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Some readers may have noticed the sky-blue box in the righthand sidebar (just above the Amazon search box) and are wondering what that’s about.

In my ongoing effort to pay down the student loans/tuitions and keep the blog going, I’ve become an associate for Aquinas and More, a terrific online Catholic shop (Books, rosaries, DVD’s, Icons, etc) from whom I have ordered things for years, always with pleasing results. In fact, I recently purchased this votive candle holder (and these candles) for my makeshift Oratory (which is fast-becoming my second-favorite place to pray, the first being before the Blessed Sacrament, of course).

In the past, I have ordered this gorgeous Icon, and even scouting stuff. And of course, books, books, books. I found the indispensable Magnificat Magazine (which I have used as a resource, cribbed from [with attribution] and otherwise praised over the years) at Aquinas.

I know I have a lot of non-Catholic readers, here, so I hope you don’t feel excluded by the association. Of course, if you happen to need a gift for a Catholic wedding or something, it might be a useful resource for you, too!

As ever, when you purchase from Amazon, or the Monks and now Aquinas, you will generate a kickback that helps keep me writing (instead of you know, being a less-than-stellar office-manager, once again).

I continue my policy of of donating 25%-30%
of all monies realized through these sales to various charities. This month, I (I should say “we,” since you guys help with your purchases) donated to the Little Sisters of the Poor, who love and provide for the elderly-in-need throughout the world, at no cost. They’re hoping to get some of their novices and residents to Rome in October, to witness the canonization of their foundress.

Also, a donation went to Food For the Poor, which is an outstanding organization doing great things in Haiti, the Caribbean and Latin America, helping provide food, education and housing for people living in appalling poverty. (And you can check out their gift catalogue, too!) I’ve written before about them before, but not enough.

Also in the righthand sidebar, this week, Friend Shana is showing her latest designs at her Zazzle store, and urging everyone to turn in their “clunkers”. Shana is a home-schooling mom of 8 who just wrote that the chicks she has been raising these past 18 weeks have laid their first eggs! She named one of them after me. One of the chickens, I mean, not the eggs. Self-sufficient American Genius, that’s Shana. I like giving some exposure to the home-based businesses of home-schoolers, when I can.

As ever, thanks for your support of the site. I really do remember all of youse in my prayers (as my Auntie Lillie would say), every day.

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  • Piano Girl

    Thanks for the great links! While I’m not Catholic, I do order a lot of products from the various places that advertise on your blog…the recipients LOVE what they receive, and I’m helping the monks or nuns who do some really good work. Plus, it helps to support this blog, which is most necessary for my sanity & my spiritual self.

  • http://templeofmut.wordpress.com/ Mutnodjmet

    I will be shopping at that site, then, for a rosary and other essentials as I continue RCIA classes. Thanks for the heads-up for your new capitalistic effort!

  • JuliB

    As an alternative to abstaining from meat on a recent Friday, I sent a small donation to the Little Sisters of the Poor. I rec’d the acknowledgment today – they said they were grateful to have you as a friend!

    [Really? How COOL! How cool of you and on them! Thanks for telling me! -admin]

  • Rebekah

    Aquinas and More is AWESOME! Aside from having a great line of merchandise and excellent customer service, they also don’t sell anything made from China, because of the country’s gross human rights violations and persecution of Christians.

  • Kristin

    I also recommend Aquinas and More — check out their “Good Faith Guarantee”!

  • Joe

    “I continue my policy of of donating 25%-30% of all monies realized through these sales to various charities. ” STOP. None of this needed sharing in these terms. Keep your good deeds to yourself. I do not disbelieve them. But I do not need to know about them.

    [I feel funny sharing it, too, but I also feel like folks need to know just how appreciated and useful their purchases are. THis has been a long-standing policy of mine, and there is no reason not to tell folks that their purchases help lots of causes. -admin]