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  • exhelodrvr

    Can’t see the videos at work, so this may be off-topic, but has some great columns about what is going on in Haiti; scroll down to the “Rubicon Rescue” items. There are about 25 of them.

  • mark of brighton

    I read this awhile back: “Always remember that the easiest people to fool are those that think they are smart. Play to their ego and you can sell them anything.”

    Obama played to his ego and sold him a bill of goods. He was taken, but only because of his ego and pride.

  • MariaP

    Gosh, I’m not a real estate billionare. I’ve $200 in my savings account right now. But I could have told Ol’ Mort that this guy is a disaster waaaay back in 2008. You limousine liberals make me sick. You can go on National TV and rail at the monster that you financed. The rest of us who got screwed by your fantasy vote have to travel on our own dime and stand outside the white house like beggars to protest with our home made signs and we get ridiculed and insulted. You see, it’s the middle class that gets ruined by these totalitarians. The rich can take off in their planes and yachts,or buy themselves a position in the new regime and the poor have nothing to lose (except their freedom).
    Dearest Mort, hope you dont cry too much heading back to New York on your fancy jet. Have an extra drink on us.Send us a post card from Switzerland after the revolution.

  • MariaP

    Oh dear, did that sound a little bitter? I meant it in the nicest way possible.

  • Salt Lick

    Mort Zuckerman has always been my favorite liberal billionaire. Honestly, I like the guy. I think he has this country’s best interests in mind.

    But I don’t understand why he didn’t see Obama for what he is. Zuckerman hasn’t struck me as politically correct, burdened by guilt over racism, ideologically driven, or plain stupid.

    So how did he not connect this guy Obama — a guy who was anti-Western culture in college, a guy who started his political career in his friend-terrorist’s living room, who spent 20 years in a racist lunatic’s church, who had zero executive experience in the big leagues — with what’s happened in the first year of his presidency?

    As the director said in “Shakespeare in Love,” “It’s a mystery.”

  • exhelodrvr

    Salt Lick,
    Love is blind.

  • Salt Lick

    exhelodrvr — It might be as simple as that. We’ve all had friends who inexplicably fell for someone we knew was using them, but there was no way to break the spell.

    In fact, I have resembled that remark. ;-)

  • ac

    Not bitter, just realistic.

  • Miss Marple

    So, what we have learned is that a billionaire publisher, with access to all sorts of inside sources, can be fooled.

    Meanwhile, millions of housewives, mechanics, real estate agents, small businessmen, farmers, and retirees were not.

    So why is it that Zuckerman is allowed to write a column?

  • J

    The reporting on Haiti is bizarre as are the comments under that video. Are we doing any good in Haiti? Have we just turned grossly incompetent? And why, when we have people in a war, on the field, are we diverting ships, personnel and equipment from our OWN MILITARY to take care of Haiti?

  • Scott Jerome

    I agree with Mark of Brighton. It’s amazing to me that so-called Republicans believed in and voted for Obama. Zuckerman is an established liberal Democrat, so he gets cut some slack for not noticing how radical Obama was before he pulled the lever for him on Election Day.
    I wonder if Zuckerman has even a particle of thought of jumping over to join the Republican Party to realize the common sense he speaks of in this interview (assuming the Republican Party goes where I think it will and returns to the basics of Ronald Reagan). Maybe that will be the subject of another interview with Covuto.
    The election choices in 2008 were instructive to myself, too. I voted for McCain, but now see that he would have been a huge disaster for the country and for my party.
    If we can survive 4 years of Obama, that is the very best outcome we can hope for, as it is bringing a huge education to the American people and to Mort Zuckerman.

  • Ashen

    He hits the nail on the head when he says the financial strength of America is deirectly tied to our security. This is what Obama hates. This is why he’s destroying it. It’s all on purpose. I think geithner has now woken up to that fact. Obama will destroy himself. Not getting his Marxist fantasies fulfilled has driven him crazy. He is now a very dangerous individual, nore than ever before. He’s trying to weaken us. Now we have to find out the specifics of why. Is it just the revenge trip? Is it the Soros minded people pulling his strings,(anti-capitalist), or is he softening us up, putting us in a position for something else. A takeover of some kind? Time will tell but the more people that turn on him the closer we will get to these answers. Keep the pressure on him and watch him crack. Let’s just hope we survive the fallout.

  • tim maguire

    As with Michael Moore and Al Gore, President Obama has done quite well lying to people who want to be lied to.