From Email: Fairness, Life, Secrecy, Caroline

Not too much hate-mail, lately, which is a nice change. Someone from the left actually wrote that she appreciated how “fair” I was to Michelle Obama on her clothes.

Well, thank you, I try to be fair. No one can be, all the time, but I would hope that that correspondent has been at least as “fair” to Bush once in a while in the past few years. What am I saying, I’m sure she has been! :-)

THANKING YOU for your prayers: This military family writes to tell me that Beloved is finally home, and doing well, with physical therapy to loosen up the muscles that have atrophied in recovery. His situation had been very grave. The family specifically thanked all of you for your prayers. Prayer works.

What if the Iraq war had never happened?

In another email I learned that no everyone on the left loves Obama. He still has some work to do with the women. Naming Hillary as SecState didn’t do it.

Who is this guy, Obama, anyway? It’s a question the incurious press did not pursue, back when they should have. The same people who said they “didn’t ask enough questions” about Bush’s move to war, seem to have not asked enough questions again.

Some argument about whether or not Barack Obama served the culture of Death on his first day in office. Yes, of course he did, but it got barely a mention. Buried deep in the news reports.

I suspect that’s because if people actually realized that one of his urgent priorities was to spend taxpayer money we don’t have on overseas funding of abortions, some people might not think that was so perfect, magical and holy, after all.

Ed Morrissey reminds us today is the 36th anniversary of Roe v. Wade – the pro-lifers are marching on Washington D.C.

Since we always saw lots of coverage of anti-war marches on DC, even when only a couple thousand people showed up, I’m sure there will be wall-to-wall coverage, with pictures, on all the major news outlets, as a march that usually gathers between 50-75,000, sometimes more, takes place. You can google it, and hit the “news” button to see the nationwide coverage by the MSM. You’ll probably see at least one of those far-perspectives photographs showing the crowds walking down the mall…anytime, now…anytime….

Vanderleun has some personal and moving thoughts and memories on abortion.

That Photoessay of Bush: Ann Althouse expands on my wonderings of what a photographer -surprised by the Bush “Cult of Personality” – would think of the Obama-worship. As usual, she is extremely insightful:

There are hugely important differences. Bush fought his way into office as a normal politician, a decent guy, not any sort of hero or god. Then, he was the man who happened to be President when dramatic events events occurred, and the people looked to him to do what was needed. Any glorification of him was a consequence of those events and not through a conscious campaign to inspire a cult of personality…

By contrast, the entire plan to bring Obama into office depended on the glorification of the man, whose actual experience was so bizarrely limited that it took some nerve to claim to be ready. Magic was required. The cult grew up not as he held power and needed to respond to a crisis. The cult was the campaign to bring him into power. It depended on our projecting all sorts of hopes and dreams onto him, and he knew it.

Althouse adds that she hopes now “the trickery is over.”

Gay Patriot:
has thoughts in the same vein in an excellent piece.

Crack Emcee’s playlist: Some of us have suggested that any one of a dozen rappers could have read a better “Inaugural Poem” than Elisabeth Alexander’s vapid offering. Amba suggested (at Althouse again) that commenter Crack Emcee’s playlist be given a listen. Only at Althouse. Go over, scroll down, I guarantee you’ll enjoy.

Bizzy Blog: Says press is virtually ignoring real problems with Geithner’s tax lapses. Well…does that surprise anyone?

Homeland Security: Someone sent me a link to the White House page with the note “meet the old boss, just like the new boss.” Well, with at least one significant difference I can see right off the bat: His first official call as president was made to Mahmoud Abbas, not to Ehud Olmert.

A small difference, packed with large meaning. We’ll see how it plays out. Perhaps Obama’s exposure to Islam in his boyhood will give him an antennae of understanding as regards these folks that our Western presidents have thus far lacked. Perhaps all this time, the Arab world has simply had a really old-fashioned macho notion that they should be called “first” and that’s all it takes.

Caroline Kennedy: As many suspected, she had issues. Lots of issues. What is it with Dems and Taxes? They love to raise them for us, but don’t want to pay their own!

Says Kate the Great:

And to think that Caroline Kennedy was in line for a mere Senate seat when she had the qualifications to be Treasury Secretary.

Althouse: How can royalty have such a mundane failing?

Gov. Paterson will likely name Mario Cuomo’s son, Andrew to the Senate seat – man, it helps to be born into the right family, be it Kennedy’s, Biden’s, Cuomo’s, Bush’s or Clinton’s (c’mon, you know Chelsea is prepping…). I would love to see him name Rep. Peter King to the seat because King is a good man, a solid legislator, not an ideologue and because it would be nice if NY had representation from both parties. But that won’t happen.

Actually the person who should have that seat is Rep. Nita Lowey, a long-time NY Public servant, a Democrat, who was all ready to run for Moynihan’s seat in 2000, until Hillary decided it was going to be hers. Lowey would have won, handily; she’s very well respected, and yes, a good legislator. She had to graciously stand down for Hillary, and she never bad-mouthed anyone about it. I think SHE should be the next senator.

Yes, I support another Democrat for Hillary’s senate seat. Lowey would be a good senator and she deserves it; she’s been a trooper.

There. Am I not fair? Are you not entertained?

Will there be a worldwide Obama baby-boom? I have no doubt.

Unreal expectations?: Yes. But yes, he fostered them. And hell, if he can pull them off, well, there you go. I do think, however, that different people have different ideas of what constitutes “success.”

Obama’s speech: Gets a going-over by Marc Ambinder

That flubbed Oath: The mental processes that may have been involved.

Oh, Spare me this headline. Yeah, the guy who never released his medical records or his college transcripts, he’s lifting veils of secrecy.

Oscar Nominations: Boooorinnnng!. I love Kate Winslet, but care not about these silly awards. No nominations for Dark Knight? Pheh. I do like Robert Downey, Jr. But no, I won’t be watching beyond the red carpet. C’mon, you gotta love the dresses! An old piece on the bitter truth of the Oscars.

A website launched to Thank W. And a Veteran makes a nice video

And thank YOU: When I posted this piece I really was just trying to answer about the Amazon Honor System and wasn’t rattling the cup…but some of you have graciously pressed the Paypal donation button and I thank you (personal thanks on the way). You really DO help keep the site going, and in truth – with Buster just calling me up warning that he had to buy $300.00 worth of books for this semester, because the school changed some texts – you are actually helping to keep Buster in school! :-)

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