Up

12:20 PM Drew M: A Tale of Two Conventions. My commentary on it here.

12: 18 PM: Deacon Greg reviews my review of Thomas Williams’ Greater Than You Think, of sort of.

12:15 PM MUST READ: How Sarah Palin Negotiated with BP: This breakdown of what Palin has done in Alaska might be useful “experience” in a veep or president, no? I mean, if you’re thinking and not just hating?

12:11 PM Troopergate PDF: “For the record, no one ever said fire Wooten [Palin brother-in-law]. Not the Governor. Not Todd [Palin's husband]. Not anyone of the staff …” Hey, don’t confuse the issue with facts!

12:04 PM My Piece from the Wee Small Hours: Where is Hillary in all This and where is the Free Press?

12:10 PM Siggy links to Spengler: How Obama Manged to Lose the Election.

11:59 AM: From a Cynical Alaskan: How Sarah Palin handled corruption

11:56 AM Abstinence Only and Sex Ed: Do either of them work effectively as currently taught? It’s a discussion we really need to have, and Megan MCardle is trying. We need to have it honestly, without the media framing either. You can take a non-scientific, non-representative poll about it here.

11:55 AM Media Mythbusters: Lorie Byrd on Incorrect information still posted at the NY Times and now the morning chat shows are reiterating the debunked nonsense about Palin and the AIP. A liberal blogger manages to do what the NY Times cannot. That’s gracious and cool.

11:51 AM Giuliani with Brokaw: Palin has “considerably more experience” than the top of the Democrat Ticket.

11:49 AM Heh. “Palin’s run a state, Obama’s run a rock concert!”

11:33 AM Coming from Dan Riehl: Has the Obama campaign “gotten to someone” in Alaska? This is pretty interesting. Last week we read: Democratic State Senator Hollis French, who is overseeing the investigation, says that the Palin administration has been cooperating and that subpoenas are unnecessary.. Now: Alaska state senator Hollis French, who is running an investigation of Gov. Sarah Palin, says the McCain campaign is using stall tactics to prevent him from releasing his final report by Oct. 31st. So much for “Change”? You decide.

11:43 AM It occurs to me that when the McCain/Palin camp said there were “no surprises” out there, it was because they thought there was nothing that reasonable people could not agree was smallcakes, like the “trooper firing that rocked America.” They were not counting on the ability and desire of the Angry Liberal Press to turn anything into a “scandal de jour.” And again, I think McCain is on his heel a little, surprised that “his friends” in the press are not only capable of doing this, but gleeful about it. He should have known better. Clinton fired 93 US Attorneys ,a href=”″>in one fell swoop Bush fired 8. Whose firings were “a scandal”? Well, neither of them, really, but they tried to make Bush’s firings seem like an impeachable defense.

11:41 AM A Fork In the Road to Palin’sTroopergate? AJ Strata thinks so. I’ve learned not to be optimistic where this woman and the press is concerned, and she’s only been on the national stage for 144 hours. How sad is that?

11:36 AM Li’l Bro Thom: “I bet the Palin cover sells more copies. Come to think of it, I do recall reading that these other covers were low-sellers.

11:29 AM Rick Moran writes that smaller bloggers are feeling dissed by the RNC. As a smaller blogger I know the feeling – it’s a Rodney Dangerfield sort of thing.

11:26 AM Obama’s Leadership Skills Once Again Called Into Question: Hey, he told the press and the angry left to leave Palin’s family alone and he said it forcefully, and they patted him on the head, said – “very good, nice soundbite, we’ll praise you” – and then went right on with their swarm. Was also noted here

11:20 AM Wall Street Journal: The Miserable Curs in the press, and all their shifting goalposts and morals. Okay, that’s not the title. But same thing.

11:15 AM Melissa Clothier: The Press Needs a Good Chiropractor. Apparently an ethics advisor, too. Widgets

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  • dmd25

    11:51 AM Giuliani with Brokaw: Palin has “considerably more experience than the top of the Democrat Ticket.

    11:49 AM Heh. “Palin’s run a state, Obama’s run a rock concert!”

    Obama says he has more experience than Palin because he has run his campaign ( for two years. Wouldn’t you think that comparison would be truly embarrassing to make?

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    Little Known Facts about Sarah Palin –

    Sarah Palin’s brain is three times the size of Joe Biden’s. It’s science.

    Sarah Palin’s hotness is the largest single contributor to melting polar ice caps.

    Sarah Palin is the reason compasses point North.

    Global Warming doesn’t kill polar bears. Sarah Palin does – usually with her bare hands.

