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I’m getting a sense that some people are freaking out, out there, that it’s three weeks to election and so it’s time to hyperventilate.

Of course that’s not true. Three weeks is still a huge chunk of time in an election, and things turn on a dime. The whole point of the big “landslide” story is the press helping Obama out some more; it is meant to make you despair and not go vote. It’s a game. While they’re saying “landslide,” and Charlie Gibson is acting like he’s in heat, Obama’s lost another point at Rasmussen.

The truth is, he’s not closing the deal, he can’t close the deal
unless ACORN goes out there and registers 105% of voters, slashes tires and does all the stuff they have done (with little-to-no press coverage) with increasing vigor in each election.

Obama is a construct. He is a put-together illusion. He managed to use technicalities to have every opponent thrown off the ballot in his first run for the IL state senate, so that his name was the only name on that ballot. We all know it.

A while back, a friend of mine who is voting for Obama justified his vote in this way: “did you read either of his books? What a writer!”

There are a lot of exceedingly good writers out there who should never be president. Sometimes I’m one of them! But beyond that, what I did not say to my pal at the time is that I had my doubts he even wrote the books. Why? Because as editor of the Harvard Law Review, he has nothing published (under his name, at least -this is supposedly his, though – per Bender in comments). Because we’re not allowed to see any of his college theses. We have absolutely nothing which which to compare his writings to, and that troubles me why?

Because the author of those two books is a WRITER, and this I know about writers – particularly writers who manage to put forth a voice of such lyricism – a writer WRITES; a writer cannot help himself but write.

The person who wrote Dreams of My Father and Audacity of Hope would have other writings out there for us to see. Obama does not. Not a scholarly piece such as might be expected from an editor of the Harvard Law Review, not a thoughtful piece on social issues written for a journal or magazine. Nothing. All those years working as a “community organizer” or ACORN guy, or whatever – no small writings, anywhere, to indicate that this writer was writing. And, co-incidentally, there is nothing out there to which we might compare the voice of those two books. As my L’il Bro Thom often remarks, “you can always identify a writer by her voice.”

I’m not the only one wondering if Obama had a ghost-writer – or at least some major assistance – with his books. Confederate Yankee wonders, too, and further – because the books are so polished – he wonders if they’ve been written by someone rather close to Obama who has written some 15 books, a writer who is always writing because that’s what writers do: Bill Ayers.

It’s just a notion, of course. There is no proof, of course, so all we can do is wonder, as this writer, who sometimes ghost-writes, wonders.

But there is much going on in this election cycle that should make us wonder about things.

I still wonder if Obama never thought he’d get this far, this year. For a while, I believed that this improbable run for the most powerful office in the world – supported by a mere 150 days in the US Senate and a few terms legislating in Illinois – was meant to reward Obama with a place on the bottom of a Hillary ticket, but that things “happened.” That would have made more sense, wouldn’t it? Give Obama 8 years in the background, polishing, learning the ropes, shoring up all of his weakesses, until even his close working relationship with domestic terrorists and his former Socialist past would be rendered utterly meaningless.

They should have stuck to that plan.

But then again, folks, you know what I always say – everything happens for a reason. There is a reason that this untried, unprepared, not-especially-glib-after-all man has been thrust into such extraordinary prominence at this time. There is a reason why so much seems to be coming together to work in his favor. There is a reason why world markets are collapsing just before this very important election, and why they will continue to do at least until after the vote.

What that reason is? Who can say? All I know is, stop freaking out. At this point in the election 4 years ago John Kerry was wandering around hearing himself referred to as “Mr. President.” This point in 1980, Jimmy Carter was planning his second inaugural.

My advice: live in the Present Moment and ask God to reveal Himself and His plan
for you in that moment. Not in the next moment, not in the past moment. Work on the present moment. If you can get a real grasp of that – and if you can remember that past and future are also constructs, because time itself is illusory – then you have no need to hyperventilate.

Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. Go read Matthew, go read the Sermon on the Mount. It’s all about that.

