What are your New Year Resolutions? UPDATED

In the comments section, Dry Valleys (a lovable resident lefty who admits he doesn’t know how he has ended up hanging out here so often and actually enjoying it) mentioned New Year’s Resolutions, and I thought – what a good idea, why didn’t I think of that?

I’d love to hear what everyone is resolving to do this year. As usual, I am resolving to do better on my diet (I have made a good start in December, actually) and to be more disciplined in both spiritual and physical exercise.

But my most earnest resolution – because it is what needs serious addressing – is my attitude. I need to be less pissy, less bitchy, less impatient, and more grateful, more aware of my blessings, and, of course, more patient. I need to listen better and shut up more. I need to be a little more thoughtful to those around me, a little more sensitive to their needs.

Basically, I need to stop being such a social and familial klutz. I don’t know how my family can bear me. I don’t know how my husband can stand me. I can barely stand myself. This morning, after mass, I went to confession and told the priest, essentially, “bless me father, for I have been SUCH a grouch, and totally failing in love, at home, at work…”

Also, I intend to take this very sane and healthy advice from Marcus Aurelius:

“Take away the complaint, ‘I have been harmed,’ and the harm is taken away,”

How about you? Seriously, now, what are your New Year’s Resolutions?

I like this one.

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  • Katherine

    I, too, resolve to do better on my diet but I’m not sure that’s possible thanks to The Pioneer Woman. You introduced us and I, and my family, thank you. My waistline is not so thankful. Happy New Year.

  • Anonymous, just once

    Penance, for everybody’s sake. I started that last year, then slacked off somewhat. But the epic fail that was 2009 convinced me to get very serious about it again.
    So, no frivolity, no time-wasting. Good works, extra prayer. But not being a solemn, po-faced grump about it, either. It’s kind of a secret resolution- except for mentioning it here.

  • Craig Payne

    Lose weight, of course. But also–and this may seem an odd thing to post–but I’m going to post less on the First Things site. At least I’m going to think a lot more about what I write before I post it. When I read some of my posts, I don’t even recognize myself–I come across sometimes like a Bible-school version of Perez Hilton or something.

    Which I am not.

    So pray more, read more, think more, post less.

  • Valerie Hayes

    In 2010 I hope to not be so absorbed in all ths politics and craziness of the world. I want to do my best to stay focused on what really matters; The Cross.

    Easier said than done.

    Happy New Year

  • http://proteinwisdom.com/pub dicentra

    I need to be less pissy, less bitchy

    Well, there goes half the reason I read you. :D

  • Left Coast Conservative

    In the spiritual realm – Mass during the week occasionally, confession every 6 weeks, adoration during the week, another Dominican retreat – the last one was wonderful.
    In the work realm – to cultivate the virtue of diligence. Sell more (yes – I’ve got a specific number). In the kid realm – to grow the virtue of patience and crowd out the vice of impatience. To be more cheerful – balance the seriousness of life.
    Exercise and get in better shape. If I lose weight, that’s a bonus.
    To fast for our country and the people I know – celebrate the blessings. Be more careful with my time.
    Thanks for a great year – your insight has been wonderful. If you are ever on the Left Coast, I’ve always got coffee on – probably not as good as the coffee you drink but you are welcome to a cup. Happy New Year. May God bless you and yours (and all of your readers)today and during the coming year.

  • Regina

    I’d like to be less pissy and bitchy as well. I’ve noticed that lately people at work are getting under my skin a lot. I think I need a vacation, or a retreat.

    For my health’s sake, I want to exercise more and watch the salt.

    Also, more frequent weekday Mass.

    Did I mention I want to work on being less pissy and bitchy?

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/KnightOwl2006 Tempus Fugit

    Any resolution you start on a day you have a hangover is already in trouble. Resolutions would probably be better off made in the spring, on a weekday.

    [I would like to resolve to be irresolute, but I'm not a drinker, so I can't get away with it! -admin]

  • http://deirdremundy.blogspot.com Deirdre Mundy

    I’d like to get myself, and my kids, onto a more workable schedule. Not quite as strict as the “Mother’s Rule” one– with 4 under 6, I need to give myself enough leeway to deal with the inevitable crises.

