Mary Travers & Henry Gibson

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  • eronne

    Oh, god, what a tragedy. It was such a terrific folk singing group. This may be a great loss of music world. My condolences to Mary’s family, friends and fans.

  • ConcordPastor

    One of the great things about this video is the presence of John Denver, who wrote Jet Plane. This brings back many wonderful memories!

  • Jan K

    Oops. Should have waited and watched the credits at the end before posting. :-p

  • Alle

    Loved Gibson

  • http://Etheldreda'splace Supertradmom

    Went to a Peter, Paul, and Mary concert in high school. Loved them. God bless her and may her soul rest in peace. And, wasn’t Gibson in the Blues Brothers?

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  • Judy Bettinger

    Since you’re a video fan and something of a political junkie ;-) I wondered if you’d seen this excellent video from Pajamas Media. It’s called “The Power and Danger of Iconography”.

    Keep up the great work — I never miss your blog!