Meanwhile, the press is getting upset about free speech, and suggesting that McCain/Palin are “inciting hate.” It wasn’t “inciting hate” when books and plays and films were made about how President Bush was a nazi, a baby-Hitler who should be assassinated. THAT was free speech. But now…hey, laughing at Obama and sneering at the lying, feckless press – that’s inciting hate, and that should be CENSORED. Get the waaahmublance for the press. They descended upon Palin like Jackals and didn’t think the public would notice.

Once again, we see that all the evils the left has projected upon Bush for these 8 years, are the ones that they harbor within themselves. Classic, classic projection. Bush has never censored anyone, or suggested as much, and he’s had nothing but hate and vile accusations made against him. These folks have made it clear, that censorship is something they really like.

Remember when Keith Olbermann called Bush a terrorist, a liar and a fascist? Yeah. Projection. Let’s talk about Obama some more.

F’rinstance, here’s more on Ayers and Obama.

I frankly think McCain should be hammering the origins of the economic crisis, but this is the path on which they’re choosing to run. And yes, it is important, too. It is important to know who the president of the nation is…which is precisely what the press has been trying so hard not to tell you. They did that once before, too. As Bob Owens notes here in this good piece – the Obama/Ayers/Dohrn association should not be dismissed.

Unless you prefer the illusion and the construct.

UPDATE: Here’s a round-up of folks writing on some of what we’re talking about here.

Must Read:
Is ACORN stealing the elections?
Ed Morrissey: Is Obama a committed socialist or just a craven opportunist?
James Pethokoukis: Is the possibility of an Obama presidency depressing the market?>
Confederate Yankee finds New Party/Obama info from 1996.
Neo-neocon is writing about Obama/Ayers and the cover-up of the cover-up, especially as it relates to public education in Chicago, which is in terrible shape, and has been “helped along” by Obama and Ayers.
Bookworm: Unable to respond substantively to the ACORN and AYERS issues, the Dems are falling back on calling everything racist.

Here’s what I think about that: Laugh at it. All they’re doing is overusing the word unto impotence. Although we should be offended on behalf of those who really are facing racism and discrimination in their lives, because by labeling everything “racist” the Democrats are doing what the feminists did to the issue of sexual abuse – distorting it and making things more difficult for real victims.

Bob Owens at Pajamas Media: He’s watching the press watch Palin. Interesting. Over at his site, he links to what is purported to be overheard remarks made by journalists. It’s anonymous; I don’t know how trustworthy it is, but it doesn’t sound unplausible.
Michelle Malkin is not as ticked off by the Obama/New Party stuff as you might imagine. Or…is more ticked off. I can’t tell. Go, read – she has ACORN stuff, here.
John Hawkins has a collection of Obama quotes. I love quote collections of all kinds.
Glenn Reynolds “If the Baptists did what ACORN is doing…the press would be all over it, 24/7.” Indeed.

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  • Clare Krishan

    The current administration scored a “Psy-ops” own goal, since its now de rigueur for “parasites” to suck the blood out of the economy, rendering this election a “dishonorable parasite popularity contest” with the authority of virtue thrown out the window,
    read “Looting the Responsible” at
    “Market participants are not always rational, but in this case they apparently figure a blank check in the hands of a former CEO of Goldman Sachs will benefit the political economy at the expense of the real economy. Our sense is that both are in trouble; transferring more blood from the productive host to the parasite does not in the long run make either healthier. For the economy and country to begin healing, we need capital, credibility and authority to move from the wasteful to the productive. The power elite, predictably, is attempting to achieve the exact opposite.”

    We Catholics need to ask ourselves why we put political allegiances before our moral ones? Read Maurizio d’Orlando “Paulson plan: useless and harmful to democracy”

    “The very dimensions of the money involved suggests that the problem is elsewhere, in the criteria for the legitimacy of a sovereign act, the Issuing of money. What is astonishing in this context is that this problem is hardly discussed in Catholic circles. What should make us think is not only the “Nottingham” iniquity, but also and above all the fact that money and the sovereignty of public administration are part of our daily experience.”

    The defense of innocent lives was never even on the media’s radar screen this election cycle. Instead we prolifers are supposed to get all hot under the collar about Ayers? He’s involved with improving kids lives in school reform, what moral indignation do you suppose we can stoke there? Zilch.