    Sarah Palin used to wrestle kodiak bears in Alaskan bare knuckles fight clubs.

    Sarah Palin’s enemies are automatically added to the Endangered Species List

    Fox is starting a new reality show… when Sarah Palin Attacks

    Sarah Palin turned down a job as skipper of a Deadliest Catch boat because it wasn’t challenging enough

    Chuck Norris wishes he was Sarah Palin trapped in a man’s body.

    We don’t know who would win in a Chuck Norris – Sarah Palin cage match because they’ve never invented a cage that can hold Sarah Palin.

    Sarah Palin will send Biden a pre-debate cheat sheet. The sheet will have tips on defending against Kung Fu Death Grip.

    Sarah Palin’s finishing move in the VP debate will be pulling Biden’s still beating heart from his chest & taking a bite.

  • DWiss

    I suppose there was a time when journalists tried to uncover the real truth of a matter and publish it. Perhaps it is naive to think that anyone could write the objective truth untainted by personal opinions. But what we’re seeing now is a total abdication of the responsibilty of the free press. They are looking for the truth as they want it to be, and publishing it.

    An op-ed in the Wall Street Journal today wonders why Obama can’t “close the sale”. Read it, it’s well done. The supposition is that Americans can see the real truth behind Obama’s glorious orations, and they don’t much like it. Maybe so. But if Americans swallow the bile being foisted on them by the media, then I’m afraid to say that they’ll believe just about anything.

    Pray that we come to our senses as a nation and give all the candidates a fair, objective hearing before November.

  • gcotharn

    Clarence Thomas = high tech lynching. Sarah Palin = cyber gang rape.

  • Gina

    No one’s embarrassed anymore. They figure they will save embarrassment for after Obama has won the election.

    Every time Maureen Dowd or Andrew Sullivan pulls up a keyboard, it just makes me want to call up my local Republican party office and ask “What can I do? Where can I go? And where do I send the check?”

  • BackwardsBoy

    Although this was expected, the volume and rapidity with which the left’s smear machine operates is amazing. This will blow back in the Vapid One’s face resulting in a landslide victory in November for the GOP. No one of good conscience could possibly vote for Obama after this debacle.

    I visited the comments at US Magazine to register my disapproval of their complicity. The commenters were overwhelmingly negative, but in the nicest way possible. And when I find other ways to fight back against this most despicable outrage, I will do so. I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore…

  • Gina

    Here is a good rundown of the Obama campaign’s “chill wind” blowing against Stanley Kurtz, along with links to the podcast of the radio show the Obamatons tried to shut down. AT rightly asks: If Obama wins, is this what we can expect from his attorney general appointment?

  • Peregrine John

    fake moralizing about how “women can’t do” what Palin clearly does?

    Reminds me of the old advice that those who say a thing cannot be done should not get in the way of the one doing it.

  • wilmagerlsma

    Actually, Slate Magazine, mentioned on here earlier, has some thoughtful comments:

  • gcm

    I think this is worth adding to your links:

  • DeputyHeadmistress

    Regarding Sarah Palin and Creationism, this is kind of funny- I have relatives in MoveOn ( I am so ashamed)- and they forwarded the MoveOn ‘Get Sarah’ email to the rest of us, thinking it would be convincing.
    It includes the creationism lie, but what’s hilarious is that they source thier lie with a footnote to a news article that DEBUNKS it!


    “Palin was answering a question from the moderator near the conclusion of Wednesday night’s televised debate on KAKM Channel 7 when she said, “Teach both. You know, don’t be afraid of information. Healthy debate is so important, and it’s so valuable in our schools. I am a proponent of teaching both.”
    In an interview Thursday, Palin said she meant only to say that discussion of alternative views should be allowed to arise in Alaska classrooms:

    “I don’t think there should be a prohibition against debate if it comes up in class. It doesn’t have to be part of the curriculum.”

    She added that, if elected, she would not push the state Board of Education to add such creation-based alternatives to the state’s required curriculum.

    Members of the state school board, which sets minimum requirements, are appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Legislature.

    “I won’t have religion as a litmus test, or anybody’s personal opinion on evolution or creationism,” Palin said.

    This turned out to be true of the majority of MoveOn points in the email I received- they were nearly all refuted in the same article MoveOn used to source their lie.

  • newton

    I don’t know if you have this among your links, but you must. Money quote:

    In an extraordinary and emotional interview, Steve Schmidt said his campaign feels “under siege” by wave after wave of news inquiries that have questioned whether Palin is really the mother of a 4-month-old baby, whether her amniotic fluid had been tested and whether she would submit to a DNA test to establish the child’s parentage.

