Happy students writing research papers

H/T to reader Dick, here is a great post (with pictures) by Pioneer Woman on how to teach students to write research papers.

Now, as a mother I am tuned in enough to my 3rd grader to know she was not going to be as excited as I was about writing her first ever research paper. My oldest? She’d write a research paper for the fun of it, but personalities differ and Meredith rolled her eyes, moaned and asked, “How long will this take?”

For a brief moment my heart sank, but since I held enough excitement for the both of us, it quickly rocketed back up when it came time to begin.

“It’ll take as long as it takes.” I told her.

You gotta know she loved that one; such a “mother” answer.

It’s hard on home-schooled students when mom is a nerd who loves the smell of paper and pencil rinds.

You’ll enjoy. And marvel, too.

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