    This is such a sad commentary on the political clout of a Catholic worldview, we deserve to be ashamed and will be forced to spend a long time rethinking what got us to this place in history, what we have squandered and what we will have to answer for (40 million souls and counting along with the loss of religious freedom of ancient Chaldean Christians who’s very democratic rights were annihalitated when the much vaunted election laws were passed in Bagdad, eliminating any minority protection from the Shari’a code now law in that land – Kyrie Eleison )

    The GOP is not, was not and never will be the Catholic Church at prayer. We have to seriously consider forming a third party of Christian democratic federalists that vigorously fights for the human person from womb to tomb and defends states’ subsidiarity to set policy in keeping with the culture of promoting local sustainable market economies. The centralization of power in Washington is a sickness that is weakening America’s virtuous promise amidst a global re-awakening of fundamentalisms and protectionisms.
    [Edited to insert link. Again. Sigh. Admin]

  • Clare Krishan

    missing URL for PIME (Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions) article on global ramifications of America’s profligacy

    [Once again, Claire, please take a look at these instructions for creating links. It is really time consuming for me to have to go into comments and insert these; trust me, they're easy to learn. You like to add a lot of links to your comments, that's fine, but please help me out, here, and take responsibility for making your links. Thanks! Admin]

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  • Mary in CO

    >> My advice: live in the Present Moment and ask God
    >> to reveal Himself and His plan for you in that moment.

    And continue to fast and pray. For our country. For our leaders. For God to lead us on His pathway!

  • pbuchta

    Oh Anchoress! Speculation and doubt will get one into so much trouble! So much political pettiness when the financial word is crumbling before us.

    Are you so much afraid at this point that we could possibly have an African-American as president? You don’t say so but I think that your thinking, thinks otherwise. You keep making excuses to the contrary. Ayers? He been involved in educating kids most of his life. Ya know people make mistakes and as Catholics we are supposed to forgive them, ESPECIALLY when they reform their lives as Ayers has done. Nothing Christ likes better then a repentant sinner. And what better way to show it then through one’s actions.

    People need to wake up, face reality and get over our prejudice.

    [Oh....but it's okay to "speculate" that I am a secret racist, right? Since I have African-Americans in my family background, and among my friends, I don't think my dislike has anything to do with the color of Obama's skin. But I am amazed at how often you projecting and race-fixated "liberals" try to fling that allegation about. Somehow you try to reduce my fundamental dislike of voter fraud, socialism, overly-protective media, suppression of free speech and political subterfuge as "just prejudice." I don't seen Obama's race. I surprise myself by how often I look at his picture and think, "oh yeah, he's black." I mean, considering it's all he and the press talk about, I don't really notice it. I would dislike him just as much, no matter what, which I think you can discover if you go look in my archives and see how much I disliked Kerry and his ideas and the "protectiveness" of the media, and his weird socialist connections.

    My standards were exactly the same 4 years ago, about the white Democrat being promoted, petted and protected by the press, as they are today. Kerry himself had no connection to ACORN, but I did write (or at least link to) stories about ACORN's tactics then.

    So, I guess if I'm a 'racist' because I don't like these things this election, then I guess I was what...anti-tall white guy...for not liking them in the last election?

    Your sleazy charge, such as it is, is unfounded, illogical and meant to be a nasty little bomb thrown my way, because you can't answer the Ayers situation. You can't answer the ACORN situation. You can answer the logical question about the authorship of his books. You can't escape the fact that the "financial world is crumbling" thanks in large part to the actions of your party. So you cry "racist." That's lame and weak. And it's slanderous, too. But it's typical. You should think very hard before you try to continue this tack. I'm amused just now, but that may not last. And Ayers has not so much "reformed" his life as found a way to push his agenda through the system, sorry. A tiger is a tiger and he's still a socialist. Also, "Our" prejudice? Speak for yourself, pbuchta. If you're working out your racial issue with your vote, well, that's your choice. Don't project your neurosis onto me.- admin]

  • HNAV

    We will do just fine, regardless…

    The American Public will rise to the challenge.

