The Value of a Tweet – UPDATES!

Okay, so I tweeted my first twitter.

It looked like this: So, here we go, I have tweeted my first twitter.

It looked like this: is how Obama votes “present” on prosecuting Bushies for keeping us safe (per Friedman )

What that means in real lingo is: in this piece Kim Priestap, expresses shock and outrage that President Obama may decide to co-operate with Spain in prosecuting Bush Administration officials who, even Tom Friedman admits kept us safe, and were probably right to take the war to Iraq, and fight it there.

Condensed. Why do I feel naughty?

I can immediately see where twitter can be both good and evil. A tool that frees you up from having to write a whole post when you want to make a pithy observation, but creates the danger of having people mistake pithy observations for intelligence, wisdom or real understanding.

And yet, seems I will be twittering. But not to excess. I’m already too distracted. But anyhow, I’m on Twitter, thanks to Kim who insisted that I leave my terrified fetal position and give it a try.

We’ll see how it works out. If I am still doing it next Lent, I’ll use it to remind everyone not to eat meat on Fridays!

UPDATE I: My son urges me not to do this. He says my mind is already too distracted by small shiny things. This may not last long, because he is right.

UPDATE II: I have figured it out. Twitter is going to be the preferred feed for the techno-elite as they sign off. They’ll twitter…”I’m dying, I’m dying!”

Then: “The room is getting dim! The doctor’s say there is no hope! I want a Guinness!”

Then: “Last Rites? I got Last Rites! Heh. I get to go to heaven, not like the rest of you chumps!”

Then: The heart monitor is less noisy. I will twitter in time to it, and u can tell when I die!

Then: I bet I can die in under 140 characters!

Then: Tweet….Tweet….Tweet….Twee…Twet…Twe…..Tw….T.. .

And I’m sure somewhere there will be some twitter savant who can Twitter while he’s being defibrillated. But let’s not go there, tonight.

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  • Jeanette

    Kim got me to sign up for Twitter too, but I find I don’t have the time or the inclination to sit at the computer all day tweeting people I don’t know.

    Somehow I find myself less and less on the computer and more and more into my Kindle books or watching documentaries. I’m tired of the news. All of it.

    BTW, can we still go to Amazon from your site and give you the credit for things we buy?

    [Yes, the Amazon thingy still works, thanks! -admin]

  • ultraguy

    LOL on the Twitter stuff. I’m staying far, far away. My death will be blogged, thank you very much. It’s more traditional. ;-)

    Re. prosecuting Bushies, why not have a go at Johnson administration officials while we’re at it? It would take out a few irritating old-sage voices in the media, like Bill Moyers. I’m sure we could find some prosecutors in Ho Chi Minh City who’d happily oblige.

    And wasn’t it Jimmy Carter who botched the whole Iran thing, more or less? I’ll bet we could find some prosecutors in Israel who’d have a go at him for where all that has led. Why not cooperate with them too?

  • Gayle Miller

    I steadfastly refuse to do Twitter. I’m on Facebook but tend to ignore it entirely. Blogging daily is the most technical thing I am able to do. I’m old – how many 67 year olds still blog?

  • lsusportsfan

    I agree with your son. O am hoping tweeting goes away. :)

  • tim maguire

    Obama may cooperate in the prosecution? So the descent of the US into banana republic status continues apace.

    I signed up for Twitter. Twitted once. Never again. The only thing more absurd than tweeting is reading someone else’s tweets (and saying “tweet”). Beyond its value as an organizational, business and meeting, tool, I can’t imagine what anyone sees in it.

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  • s1c

    Am sorry, but everytime I hear or read someone talking about tweeting my brain says “I tawt I saw a putty cat” and I imagine a yellow bird in a nest.

    As for the Bush trials, just remember I said way back when, this would be used as a distraction, when his policies started falling flat (boy I sure am glad we loaned all that money to Chrysler).

  • Mimsy

    Twead what you wote…it’s cwazy!

  • Gina

    I looked at the Twitter sight and ran out before I was through the portal. What a silly cacophony. I really don’t get it, and I suspect this is one of those fads that will simply pass me by.

  • Gina

    Ergh… site, not “sight.”