Hide the Decline

This would have been even better if they’d have managed to mention carbon-offsets and private jets (see how easily they go together?) but I still think this is pretty good on short notice:

(Via Glenn Reynolds who seems to be gettin’ on the NY TIMES’s last nerve!)

Alarmism and Fraud
Rand Simberg
Taking apart the smoking gun
Climate Emails and the Politics of Science
Climate and Transparency
Climategate and the Social Validation of Knowledge
It’s all Bush’s Fault

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  • http://bcscentral.info Gerry

    Barry is truly a man of principle – he never lets the facts get is his way.

  • Andy

    Cute, I like it

  • Bondservant1958

    For most of this week I like most minded people have been completely absorbed by the revelations coming from the e-mails from the Climate Research Unit at The University of East Anglia. Given the lack of reporting from the “trusted” alphabet soup of news organizations, ABC,CBS,CNN,BBC we have ourselves read the e-mails and inspected the notes in the code. My understanding is that the CRU headed by Dr Jones supplied the data in their possession to the United Nations IPCC to support the UN goal of implementing Cap and Trade legislation on the whole world in order to combat a man made contribution to the destruction of the world. A “if we do not act quickly there is no hope scenario” much like the financial bailouts No Time to Think Trust Us This is TOO BIG TO FAIL! Trust is what the e-mails from the CRU speak to and manifest. How can I trust the data used to create the theory that Global Warming was man made and not influenced more by an object 93 million miles away that constitutes 99% of the mass of the solar system and in which we live, in its “atmospheric influence”, recognizing that it only takes 8 min for the warm to reach us. All we ever asked for was Show Us the Math!, well we have seen the math and we have seen collusion, and we have seen stifling of criticism or inspection, and we have seen the trick of adding real temps where your code fails so that anyone else that has records from 1961 on cannot refute your algorithm, and we have seen willful and criminal misuse of US taxpayers money (Roger’s missed trip and all the stuff you did not buy that US hardworking and suffering taxpayers paid for through the NOAA), and we have seen the deliberate destruction of evidence in the face of Freedom of Information Act requests. I am more concerned about what we have not seen. I have not seen or heard a peep from Al Gore. I still see the President of the United States prepared to agree to putting a greater burden on the US taxpayer in the now unfounded belief that somehow man was responsible for this last period of warming that certainly ended more than 10YEARS AGO! Hide the decline my great-mother! I as a law abiding tax paying citizen of the United States Demand a Federal Investigation of this matter Climategate!

  • Gary taylor

    the main stream press will respond as soon as they find a shill or two to refute this. they will pull a dan rather on this one and find phoney ways to spin it to the warm side by 180 degress