Morning stress test

Sorry so quiet. This post was supposed to show up at 7AM, but I screwed up the publication time.

Would appreciate any prayers in our direction. DH went for his stress test today (I tagged along, of course) and the doctor’s initial impression was very positive. DH brought himself up to a 99% level with no pain and the doctor said, “from what I can see, all good,” but he said we’d have the full report tomorrow. So…we’ll know more tomorrow, but for now we’re feeling a lot more relaxed around here.

Except, it seems I also have to have a kidney stone blasted and oh, yeah, we found a lump on my back, too, which will take a few weeks just to get looked at.

None of these things are terribly worrisome on their own – yet – and I try not to get fretful until I know there’s things worth fretting about, but there is a part of me that’s feeling just a tad “as the world turns-ish…” or would that be “as the stomach turns…”

Thanks, all, for prayers. I’ll now go try to conquer the email!

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  • RandomThoughts

    Very glad to hear that your husband’s stress test went well. Am praying for your overall health too. Stress surely does take a toll.

  • terip

    I tend to be a worrier too, but it really doesn’t help. Prayers going out for you and your husband. You’ll both be fine, I’m sure.

  • Gayle Miller

    God bless my cherished friend.

    If you haven’t seen Dennis Miller’s segment on O’Reilly Factor last night, and despite my steadily percolating fury at O’Reilly for being the south end of a north facing horse, this was Dennis Miller at his best. I seldom laugh out loud but when I caught this today, that’s precisely what I did!

    Go here to see it.

    Hugs to you, your hubby and your two beautiful sons!

  • stephanie

    I am glad that your husband’s stress test went well, and hope all your health concerns will be resolved expediently as well.
    Take care!

  • s1c

    Prayers are indeed with you. Just slightly over a year ago, I also had to go through the stress test scenario after a trip to the ER following so I am pretty sure I know what your husband is going through. Be strong, don’t let this add to your stress and tell the husband to also be of positive mind. 99% is always a good indication.

  • Aunty Franny

    You and your hubby got about 100 rosaries today at a lovely parish here at 845am PST. We’ve had many a miracle out of this parish!

    Ordered my Mystic Monk coffee! Woohoo! Now that the election is past, and the fast is over, I’m allowed to have it! mmmmhmmmm! Can’t wait!


  • Maggie45

    Just getting ready to say Vespers. You and your family will definitely be mentioned in Personal Intentions.

    Gayle, you are so funny! Thanks for the Dennis Miller link. Hilarious.

  • saveliberty

    You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  • ViolaJ.

    Anchoress, I am sorry to hear that these health challenges continue to be such a pest. I will also keep you close to my heart and in my prayers. Best to you and your husband.