You really can get anything at Amazon!

While looking at my Amazon reports this morning, I note that someone bought this, and thought, “wow, you really can get everything at Amazon!” Then I whispered up a prayer for your intention, whoever you are!

I love to check out the Amazon reports, because people order things I would never have known exists. Like these adorable little bowls and this egg poacher. My egg poacher first belonged to my birth mother. It’s about 60 years old and beaten up, and two of the little poachy cups are lost, so I use the one remaining to mold disposable poaching cups out of tin foil. But it’s a pain in the neck to do that, so we don’t eat many poached eggs, which is a shame, because they’re good for you.

One year, someone ordered two of these at Christmastime, and I liked it so much I picked it up for a niece who still uses it. Although I seem to remember the thing being much cheaper, back then.

So, I note two of you have picked up Breviaries, for praying the Liturgy of the Hours! Good for you! I need to get back to podcasting.

Now, what is this thing? I thought it was a passport-holder (and I liked it because it’s red, and as you know, everything good in Lizzie’s life is red), but it says it has a hard-drive, so -being technodumb- I am clueless.

And this netbook with 8 hours of battery life. 8 hours? Really? It’s cute! How much cuter would it be in red?

This flippy camcorder thing looks good, does anyone know about it? I’m thinking it’s the sort of thing you’d want at a tea party! Heh.

It’s clear that after trying her incredible and easy recipes, several of us have the same idea about Ree Drummond’s cookbook. That’s going to be a Christmas present from me to many, this year.

Also, those of you who wondered about our friend Dick Meyer’s book, Why We Hate Us, but were waiting for the paperback, well…here it comes!

Well, I just wanted to thank y’all again for using this site to portal through to Amazon (and to Aquinas and More (best place to get Magnificat, among other things) and -naturally- the Mystic Monks) the kickbacks generated through your purchases help keep the site going, and Buster in college (say a prayer for him; he has a lot going on!).

And thank you, also, for buying your soaps, lotions and incredible lip balm from the Summit Nuns, whose kickbacks come in the form of prayers, and more prayers, which we all can use! :-)

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  • Myssi

    “This thing” is an external hard drive. My IT minded & employed hubby carries one to client sites with all the software required to install and/or rescue their servers. Actually, I think that install and rescue may be on two different drives, but I could be wrong.

    Now some of those other things, and some books I’m wanting, I think I may order to start my Christmas shopping. :-)

  • Paul Butzi

    That red thing is an external hard disk with a USB interface, powered by the USB cable. You don’t need a wall wart to power it. I have that exact item, which I use as the backup disk for my laptop. Very handy. And very red. Red is very nearly as good as gray.

    [So, you're saying this is a good thing to have? Is it like having a memory stick? -admin]

  • Sue from Buffalo

    I have a flip camera and I think you can get it cheaper if you like it in white. (don’t ask me why). it works wonderfully. I paid a lot less for it and I think you can still get the white one for a little more than $70. Thirty minutes of video. You can download it to your computer. It only magnifies up to 2x. It’s not fancy but it’s handy and fits in your pocket.

  • Gayle Miller

    I’m preparing for upcoming surgery and the changes it will make in my life – one of which is that I will not be able to stand the taste of cream in my coffee. Ergo – I ordered the chocolate raspberry coffee to solve that problem.
    As to making poached eggs – E. just put about 2 tablespoons of white vinegar in gently simmering water and they’ll poach just dandy without a poacher of any kind.

    [What? Just throw the eggs in the water? And they won't taste vinegary? -admin]

  • Gayle Miller

    Anything RED is better, E. Take that from a redhead who knows!

  • Karen

    You can boil water in a frying pan (I don’t use vinegar) and poach an egg by just using a spatula to splash the hot water over the egg until it forms a white over the yolk. I bring the water to a full boil then crack the egg into the water, then just lap water over the egg until the whites are cooked and the yolk is covered with a white film. I like mine runny, so it only takes a couple of minutes. Turn the heat off to stop the boiling. The hard part is getting them out of the pan with a slotted spatula or slotted spoon so it’ll drain without breaking them. Put it on a piece of toast, mash it up with a fork, and yum!

  • Joe

    Is that a good price for a fertility monitor? Although if you are having problems getting pregnant, it is probably cheap compared to other treatments.

