Vespers: "Once there was no mercy for you…"

“You have led me forth from my prison, that I may give praise to your name, alleluia.”
Second Antiphon for First Vespers in the 5th Sunday of Easter

A shorter evening prayer, for a day when the head feels like it is spinning a bit:

Antiphon 1: Like the evening offering my hands rise up in prayer to you, O Lord, alleluia

I have called to you, Lord, hasten to help me!
Hear my voice when I cry to you
Let my prayer arise before you like incense,
the raising of my hands like an evening oblation.

Set, O Lord, a guard over my mouth;
keep watch at the door of my lips!
Do not turn my heart to things that are wrong,
to evil deeds with men who are sinners.

To you, Lord God, my eyes are turned:
in you I take refuge, spare my soul!
From the trap they have laid for me keep me safe:
keep me from the snares of those who do evil.
— Psalm 141

Glory to the father…
Antiphon 2: You have led me forth from my prison, that I may give praise to your name, alleluia.

With all my voice I cry to the Lord,
With all my voice I entreat the Lord.
I pour out my troubles before him;
I tell him all my distress
while my spirit faints within me.
But you, O Lord, know my path.

On the way where I shall walk
they have hidden a snare to entrap me.
Look on my right and see:
there isnot one who takes my part.
I have no means of escape,
not one who cares for my soul.

I cry to you, O Lord.
I have said: You are my refuge,
all I have left in the land of the living,”
Listen then to my cry,
for I am in the depths of distress.

Rescue me from those who pursue me
for they are stronger than I.
Bring my soul out of this prison
and then I shall praise your name.
Around me the just will assemble
because of your goodness to me.
–Psalm 142

Reading: You are “a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people he claims for his own to proclaim the glorious works” of the One who called you from darkness into his marvelous light. Once, you were no people, btu now you are God’s people; once there was no mercy for you, but now you have found mercy.
— 1 Peter 2:9-10

The disciples rejoiced, alleluia, alleluia, when the saw the risen Lord, alleluia!


Intercessions: Christ is our life and resurrection. Let us cry out to him in faith:
Son of the living God, protect your people.
– For your church, the body of Christ
– For the sick and the sorrowful
– For those in bondage and exile
– For those who have requested prayer of each other this day
– (add your own intentions – and please whisper one up for me, if you will)

Our Father…

Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,
you have revealed to the nations your saving power
and filled all ages with the words of a new song.
Hear the echo of this hymn.
Give us voice to sing your praise
throughout this season of joy.

We ask this through Christ our Lord.

My the Lord bless us, protect us from all evil and bring us to everlasting life. Amen.

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