    But right now, we’re too chaotic.. and most of the things I’d like to accomplish in my spiritual, professional and social lives can’t happen UNTIL we have a bit more order around here!

  • NanB

    Lose weight. And become more physically and spiritually fit. But most of all I would like to learn to totally trust and rely on God.

  • http://thewinedarksea.com/weblog.php Melanie B

    Get to confession regularly– once a month is my goal. Be more patient. Declutter the house.

  • Joi

    I work with almost all women, and got so TIRED of hearing resolutions that were always all about weight, that I resolved never to resolve anything about my weight again. :) Instead, I would resolve to create things. In light of that, here are my resolutions for 2010:

    1. Learn to write short stories that are longer than 1000 words and shorter than 15,000.
    2. Get familiar with sci-fi magazines and try to get a story published.
    3. Learn to spin wool into yarn on a wheel (I can already do it with a spindle)
    4. Resume yoga, because it’s so good for my back pain.

  • Revnant Dream

    My resolution is to have the same clarity as this 13 year old. Man what a moving call!!!

  • Tully

    Same resolution as last year — I resolve not to make any unkeepable resolutions.

  • http://runswithangels.wordpress.com/ Team Bender

    Blog less (or more efficiently to stop wasting time), vacuum more, exercise more, be more focused in my reading and studying, buy some artwork for my house, give Bender a break, and finally, stop being so damned pathetic.

  • http://www.sherryantonettiwrites.blogspot.com Sherry

    Joi, go to absolutewrite.com for tips on where to send stories and how to craft those pieces for sf.

    My resolution, to limit my net time to the evening (after 8) so I won’t fritter the day; that way, there is time to write, time to read, time to play and time to exercise and pray.

  • Kimberly

    Be more active, both mentally and physically. Be more proactive, not reactive. Look for things in my life, love, work, and world that I can change and figure out ways to change them. Replace complacency with contentment. Oh, and wear nicely-fitting bras – that makes all the difference. :)

  • rose

    pray more. trust more. love more. forgive more.

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  • Myssi

    I prefer to think of these as goals rather than resolutions, but here they are:

    1. Feed my soul before feeding my body. (I will read my Bible daily before eating breakfast. If I’m too sick to eat, I’ll give myself a pass on reading and just stay in bed.)

    2. Pass my professional coding exam. (There’s a raise in it and darn it, I deserve the recognition that I’m good at what I do.)

    3. Get back to my pre-kid weight of 155 lbs and/or a body fat of 15%. This is not just another weight loss thing for me, it’s about feeling better. My joints will hurt less when they are carrying around less unnecessary weight and hopefully I’ll be less fatigued.

    4. Read one non-fiction book per month. More would be better, but I’ve got 4 kids so I’m trying to be realistic.

    5. Spend at least 2 hours/week working on my scrapbooking hobby. I am dangerously close to burning out on chasing those 4 kids around without taking anytime for myself.

    and 6. I will NOT go to bed with dishes in my sink. Period. (I do not have a dishwasher and have fallen into the habit of leaving just one or two things until morning. If I don’t nip this in the bud now, I’m going to be full-blown lazy and leaving them all until “later”,which is just gross.)

  • Dr. Bob

    I think my resolution would be to “Do less”. Yeah, it sounds crazy.

    I have a very stressful salaried job and worked about 55 hours per week attempting to meet unrealistic job demands. Even during vacation times, I’d have to check in daily via e-mail and handle emergency tasks.

    So, I want (and need) to put much tighter limits to work fewer hours and want to get away on vacation time to refresh my mind, body, heart and soul.

  • lethargic

    Every day, declutter one item.

    Every day, organize one item.

  • Mimsy

    Clear my soul, my desk, and my diet…
    1,2,3, presto, change-o…

    hmmm. Not so easy on my own.

    “In Him I live and move and have my being.”
    Well, that helps, as long as I can keep it at the top of my head and heart. Being a sinner is very hard work. No wonder I’m always tired!

