2nd Haiti Quake; Ed's alive UPDATED

Some updates from Ed, a missionary in Petit Goave, Haiti, about 33 miles from Port au Prince, who yesterday was sounding depressed at the absence of any evidence of aid and relief in his corner.

Ed has noted that the aftershocks and tremors have not ceased since the first large quake; this morning, Petit Goave was the epicenter of a second quake registering 6.1 on the Richter scale:

UPDATE: The epicenter of this morning’s quake was Petit-Goave, a historic town that was already decimated by the first quake. We have been trying to get there for days. Contacts say the town has not received any aid yet, but folks at the search and rescue command center at the airport say teams are heading there today.

At 8:30 this morning, Ed posted:

STILL HERE. We had a real nice and calm night and then this morning about 6:00 AM we had another major aftershock. I’m beginning to wonder if earthquakes ever stop. . . .We’re all okay so far. Don’t know if there was much damage from this morning. I think there was not too much because everything that could fall already did. Gonna go do some translating and food distributing. Back later, Lord willing.

It seems that yesterday afternoon, some attention was paid to Petit Goave, and Ed gives details:

About 4:30 p.m.

We just met with a small group of doctors from the Wesleyan mission and they set up a camp and started treating severely wounded. I spent most of the morning and afternoon translating for one of the doctors.

Broken bones, crushed bones, open head wounds down to the skull, it was hard to see. Also a news crew from NBC came out and filmed quite a bit and I did an interview with them and used my few moments to share the need here. Don’t know if any of it will show up anywhere but the message is getting out. Thank you to those of you using government contacts to try to get this slow machine moving.

ALL of the patients that I got to share with were thankful to the Lord to be here. Their stories were amazing. And there was great joy in knowing that we were “not dead yet”.

We are using our last gallon of gas in the generator as I type. The UN is still not here. A few Christian doctors are here for a couple of days. Though it has been 8 days since the earthquake, it has all been one looooong… day for us. Thank you so much for the prayers and please keep praying.

Another day and the sun is going down here. Also the hopes of the people are going down here. The “help on the way” is still not here. I have come to hate the night here. Now we don’t just pray give us this day our daily bread, we pray “Give us this day…” If not for the Lord…my ROCK, my Fortress, in Him will I REALLY trust.

Here is that report on NBC, which includes pictures of a beautiful little boy named Michael, who survived under the rubble for give days. You’ll see Ed near the end.

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Ed’s mother has passed along something from her local paper, with pics, so now we know what Ed looks like. Long hair. Beard. He could be my son!

The story of Haiti is being overshadowed by the astonishing win by Scott Brown in Massachusetts, but please keep these people in your prayers.

A Catholic Deacon is rescued, alive “through the Grace of God”

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