    How could anyone not feel secure, knowing amazing human beings, like the mighty Anchoress.

  • Joseph

    Okay, let’s take the other end of the bet–McCain wins the Presidency. We’ll use Rassmussen’s electoral college update, which is by far the most favorable to McCain. Take together Safe, Likely, and Leaning McCain, and as of right now he is sitting on 175 Electoral Votes. He needs 95 more for a clear victory. Rassmussen toss-ups between them have 64. So McCain wins them all and that brings him up to 239. Out of the Leaning Obama, lets give him Florida and 27 more. That gets him to 266. Give him Colorado [by far his best chance] and 9, and he’s home free. From that base of Leaning, Safe, and Likely McCain must win the following states within his range: MO,NC,NV,OH,VA,FL,CO.

    Give McCain the states where he and Palin are working frantically even when they are Likely Obama, and he must win VA,NC,OH,FL,PA. This is absolutely his shortest route to the Presidency. Can it be done in 26 days? Possibly. But make no mistake, the route is very much uphill. The equivalent national number gain McCain would have to make up to accomplish this would be no less than 6%, or a 1% gain every 4 days.

    [Let me ask you something, Joseph, since you want to keep it "academic" and call it done. Fine. It's done - let's stipulate that Obama is the president-elect. Now, please answer me this. As a Buddhist and a man of the do you rest easy and remain so accepting with the manner in which this "win" is being accomplished. The obvious (so obvious you really can't deny it and remain intellectually honest) busy work of the press doing all it can to promote and protect your candidate, to the point where it simply does not report what may hurt him, and the savage way they go after Palin - that's all A-OK with you? Obama's clear association with people who used violence as a means of movement and who still argue that it was appropriate, and who still work toward socialist ends (albeit from "within" the system), that's AOK with you? You don't mind that? Obama's support for an organization that has been involved not only in the greatest financial crisis to face the nation in almost 100 years but that is actively running around working (as it has for at least the last 8 years) to win an election by fraud and deciet - that's AOK with you? As long as you get the win? You spend your whole life in pursuit of "truth" but find political spin, doubletalk, suppression and subject-turning to be adequate to the times, and perfectly acceptable as long as it brings a "win"? Alrighty, then. I just wanted to know where you stood. -admin]

  • tim maguire

    Much can happen, the race is tightening, I haven’t heard much about the Bradley Effect lately but you can bet it’s stil out there. This election always was and still is McCain’s to lose. He’s doing a better job of losing it than I expected during the convention, but the smart money is still on McCain.

    On Obama the writer (and who is this friend of yours who apparently has never met a writer since that’s the only way a person could think being a writer is a qualification for being president?), if you have a candidate ghost writer in mind, I believe there are computer programs out there that can help you determine if you’re right.

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  • Deacon Greg


    Where in God’s name did that come from?

    Isn’t it clear? The A’s real problem is with men who have big ears.

    She’s an Anti-Earist.


    [Sadly, it's true. I also don't like Prince Charles...and I always preferred Daffy Duck to Bugs Bunny, too! -admin]

  • Rich Fader

    Just curious. Has Bill Ayers ever in fact repented of his terrorist acts? I mean, even to the level of a superficial public “mistakes were made”? My understanding was very, very much the opposite.

    [No, he has not. Quite the contrary. -admin]

  • ultraguy

    Great stuff here, as always, Anchoress. Keep preaching to the geese and keep writing truth to power like this — sniping comments and nagging doubts and personal irritations notwithstanding.

    (The intensity of the spiritual-warfare assaults only proves your point — and demonstrates your effectiveness. Think about it from Screwtape’s perspective: it only makes sense to train the heavy artillery on incursions, like this blog, that are inflicting the heaviest casualties on the Father of Lies.

    “there is nothing out there to which we might compare the voice of those two books”

    What if we work the problem in the opposite direction? Rather than trying to prove that Obama didn’t write them, start with the assumption that someone else did and figure out who it is.

    Someone must have the technical tools to make a comparison of styles to other ghost-written books, articles, etc… If this ghost writer is that good, s/he will have written for others and dropped stylistic signature cues in other places. Start with known writers with these kinds of sympathies and work outwards. They eventually figured out Primary Colors, written by ‘Anonymous’. Why not these?