  • http://musing-minds.com kimsch

    Losing weight and getting healthier. I have Already gotten off to a good start since we got a Wii! yay! for Christmas with Wii Sports Resort and Wii Fit Plus with the balance board. I started out with my Wii age older than my real age (much older) but today it was already a year younger than I really am! My balance is getting better too. After only a few days too. I have to eat better too and actually keep up with the Wii doing at least 20 minutes every day. Once I get used to doing that, I can increase as time goes on.

  • dancingcrane

    Anchoress, and Regina, will be pleased to join you in your resolution to be less pissy. I’m known among my friends as the soul of patience, but oh, my family sees the truth, poor dears. My husband and 5 kids (ages 23 to 10) are beyond wonderful and totally exasperating, and I want them to see more of the me that sees the former, and only God to see the other me.

    And Joi, another SF writer? Yays, I’ll join you too! Been writing for 5 years, time to get serious about getting published.

  • http://americanphoenix.net American Phoenix

    Anchoress, were you reading my mind? That’s exactly the resolution I need to work on for myself! :)

  • Ellen

    Well, I got the Magnificat and am resolved to pray it every day.

    I have the opportunity to go to Mass on Monday and resolve to keep it up

    I am going to fast at least one day a week

    And most important – my parents are in their late 80s and getting very forgetful, so I am going to curb my tendency to get impatient with them. Someday I may be in their shoes.

  • dry valleys

    I did fairly well on the weight front during 2009 so I am the right size, which leaves no particular need for that. But it is just the usual to do more exercise (cycling, & outdoor swimming with the help of a wetsuit- imagine that!), read more, & keep applying for better jobs.

    I generally resolve to do humdrum sorts of things rather than, for example, plan to move into my dream house. I have got one- it is outside Church Stretton & is, I believe, a farmhouse- just sitting there on a hill overlooking the town & the local countryside. I suppose that follows on from getting a decent job, eh? I saw it & decided it was my ideal house, even though I never even went there, in the way that things happen. But there’s probably some inconvenient sort of person living there :)

  • Sal

    It is only fair to warn you that spinning on a wheel is basically fiber crack.
    Proceed at your own risk…
    Good luck to all writers- and may we all keep our resolutions.

  • DaveW

    I really want to reduce the amount of sin in my life. I loathe the feeling of being separated from God.

    I want to be less judgmental and slower to anger.

    I want to change my interactions with my family so that they experience me as more ‘present’ when we are interacting. There’s something about my ‘way of being’ at times that causes them to feel like I think they aren’t important to me. I don’t understand it very well, but I know it needs to change.

  • Karl

    To remain faithful to the marriage vows I spoke almost thirty years ago, with a spouse who abandoned our marriage long ago with the ongoing support of the clergy in the Catholic Church in America, in spite of the Roman Rota upholding the validity of our marriage. To continue to speak out against the dichotomy present regarding such abuses
    of marriage, by the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in America, in the face of the Manhattan Declaration, which was signed by my Archbishop, Dolan, who will not act to helpreconcile a valid sacrament!

    Either he means what he signed in public or Archbishop Dolan should resign his position. Men like Professor Robert George and other laity who signed the same declaration and who profess to be Catholics should openly and in public suggest that the Bishops who signed that statement with them should AT LEAST attempt to try to live up to it when the evidence of its own Church courts points to validity that is being openly mocked with unrepentant adultery flaunted with the open encourgaement of clergy throughout the United States including priests and bishops.

    It is a public scandal of which Rome is clearly aware yet does nothing. If those who signed that document do not care to practice what they preach then THEY HAVE NO BUSINESS TELLING POLITICIANS THAT THEY SHOULD TOE THE CATHOLIC LINE EITHER!!

    This is what they said in the Manhattan declaration:

    We are Orthodox, CATHOLIC, and evangelical Christians who have united at this hour to reaffirm fundamental truths about justice and the common good, and to call upon our fellow citizens, believers and non-believers alike, to join us in defending them. These truths are:

    the sanctity of human life


    the rights of conscience and religious liberty.


