As Feast of Sacred Heart Closes…

Let me direct your attention to a really excellent piece. Read it, you’ll so like.

Also, Interview with a Consecrated Virgin over at Deacon Greg’s.

We’re big fans of classic films in this house and this is a great, fun piece.

John Cardinal O’ Connor;
Ten years after this champion for life suggested it, the US Bishops have approved his suggested Mass for Life. Cool.

Those Medieval Monks could draw!

As Spock would say: fascinating.

David Ignatius: What’s going on in Iran is for real

See now, this is a bummer. And the whole weekend ahead feels like ugh.

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  • R. N. Wightman+

    If you haven’t seen it, you NEED to: “People Will Talk” with Cary Grant and Jean Crain (1951). A story of redemption for all those who will not refuse it, INCLUDING “rising from the dead”! Even “Baalzebub” is redeemed! And a glorious rendition of “Gaudeamus igitur” as the closing scene. I showed it (black & white) to my high school Seniors and they loved it. They also loved “The Philadelphia Story,” so you KNOW they’ve got something on the ball. Happy viewing.

  • Jim Hicks

    I normally pray my Daily Office using the Anglican Breviary (based on the Roman Breviary). In past years I have actually avoided the Feast of the Sacred Heart, skipping to the Ordinary Calendar with the LOTH. My problem? As a former Anglican, I had a problem with a Feast for body parts!

    I was nagged by something inside me to actually observe the Feast this year. What a surprise! Reading what the Feast is all about opened my eyes to why the Feast is important and why we need to learn what theChurch teaches us with this Feast.

    Thank you for all you have provided here for the Feast and especially the Litany.

    Jim Hicks

    [Must be honest, I was "nagged" into this devotion this year, myself. The Sacred Heart has only recently begun to open its mysteries up to me...but the treasures have been vast. - admin]

  • Brigette

    Love this!

    I remember when my nieces became teenagers and forgot all about their favorite Auntie. If and when my children do it, I think it’ll kill me.

  • brooklyn

    “Auntie: Keep it up, kid, you’ll never live to see it.”


    so cute.