    It’s a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack, but then this is the era of Google. How many good ghost writers are there out there who have this style? (As a writer myself I know how hard it is — particularly in something long — to deliberately disguise ALL of the small give-away points of style and emphasis.)

    Of course there’s the Screwtape theory, in which case all bets are off. I’m still holding out that possibility, even as I try to retain my rational marbles.

  • Deacon Greg

    [Sadly, it's true. I also don't like Prince Charles...and I always preferred Daffy Duck to Bugs Bunny, too! -admin]

    Oh dear God, it’s worse than I feared.

    Daffy over Bugs?

    Daffy is black and bugs is grey…

    So clearly, The A. is also anti-grey rights.

    This woman must be stopped.

    [I also can't abide small yappy dogs, or Bill O' Reilly. Oh, wait. Same thing. - admin]

  • Bender B. Rodriguez

    Because as editor of the Harvard Law Review, he has nothing published.

    An unsigned “case comment” has been identified as being written by Obama, 103 Harv. L. Rev. 823 (January, 1990). And it is against rights for the unborn in commenting on the case Stallman v. Youngquist, 125 Ill. 2d 267, 531 N.E.2d 355 (1988). In it, as reported by Politico, “He wrote approvingly of an Illinois Supreme Court ruling that the unborn cannot sue their mothers for negligence, and he suggested that allowing fetuses to sue would violate the mother’s rights and could, perversely, cause her to take more risks with her pregnancy.”

  • karco

    All this constant banter from the media about how Obama is leading in polls needs to be taken in perspective. They tried the same thing in 2004 as Bush was constantly portrayed as being behind Kerry. There is indeed time before the election.

    It’s nice that the there are places on the Internet that keeps copies of web pages from the past. Look at the October 13, 2004 Gallup poll here.

    Interesting quotes such as “The poll also shows that the perceptions of Kerry as the winner of last Friday night’s debate have increased, seen now as the winner by 45%, compared with 30% for Bush.”

    You can search the archives of the site of your choice here.

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  • Joseph

    Sorry it took so long to get back. My kitchen sink drain trap blew out in the middle of washing dishes. First of all, as a Buddhist I can say that practicing the Dharma is about “getting real”. So I made the most positive, but realistic, assessment I could of McCain’s road to victory. If he does it, that’s how he must do it. If Obama wins, it will be a fact that both you and I have to deal with. That is also “getting real”. The important point is what we do with it.

    My sincere hope is that, if Obama does win, that you will start looking into the real causes of why. They are neither manufactured by ACORN, nor by the Washington Post, nor by a nefarious evil cabal around Obama himself. Why do I care? Because your point of view and your party will not return to power unless somebody starts getting real about why they lost it, and you personally will be left needlessly miserable and terrified in a false belief that leads into unreasonable despair.

    There have been quite a few objective errors and missed opportunities of the Republican Party, of McCain, and of his campaign staff during this campaign. They are most of the reason why he is in this present position. Everybody can learn from them and will be able to do better if they choose.

    There is also a philosophical crisis of confidence which all on the Right must sooner or later face about the Republican led government of 2000-2008. The shorthand for it is the fact that President Bush will shortly be presiding over the de facto nationalization of the American banking business–and that is real Socialism, the first of its kind that America has ever seen.

    This is, again, getting too long, but as a “man of spirit” I care greatly about what I think is your truly needless suffering over it. We have a hard road ahead of us, no matter who is President, and we will need all the getting real we can muster to face it.