    We confess with sadness that Christians and our institutions have too often scandalously failed to uphold the institution of marriage and to model for the world the true meaning of marriage. Insofar as we have too easily embraced the culture of divorce and remained silent about social practices that undermine the dignity of marriage we repent, and call upon all Christians to do the same.

    Either put up or shut up. The Catholic Church is a BIG PART OF THE DESTRUCTION OF MARRIAGE.

    Wake up!

  • dry valleys

    There have been a few things in the press about how realistic resolutions that we’re half way to achieving are more likely to be met than far-flung ideas (for the majority of people).They reckon the main reason for failure is that people plan to do things they were never likely to do, so they miss out on what they can do.

    Unfortunately I have mislaid them- maybe that’s something to resolve to do, to not let my newspaper cuttings get lost :)

  • http://andyw@waitshearingcenter.com Andy Waits

    Lie more, little lies are getting me in trouble, gossip more, judge more, cheat more, stir up trouble more, hate more, laugh less, eat more decadently, take less showers and floss less, get drunk more often, take drugs to soften my heart, and pray I don’t take myself so seriously.

  • Joi

    Dancingcrane: Huzzah!

    I’ve been writing fiction for several years for NaNoWriMo, and this year I wrote a 200,000 word novel about a woman on Mars, that I think might actually be publishable if I’ll just settle in to polish it up.

    Hooray for SF!

  • RS

    Some of mine, besides my savings goals

    *Finish Fr. Siedl’s Latin course
    *Planned entertaining at home each month except February (off for Lent) and also except March and December if a friend or family member hosts St. Thomas Aquinas Day and Chanukah parties
    *Write recommendations for all my LinkedIn contacts about whom I could possibly say anything professional or profession-related

    I’m also seriously considering beginning Joe Carter’s challenge over on First Thoughts

  • Stephanie

    Very interesting! Usually i don’t make resolutions myeself, but I love reading everyone else’s resolutions:-). My only resolution this year would be to finish paying off the cars, to reduce our overall debt.

  • http://fineoldfamly.blogspot.com Sally Thomas

    1. Make greater strides at overcoming sloth.
    2. Pray daily with greater diligence.
    3. Love my extended family more.
    4. Be less reserved and more giving of myself (easy in writing/blogging, hard in real life)
    5. Make some serious strides towards finishing a novel I’ve been writing for the last 8 years or so — or else give up on it completely and move on.
    6. Halfway keep any resolution I make.

  • Fry

    Karl – I’ve been thinking about this all day and wanting to say something. I saw a post you left on a different site and I just want to say that I am really sorry you are hurting so badly. I know I’m not going to change your mind, but I hope you will somehow, some day, get to the point where you stop feeling such anger at the Church.

    Mother Church did not end your marriage for you – it seems your wife did that. According to what you said, the validity of your marriage was upheld, by Rome no less – what more could she do for you? Surely you don’t expect the clergy to force your wife into therapy or marriage counseling? That’s not realistic.

    Your issue is with her, not with the Church. Perhaps some member of the clergy has been sympathetic to her – maybe a priest or deacon or even a nun – that still doesn’t make it the official position of the Church.

    I sincerely wish for you this coming New Year some peace – mind and soul – for you. I hope you can find some resource that will help you deal with your anger, righteous though it may be.

    God bless you, and I will pray for you.

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  • http://tryingagainintwentyten.wordpress.com/ Trying Again

    I’m blogging for 365 days about my ten personal resolutions for the year

    Thanks for the interesting post!

  • http://janetsdomesticbliss.blogspot.com Janet in Toronto

    I blogged yesterday about the genesis of my resolutions, but i am trying to develop some new habits by tackling one area of my life each month. In January, it’s about vitality.

    On the physical energy front: I intend to get more sleep (in bed by 10), stop eating two hours before bed, and get 30+ minutes of exercise per day (mainly doubling my current dog-walking regime).

    On the mental energy front, I will do one decluttering task every weekday (to increase the order and peace in my home), keep a running written to-do list to stop the hamster-brain from fixating on everything on my plate. And blog every day.

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