  • Joe

    I agree with Gayle, although I just go soft boiled myself. I prefer home grown eggs (there is simply no comparison to store eggs), but you have to let them sit in the fridge at least a week or they are difficult to peel.

  • Calvin

    I’ve got one of those poachers and they work great.
    I still have, yet to convince the kids as to how great they are, but I use it often.

  • Joe

    It may not be kosher, but can you throw eggs to poach in chicken stock? I use chicken stock to boil linguine for aglio olio and it is outstanding.

    Actually come to think of it, that may be kosher, because I know matzoh ball soup is kosher (which is just chicken stock and raw egg/matzoh dumplings). On those Leviticus banned pairings (milk and meat), eggs are considered the always permitted cross over.

  • Piano Girl

    I can assure you that I was not the person who ordered the fertility monitor! However, I did order the little bowls, as well as the two scoops and the larger bowls as a housewarming gift for my daughter’s best friend who has just moved into her new home. I’m always happy to be able to do my shopping on via your website ~ it’s a win-win for both of us!

    BTW, I made the monkey bread yesterday ~ I don’t think I like you anymore!!! :~)

    [That monkey bread is dreadfully good, isn't it? -admin]

  • Kris, in New England

    The external drive is much better than a memory stick; storage size is so much bigger. And…

    it’s red. :-)

  • JuliB

    I have an external drive for back up. Please be aware that not all laptops or PCs will be able to power the drive. I found that out the hard way and had to buy another cord that had 2 USB connectors. That should have solved the problem, but it didn’t.

    Once I upgraded my laptop (and eventually my PC), the original cord worked fine.

    I HIGHLY recommend these. I followed the example of several of my colleagues and skipped the back up software. Instead, I copy over the main folders that I use frequently. It is BLAZINGLY fast. I then make new folders with the date and periodically copy the folders/files from my laptop/PC.

    I’m not sure why it didn’t work with my older machines. I don’t think it is connected to age, but rather the power of one’s machine(s). I knew others that had older machines who would power it.

    I’m a consultant and think these are the best!

  • Gayle Miller

    That idea of poaching eggs in chicken stock is
    Bloody brilliant! And no E, the eggs don’t taste like vinegar.

    Ever think about how many uses there are for white vinegar? Takes stains out of carpets and drapes, use in cooking (not just poaching eggs) and so forth!

  • kimsch

    I have both the little bowls and the egg poacher! I use the little bowls for food prep and for condiment serving (ranch dressing for veggies, steak sauce, etc.) The clear glass lid from the egg poaching pan fits beautifully on my 8 inch fry pan and does basted eggs as well that way. I love both those items!

  • Sue from Buffalo

    Anchoress, I love to see what people buy on Amazon. Do you have anymore?

  • Myssi

    Yes, Elizabeth, this is DEFINITELY something you should have. All of my family photos – including a few scanned ones from the late 1800′s and early 1900′s – are on an external drive. So are scanned copies of my insurance policies, etc. House on fire? Grab the disk after I get the kids out the door. Threat of flood? Grab the disk. Virus ate your pc? Everything important is on the disk.

  • cathyf

    I HIGHLY recommend these. I followed the example of several of my colleagues and skipped the back up software. Instead, I copy over the main folders that I use frequently. It is BLAZINGLY fast. I then make new folders with the date and periodically copy the folders/files from my laptop/PC.

    Of course if you have a mac, it uses TimeMachine to do a sophisticated backup and you don’t have to worry about what to back up. Just plug the disk in every couple of days, and you always have a current backup. And, heaven forbid, if something bad DOES happen to your computer, it is a complete no-brainer to get the backup installed on a new mac and you are off and running.

    As for people making poached eggs in boiling water, they have my undying admiration! I always end up with most of the egg white separated from the egg in long strands. And stay away from the microwave poachers — it takes approximately one-one-thousandth of a second to go from raw egg to foam rubber in a micro. Cooking on the stove is slower, so it gives you a chance to get them off of the heat when they are done!

  • Dr. Dave

    I have used these egg poachers, (link here) and they work just fine. Four and a half to five minutes in a covered saucepan, and you have two nicely poached eggs.

    I rub mine with a drop of oil before poaching the eggs to make them release better.

  • Matthew K

    Regarding the Flip HD, LOVE ours. Easy to use, takes great looking movies in most lighting conditions. The files are huge, however. If there is a setting to shoot at a lower resolution I’ve not found it. Of course, I haven’t read the manual.