    [Joseph, I'm not suffering. I am not even (as the NY Times suggests) "embittered." I'm actually taking a very philosophical view of the thing. I think (and I have written several times) that what we think of as "the best thing" may not be what God has in mind for us, in the long run. So if what "I" perceive to be "the worst" happens, I won't be "suffering." And I am no passionate Republican, either, so whether the GOP - as an organization - sinks or swims is not terribly important to me. What matters to me - and you've been reading me long enough to KNOW this - is that we have a free press, which we clearly no longer do, and that things are, if not fully fair and square, at least as above-board as it can be. You want to say, "if Obama wins it won't be because of ACORN," well...we don't know that, do we? Things will be what they will be, and we will learn what we must and grow as we must from it. As I said just last week, we've been spoiled for a long time. Yesterday I got my haircut and listened to women spending hundreds of dollars on overprocessing their hair complain about how we're in a depression. There is a cognitive disconnect, and it may take something very drastic to get everyone attentive and on the same page. And btw...just as an aside...when you're brief, I'm more inclined to read your whole comment. When you write something I have to go get a cup of coffee to read, I often just approve it and move on! Which you should like. That I "move on" I mean! :-) - admin]

  • newton

    Thank you so much for your advice, Woman. I must confess that I’ve been so angry lately because of the perception that McCain does not want to fight. But I also know that Sarah is the one doing the fighting.

    The best assets McCain has in his campaign right now are the two most visible women there: Cindy and Sarah. I saw Cindy speak in defense of our troops today, and I couldn’t help but say, “You go girl! Preach it!”

    I’m so sick of Republicans being the Left’s and the Media’s favorite punching bag! I want for them to use their collective guts, give them the defiant look, and say in unison, “I’m NOT your punching bag! And I WILL show you!” I want for Republicans to fight fire with fire. Don’t be afraid of being called names! Turn their words against them! If they have to throw some rules out the window in order to fight back, then do it! The purpose is to leave the enemy so bloodied and so down that they don’t dare fight you back. Unfortunately, we are the ones bloodied and down. It’s time to fight, to take a stand! Or to die fighting, if we must!

    A few days ago, I rose from my bed in the morning with this thought: Is it probable that McCain can win this thing? To be honest, no. I don’t think he can win this thing. But I’m voting for him nonetheless. I must take a stand!

    [Newt - It's all well and good to be passionate...but if you're too angry too often while you're pregnant, you're going to give birth to a redhead and then God help you! (This, according to my Auntie Lillie). And I wouldn't want little Mariana Elizabeth to be redhead. Unless you like redheads, in which case okay, but NO FRECKLES. You cannot have a ginger and name her Mariana! ;-)

    Ummm...unless you're not going to name her Mariana Elizabeth. But I think you should! Heh. - admin]

  • pbuchta

    You said it. I didn’t. I’m just an old FDR democrat who looks over both sides of the fence.

    [No, sir. YOU said it. - admin]

  • Joseph

    We certainly do not have an objective press, but we certainly do have a free one. Spend a little time looking for real news published in Egypt or Iran and the difference will be perfectly plain.

    But I challenge you to tell me why the press is suddenly so much more powerful or less objective in 2008 than they were in 2000, 2002, or 2004, when the elections were won by Republicans. I can’t see any good reason for them to be so. If that’s the case, did press bias elect George Bush and two Republican Congresses?

    In 2004, 122+ million people voted nationally, 5.6+ million people voted in Ohio. We were the single swing state that realistically could have changed the result from Bush to Kerry. The Bush victory margin was 118,000+ or 2.11%. The late lamented Yankee Stadium seated 57,000. Fill up Yankee Stadium twice with fraudulent voters, and you still wouldn’t have enough to change that election result.

    I don’t know that ACORN is incapable of fielding 120,000 fraudulent voters in Ohio, but I see no reason to believe that they can. All you have to do is think about what it would really take in terms of time, money, and effort to get 120,000 people to do anything, and you can see immediately that the scale of a Presidential election dwarfs any imaginable conspiracy to field illegal voters.

    No, McCain and his people consistently undercut their own campaign from the day he clinched the nomination forward. That’s basically why matters stand where they stand now.

    [I don't disagree with you that McCain has run a terrible, error-prone campaign. But the press, which was un-objective in 2004 has moved far beyond where there were in 2008. They've moved from at least pretending to out and out advocacy. When they basically told Hillary Clinton, "this is over, you go sit down over there" even as she was winning the bigger states, not the caucuses, they were no longer free. There is a huge, huge difference in the press this year from 2000 and 2004. I have friends working in the mainstream media - long time veterans - who are getting the hell out of it because the press is no longer free, no longer honest. It's not an exaggeration or paranoia or some romantic notion. It is a fact. And I know you know it. I'm going to bed. My son is sick and is makes me anxious as only a mother can be anxious. - admin]

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  • http://none Darrell

    Kerry and Gore were ahead in the polls in early October, as well.

