Woman scolds press re Palin – UPDATED

Woman scolds press re Palin – UPDATED September 22, 2008

Heh. I really hope someone got this on video:

McCain in Scranton PA: The third question he took was from a well-spoken woman who first thanked McCain for picking Gov. Palin. Then she turned to the rear of the room (where the press are located) and called out shame upon you for your attack of Palin. She followed up this comment by asking where are the 30 investigators into [Obama crony William] Ayers.

The chewing out actually got some coverage:

11:03 a.m.
When asked about health care, Sen. McCain said the federal government must establish health care programs for people with chronic or preexisting conditions. A member of the audience chastised the media, saying “Shame on all of you,” referring to coverage of the pregnancy of Gov. Palin’s 17-year-old daughter, Bristol.

Admittedly, lame coverage, but I’m surprised it was mentioned at all.

The Dems cannot stop themselves. They’re trying very hard not to mention Palin at all, or to only do so in negatives, but their hate is so powerful they can’t quite contain it. Last weekend, SNL tried to parody the cluelessness of the NYTimes, at least that’s the context, but the subtext – the very obvious subtext – was “let’s keep the redneck/incest meme out there.” The incest “joke” is vile and disgusting, and there was no reason to bring it up. Once could quite easily parody the insulated, elitist cluelessness of the NY Times without ever going there. They went there for a reason. And I hope they get chewed out some more for it. But I also hope they keep it up!

It goes without saying, you would never hear any sort of “incest” joke about the Obama family, or the Clinton family, no matter what the context, or the “satirical intent” on SNL. My goodness, David Schuster was (rightly, actually) suspended for saying Hillary Clinton had “pimped out” her daughter to work the primary crowds.

Palin drew a crowd of 60,000 over the weekend. In case you didn’t hear it in the mainstream. Also, Obama doesn’t pay his women well.

UPDATE: Slightly O/T But I had to add it, because I just had this conversation with someone last night. Christopher Hitchens wonders, as we did, whether Obama never meant to be president in this election, that he meant rather to sow the seeds for a future run or – at most – end up as Hillary’s veep, but that things got away from him. The sense I’ve been having for a little while is that Obama does not really want to win; that he knows, deep down, he’s not really ready. I think he’s essentially a decent person, but if he knows he’s not ready, he can’t exactly say, it can he? Not after being called “The One.” Interesting. Give Hitchens a read.

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