Driscoll vs NY Times & other fun things

This is really very good. Head over to Pajamas Media and take a look at Ed Driscoll laying out how hap-hap-happy the NY Times has always been to celebrate the state, and statism.

I do love to see alternative media bite the ankles of the media establishment, particularly these days, when a paper like the Washington Post can publish something as lazy, cliche-ridden and vapid as this so-called “review” call it “journalism.”

But I’m just in a cranky mood about that execrable “review” and the fact that the “reviewer” has WH press credentials and regular WaPo bylines. But really, I should be use to it; we’ve been reading “so-called” journalism from la belle pathetique for all these years, after all.

And, the NY Times does have some helpful do-ahead recipes for Thanksgiving, so that’s something.

Meanwhile, don’t miss Driscoll.

Some more interesting/fun reads:
Roger L. Simon describes this condemnation of Obamacare by the dean of Harvard Medical School as “a haymaker.”

You don’t hear a fine old cultural word like “haymaker,” anymore. Now, the big words are “unfriend and “teabagger.”

Is Obama going to fire himself? Hey, who said he doesn’t love America?

Obama has had a very chilly, nay, epic fail trip to China, where what I like to call “ObamaSpend” is even making them uncomfortable. The number of countries overwhelmed with his wonderfulness and therefore giddy with America-love continues to diminish, but given his love of the grave, historic photo-ops, I somehow doubt he’s going anywhere, voluntarily.

Michelle Obama, not “yet” beloved in China. The article, which is often unintentionally funny (and sad), assumes that if the Chinese were just exposed to Mrs. Obama, they too would be enthralled by the “rock star couple,” and share in the “fascination” with Michelle Obama.

Question: Are you “fascinated” by Michelle Obama? I think she’s a so-so dresser, she has nice kids and I liked her WH garden, but I wouldn’t say I’m “fascinated.” Are you?

An Audio Plague of Frogs? It sounds like raw chicken breasts thrown onto the ground.

Most transparent Administration evah and all their certifiably bogus numbers.

Okay, so this isn’t actually fun: the Health Care Rationing Commission. “Experts,” you know.

Jobs “Created or Saved” in Congressional Districts that don’t really exist.

Living in a big house, with a huge carbon footprint, Thomas Friedman tells why you and I should not do the same.

I do love imagining Dick Cheney quotes, though.

Another video: Makes me want to get my son on a train, not a plane for Thanksgiving.

Stupidity & Bigotry, all tied up in one Congressperson: and saying, in essence, Catholic Bishops and the rest of those believers shouldn’t have anything to say about policy, especially not when it interferes with abortion, abortion, abortion. That’s ’cause in the minds of some of these fools, when you become a believer, you should be made to give up your right to, you know, have an opinion and freely voice it.

Boy, that constitution is such a pain in the tuchas, for some.

Speaking of which, there goes privacy. Seems to me that left or right, coming or going, we have issues.

Finally, do not miss Bill Whittle’s video take-down of the upcoming “showtrial of the century” in NYC. Bring the kiddies, make popcorn, it’s a disaster film in the making.

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  • http://www.humanlife.net Dan Kennedy

    Great stuff! That’s why I subscribe to this blog on my Kindle. BTW, when is First Things (the journal) going to be available on Kindle?

    And, no, I am not fascinated with Mrs. Obama. Nor would I be fascinated to see her run for the Senate from New York someday…

  • Walt

    Notice that the spin-eo, er…video, on air traffic control, while holding up Canada’s privatized system as a success, cites no safety statistics (near-misses, controller error, etc) to support their claim. Surely, if those stats were favorable, they would have used them.

    [A point worth making over at ReasonTV, eh? -admin]

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Oh, Lord, yes, I dread the upcoming KSM trial in New York!

    It’s going to be a farce!

    (As that one link says—as long as there are juries, there’s a good chance these guys will walk.)

  • http://runswithangels.wordpress.com/ jan

    Rhinestone, I think this whole trial thing is moot – Obama is already on record saying that KSM will be convicted.

    I’m not a lawyer, but I believe that is tantamount to saying that the judicial system is fixed in this country and that is going to be the argument that KSM’s attorneys use – he can’t get a fair trial, so drop the charges.

    I don’t think it will even reach ‘farce’!

    Lesson learned – feel free to bomb the United States because you won’t be convicted of it.

  • newton

    “Bring the kiddies, make popcorn, it’s a disaster film in the making.”

    Forget the popcorn! How about motion sickness bags?

  • Doc

    Snarky comment: Tom Friedman dispensing carbon footprint advice is like Jenna Jameson becoming an advocate for sexual abstinence before marriage.

    Serious note: I understand why people worry about a jury refusing to convict KSM, but I’m more concerned with a Leftist judge sympathizing with pro-bono Communist lawyers and turning this circus into a trial of the Bush Administration and the CIA. In fact, I can think of no other reason why Obama and Holder are doing this.

    This is an assault on all who understand the nature of militant Islam and the terrorists it inspires.

  • dry valleys

    2007 memo raised concerns about Hasan

    You wonder what sort of absolute dregs are allowed to stay in their jobs & whose idea it was that soldiers should be “served” by them.

  • dry valleys

    Plus, you’d have thought that Ana Marie Cox would, if she was an experienced reviewer, be able to convincingly pretend to have read Going Rogue even if she hadn’t.

    I am put in mind of Confessions Of A Book Reviewer

  • http://www.dailydose.us billie

    neat how you linked this post <a href="http://dailydose.us/2009/11/17/termination-of-privacy-and-termination-of-insurance-choice/&quot; which had nothing to do with health insurance reform and EVERYTHING to do with state funded ‘moral mandates’ i really don’t think you actually read the piece. too bad, it was really informative.
    feel free to comment back on the blog post itself, but don’t for ONE SECOND imagine that that was a well researched article opposing abortion, or a well researched article opposing health insurance reform. there, you would be wrong.

    [Rescued from spam filter where all new comments that contain naked url's go. Actually, looking back at the link, I am not entirely sure why it is where it is. It's sort of a non-sequitur, there, isn't it? I don't know if you have ever had this happen to you, but often when I am writing/reading in the course of blogging, I will sometimes find an article that is interesting (as Tommy's is) and will decide I want link it into something that is already posted. Rarely, but it does happen because I do get distracted, I will either insert such a link into the wrong piece, or into the wrong place in a piece. In this case, I meant to give Tommy his own line in the round-up of interesting news, and instead created that nonsensical paragraph. Now, see, this is where it gets interesting. In this neck of the woods, if someone had linked to something of mine, and the linking made no sense, I might have -if I cared enough- asked the blogger if he meant to put my link there, or if that was a mistake, before jumping to conclusions about whether the piece had been read, or you know...permitting myself to indulge in adolescent sneering. I'd have given the blogger the benefit of a doubt. I will correct my link. -admin]