In 5, 4, 3..

Just a quick heads up if you’re in the area of Louisville, Kentucky, I’m scheduled to do an hour (! a whole hour – stupid of me to say yes) on a program called “The Mike Janocik Show” WLCR AM 1040 out of Louisville. He is, I believe, an EWTN affiliate.

The booking came from the Bonhoeffer piece from a few weeks ago.

I’ll try to maintain some decorum. We’ll also be talking pro-life issues, and Third Order Religious Vocations, which people seem to know nothing about.

Please pray for me!

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  • Karen

    When will you be there? I will be there next Wed thru Fri. Would love to listen in or watch if possible.

  • Richard

    I just called the station and they said they would have it up on the website later. “Stupid to say yes,” indeed! Story of my life.

  • Andrew

    (My first comment here after who knows how long as a reader!) Were you on this afternoon? For those interested, the station’s schedule ( shows that the show in question is Thursdays from 5-6 but an encore broadcast is Fridays from 1-2. They even have an online listening option!

  • Andrew

    P.S. that’s Eastern time zone.

  • Sarah Kuvasz

    When and where? I live only 45 miles from Louisville.

  • Mimsy

    It’s sweet that you turned off the comments in the above post, but obviously you can’t shut out all the comments! Why do you say that people don’t know you? True, most of us don’t personally know you, but we know you personally. You share your soul and heart and mind here. We are grateful and blessed. Thanks!

  • Chris C

    Here in ‘Louval’; I missed the show, but hope it went well. I began reading with your transition to FT; I don’t get to read you too often b/c of too much other reading, but am impressed. I’ll forward your work to my mother, who is just learning the wonderful online world of Catholicism. She will enjoy the overarching theme of prayer in the midst of her seemingly daily Calvary’s.