    Now, this is going too far.

    This cannot stand, people. Where is the f@#$&ing outrage?!?!?!?

  • Patrick

    It includes the creationism lie, but what’s hilarious is that they source thier lie with a footnote to a news article that DEBUNKS it!

    Well, I’ve found that the folks that try this rarely expect people to actually READ the link they post oh-so-triumphantly in glee. Then the scrambling begins.

    (Anchoress: Were you using Invader Zim’s voice when you typed up the title?) ;)

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  • ShanaSFO

    “…because I don’t see how this intense, unhinged hate can go much further.”

    I sincerely hope you are right, although I do expect the hatred to continue with exceedingly catty swipes from female reporters, anchorettes and columnists like Mo, and dour disapproving looks and reproves from those of the more male variety. They’ve had eight whole years to build up their skills in blind hatred of President Bush and the sort of cattiness found among high school teens in dealing with strong, no-nonsense women like Condi Rice.

    It isn’t just a hobby any more for these diseased people. Its now a way of life.

    BTW if anyone missed it and is interested – the buttons are part of the “Flair” application on Facebook (virtual buttons on a virtual cork board). If you have an account, download Flair & do a search under She, He, Palin, or Obama, and they ought to come up for you. There are now 6 of them. More, if I get more suggestions!

    The “She is the Change He just talks about” button had over 5,000 Facebook users pick it up by this afternoon, and I put them up just a few hours after she was announced. I keep laughing every time I hear the media proclaim that she ‘isn’t resonating’ with anyone except uneducated trailer trash!

  • Joe Odegaard

    “Everything depends on Palin. If she makes a great speech tonight, all bets are off and the Dems and the Press have disastrously overplayed their hand.”

    Well of course she will make a great speech.

    And there has been a sea change in American Politics.

    [Hey, I have an enormous amount of respect for the woman, but don't count yer chickens. She's likely never encountered the crap she's seen over the last 6 days. We have no idea what she will do tonight. - admin]

  • ejhill1925


    The Democrats and their cohorts in the press are trying to do the classic game of political trashing with John McCain’s choice of a running mate.

    It goes like this:

    1. Say the process has been questioned. If it hasn’t, then questioned it yourself. There – it’s been questioned.

    2. If 90% of the opposition party supports something or someone it’s relatively easy to find a member of the disgruntled 10%. Then say, “Even some party loyalists say this person or this proposal is too extreme…”

    3. Say that the choice is risky. Everything carries risk including getting out of bed in the morning. This statement is, therefore, always technically true. To really cast aspersion on it pronounce it, “brave.” Politicians do not like making “brave” choices. That means it may be unpopular.

    4. All politics is about the irregular verb:

    * I have an independent mind
    * You are an eccentric
    * They are crazy

    *All wonderfully described by Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn in Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister

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  • MaxedOutMama

    Quinn’s remarks are the most shocking. In one interview she manages to make all the points that chauvinist males of the 40s did.

    This is class war, and it’s also class war between women. Not that many of the men in the same class are any different, but Quinn doesn’t blink an eye while saying that Palin couldn’t be president because she has young children, blithely remaining silent on Obama’s young children. This is the most bizarre thing I have seen from American women of the Chattering Class in my lifetime. And it proves how out of touch they are, because at least 80% of median income households with mothers with young children do work, and it’s generally because they have to. Quinn is explicitly saying that such women shouldn’t hold responsible jobs.

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  • Joseph

    Well, I hope she makes a good speech. As I’ve said before, we need to see her at her best. I think we had Fred Thompson at his best and this was the core of Fred Thompson’s speech:

    “In the days ahead — in the days ahead at this convention, you’ll hear a lot more about what John will do as president, what he’ll do with regard to the economy, on energy, on health care and the environment. It’s not my role tonight to explain that vision. It’s my role to hopefully help remind you of the man behind the vision. Because tonight our country is calling to all of us to step up, and to stand up, and put country first with John McCain.”

    There aren’t very many days ahead in this convention, and I do hope somebody gets around to telling me about that vision. John McCain was a courageous man and survived utter horror in Hanoi. Both Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman told us this and told us well. But has he done anything specific and concrete to benefit the country in the United States Senate? Joe and Fred think him quite a good guy to work with, and I trust their judgment about this, but they really didn’t tell us much more than that.

    I’d really like to know. Perhaps it will be part of the vision thing.

