Voting with Cousin Pookie

Obama wants Democrats to make sure they get “Cousin Pookie” off the couch and into the voting booth, tomorrow.

The president is trying out a joke, obviously. They’re unamused at Hot Air, and are innocently asking who is Cousin Pookie?

Obama is from Chicago, after all. Check the pet cemeteries.

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  • cathyf

    Hey, we’ve been talking about the Communion of Saints — what’s wrong with giving truly universal suffrage including the dearly departed? (Brings a new meaning to “absentee ballot” eh?)

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  • Gail F

    I don’t know…Democrats had better let Cousin Pookie stay on the couch… sometimes he gets all “wee-wee’d” up about things and votes Republican!

  • Mr. H

    Hoping for a clean sweep tomorrow – Hoffman, Christie, and McDonnell.

    Maybe that will give pause to the blue-dog democrats and enable us to defeat this train-wreck of a health care bill.

    I am sure most people would like to see the health care system improved. But, how can anyone support this House bill?

    The Wall Street Journal declares the bill – “The Worst Ever.” Details here:

    Mr. H

  • dymphna

    I have an Uncle Pookie who hasn’t voted since LBJ. I love Pook but it’s better that way.

  • Jeanette

    LOL funny! Two of my grandchildren call me Pookie! But I’m not dead yet and I’m certainly no friend of the Democrats! LOL