My FIL now hates Ree Drummond

My Mother-in-Law and my Father-in-Law are living saints. They are people who never have a bad word to say about anyone; they’re the first ones to go running to help someone in need, and usually, they’ll bring food when they do it. They’re Italian that way.

They don’t hate anyone. Dad, especially, is incapable of hating anyone. He receives everyone with gentle (and gentlemanly) good grace and acceptance. He never raises his voice. He smiles sweetly and allows a person to be who he or she is.

But now, my Father-in-Law hates Ree Drummond.

My Mother-in-Law admires good cooks. She is a splendid cook, herself, the sort of cook whose recipes you can never duplicate because everything she cooks tastes like love.

She hates Ree Drummond, too.

This is why.

They’re going to hate her even more, after this weekend, when I make this for Dad’s birthday.

Dastardly Ree has a cookbook coming out in October. Mom will not be getting a copy, or she’ll end up paying me back by cooking all this stuff for me!

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