Good for the sniffles

I note that the Summit Dominicans are retiring several soap selections and offering them at reduced prices.

The Eucalyptus is great when you are stuffed up. Get a good lather going in a hot shower, and you can breathe again! And of course, when you buy from the nuns, they breathe a little easier at bill-paying time.

I think I’ll stock up on some of the best lipbalm evah and handcreme inna jar while this brutal, dry, miserably cold weather continues…

FCC Disclosure: Promotion of Nungoods generates no earthly kickback for Lizzie, who hopes to store up riches in heaven!

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  • Regina

    The hand creme is the best! My hands become as rough as a nutmeg grater (like Mrs Joe in Great Expectations) in the winter but the miracle hand creme keeps them soft as a new baby’s. I like the unscented – smells faintly of chocolate.

  • Nan

    You’re completely evil. Between realizing that I’m about to transition to my last bar of soap, and having dry hands, I succumbed to the nun soap, hand creme and lip balm.

    What? I live in Minnesota. Lip balm is a requirement.

  • shanasfo

    You better watch telling the feds that you are storing up treasure in heaven.

    They WILL find a way to tax that, you know.