Can't believe Sally missed this…

Over at Icons and Curiosities, Sally and Jody like to showcase the different, new, oddball or kitschy. I am surprised that Sally, who regularly looks at Catholic Goods on Ebay has missed this one:

For the Little Catholic Boy who likes to play “Priest at Mass”

Ornate lot of 8 very old miniature religious church vessels in silver color pewter lead castmetal that were most probably used as toys in the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s.

2 – Church altar spike candleholders 4,2 inches high.
1 – Monstrance with gold gilding and red glass with interior holy host 4,2 inches high.
1 – Altar crucifix 4 inches high.
1 – Tray 2 inches wide.
1 – Holy wine pitcher 1 inch high.
1 – Chalice with lid and cross 2,3 inches high.
1 – Chain incense bucket 3 inches high.

It’s actually kind of a cool collectible, and an interesting find.

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