    October 07, 2004

    A new Associated Press poll finds that Kerry leads President Bush by 4%.

    Likely Voters
    Bush 46%
    Kerry 50%

    The poll was taken October 4-6 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3 percent.


    Gore surges into 10-point poll lead as Republican campaign falters” Princeton Survey Research Associates for Newsweek magazine.

    “The Gallup poll gave Al Gore a two-point lead on Oct. 2, the night before the first presidential debate. The next night Mr. Gore jumped to an eight-point lead, even though the bulk of that evening’s interviews were conducted before the debate was over. By Oct. 4 the Gore lead had grown to 11 points.”


    Or even after the fact like Rolling Stone’s–
    “I. The Exit Polls
    The first indication that something was gravely amiss on November 2nd, 2004, was the inexplicable discrepancies between exit polls and actual vote counts. Polls in thirty states weren’t just off the mark — they deviated to an extent that cannot be accounted for by their margin of error. In all but four states, the discrepancy favored President Bush.(16)

    Over the past decades, exit polling has evolved into an exact science. ”

    Yeah, an exact science. Like AGW. Why do we even bother to hold elections? Obama, hear our cries and spare us the cost of the election! Just move in NOW! Ascend!

    “The Great Obama Stock Market Correction of 2008″ shows us the world doesn’t want their money subject to redistribution–even the socialists among them. They’ll have to find another safe haven. One without a socialist at the helm.

  • rcareaga

    Regarding the authorship question, at least one novelist with several books to his credit and a distinguished conservative pedigree appears to have come down on the other side of the ghostwriter question:

    I’ve read Obama’s books, and they are first-rate. He is that rara avis, the politician who writes his own books. Imagine. He is also a lefty. I am not.

    In the course of the same article, the novelist endorses the O-guy. he adds that he has chosen a different-than expected venue because

    …My colleague, the superb and very dishy Kathleen Parker, recently wrote in National Review Online a column stating what John Cleese as Basil Fawlty would call “the bleeding obvious”: namely, that Sarah Palin is an embarrassment, and a dangerous one at that. She’s not exactly alone. New York Times columnist David Brooks, who began his career at NR, just called Governor Palin “a cancer on the Republican Party.”

    As for Kathleen, she has to date received 12,000 (quite literally) foam-at-the-mouth hate-emails. One correspondent, if that’s quite the right word, suggested that Kathleen’s mother should have aborted her and tossed the fetus into a Dumpster. There’s Socratic dialogue for you. Dear Pup once said to me sighfully after a right-winger who fancied himself a WFB protégé had said something transcendently and provocatively cretinous, “You know, I’ve spent my entire life time separating the Right from the kooks.” Well, the dear man did his best. At any rate, I don’t have the kidney at the moment for 12,000 emails saying how good it is he’s no longer alive to see his Judas of a son endorse for the presidency a covert Muslim who pals around with the Weather Underground. So, you’re reading it here first.

    I quote this latter paragraph not to demonstrate that McCain supporters are violent jerks, but rather that jerks of the right and left are overrepresented in our discourse, and that to attempt to tar one campaign or the other with the actions or statements of its most egregious partisans is a mug’s game. I note that, to his vast credit if perhaps a tad tardily, the GOP candidate has attempted today to dial back some of the heat-of-the-moment stuff we’ve been hearing from his recent crowds. I suspect that he has begun to think about how he wants to be remembered — for choice as the 44th president, of course, but I begin to sense the outlines of a Plan B.

  • nohype

    I do not know why, but the contention about Obama’s book reminded me of a claim a few years ago concerning The Deputy.

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  • amcalabrese

    There was too much against tne GOP this year. John McCain was probably the person who could have pulled it off, and he tried, and he will jkeep it relatively close, but there is toomuch against him. With the market melt down this week, I cannot see him coming back.

    I do agree with you though that Obama seems like he was not expecting to get nominated this time.

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