    Looking the Palin affair over, I am inclined to think that the press and my liberal compatriots will drop the entire matter as soon as the Convention is over. Insofar as they’ve kept pursuing it, the major strategic effect has been to obscure what anyone has to say about that vision thing. And since the people who are rushing to defend Palin are making as much or more noise as the people who are attacking her, or the people who are reporting news about it all, it may well be that the vision thing will get lost in the shuffle.

    After all, nobody was in very much doubt that John McCain was a courageous man who endured living hell for his country, and that we owe him a lot for it. If you listen to Barack Obama you will find he mentions this in virtually every speech he gives. He really does want everybody to know it, and to know that he knows it.

    The question is will we come out of this convention knowing anything more about John McCain than that.

    I frankly doubt that Sarah Palin will make any more difference to this election than Joe Biden. It really is between Barack Obama and John McCain, after all. It’s just a shame that the McCain campaign can’t seem to learn from observation and experience and still keep trying merely to attack Obama. Hillary Clinton did that for months, and she lost. McCain’s people have been doing it for weeks: McCain’s numbers have not budged significantly, and Obama’s have shot up 6-8 percentage points. Also, he gets better under fire. He could not have made anything as good as his convention acceptance speech in March.

    In the end they really do need to trot out that vision thing and let us know something about John McCain besides the fact that he is a genuinely good guy and a brave POW. Both he and Obama have about a 60+% general approval rating, so I would say that most everybody knows they are both good guys. What they don’t know is what John McCain will do. And if they don’t know yet what Barack Obama will do, its not for his lack of telling.

  • rcareaga

    It’s worth noting in passing that when Peggy Noonan lets down her hair, unaware that the mike is still hot, she sings an audibly different tune. Me, I’m still cool with the selection.

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  • pbuchta

    Let’s study the facts:

    Let`s have a look at Obama`s work experience, and knowledge:

    - In the US Senate, Barack Obama has served on the
    - Before getting to the US Senate Obama served 11 years in the Illinois State Senate.
    - Barack Obama is a graduate TOP of his class at Harvard Law School.
    - Barack Obama also has a degree in Political science specializing in International Relations.
    - Barack Obama worked in Chicago, Illinois as a community organizer, Obama, as the director of the Developing Communities Project in Chicago, helped set up a job training program, a college preparatory tutoring program, and a tenants’ rights organization in Altgeld Gardens.
    - Barack Obama also worked as a consultant and instructor for a community organizing institute.
    - Barack Obama worked as a Civil Rights lawyer for 9 years.
    - Barack Obama was also a University of Chicago Constitutional Law Professor for 12 years.
    - In the US Senate Obama has written 890 pieces of legislation, and co-sponsored 1096 pieces of legislation.

    Obama gets things done through building consensus. Palin gets things done by firing everyone who disagrees with her. Sarah Palin left a $20 million deficit as Mayor of Wasilla, town with a population of about 9,000. Sound familiar???

    Sarah Palin is an angel and regardless of want she says or does you should support her.
    She has a brand new 2007 passport and her executive and foreign experience are untouchable. It’s been five days since anyone heard what SHE had to say so please don’t attack the poor mother of five.
    Don’t be a sexist!….

    During that time we have no idea how they plan on making the average American life better and frankly who cares? After all this election is not about the issues, stupid!

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  • Joe Odegaard

    Palin Hits it our of the park, Anchoress. What else? Remember what she said in that time magazine article about trying to find the path God would want for her? This is faith in action,

  • ViolaJ.

    Sarah Palin handled herself beautifully tonight. She is a mover and a shaker for sure and, I think the dems are just going to get uglier before this is all over with because of it.
    Sarah Palin speaks directly to the people. They can identify with her and yes, I do belief that she will make a huge difference for the party.

  • Kevin C. Carr

    All of you people make me sick. Conservatives & Liberals alike. None of you can agree on one single damn thing. I will tell you this. It really doesn’t matter who wins the election. We’ve been screwed for the past 50 years with our leadership. And we’ll be screwed for another 50. The country is now currently in a state of hypocrisy and terror. And it’s all been created by our own paranoia. Once you think that you are absolutely right on any issue, then you are most certainly wrong about everything. Give up the bickering, otherwise the America you know and supposedly love will undoubtedly crumble beneath us. It is already beginning to do so. And I am scared and tired of watching and listening to you people create hate with your words. That goes for Republicans as well as Democrats, both of you are disgusting creatures. United we stand, divided we fall! We are all puppets anyways’. Don’t bother voting, it matters not.

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