New Face at Ed's Church

Over in Haiti, in Petit Goave, Missionary Ed says there were some new faces at church today.

Hello, my entire world has crumbled around me, but I still managed to put on my best clothes for worship.

Beautiful child…humbling picture.

Meanwhile, the UN is just doing a bang-up job with their relief efforts. Or not

Writes John Bolton:

Many people ask why, instead of the United States invariably taking on the burden of “first responder” to humanitarian disaster, the United Nations shouldn’t handle the job. Indeed, in the case of Haiti, there were approximately 9,000 UN uniformed peacekeepers already posted there, as well as almost 2,000 civilian UN personnel. Unfortunately, the UN’s performance over the years demonstrates it is not up to the task. In Haiti, even worse, scores of UN personnel died in the earthquake, including Hedi Annabi, the head of the overall UN mission in country.

The UN’s own internal disorganization has long made fast and effective responses almost impossible. Numerous independently governed and administered UN agencies and programs are involved in humanitarian relief efforts, and each marches to its own drummer.

Team Rubicon is selling some cool looking gear and tee shirts to cover their costs. I likee!

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  • Bender

    The United Nations should have been disbanded decades ago. Keep the building as a place for delegates to give pointless speeches to each other, but beyond that, get rid of it.

    Help in Haiti? You mean the kind of help they gave to Rwanda, standing around watching people get macheted to death?

    Meanwhile, have you heard that story of some church group basically kidnapping a bunch of children off the street to adopt them out without bothering to ask anybody? Who do they think they are?? Madonna Ciccone??

  • Jan

    That is the cutest and most heart-wrenching photo I’ve seen in a long time. What a sweet little girl.

    Those red ribbons just about do me in.

  • DeLynn

    This little girl is beautiful. What speaks to me other than looking at her sweet face is the fact that someone–most likely her mom, big sister, or grandmother—took the time in the midst of such devastation to find her a clean dress, braid her hair, and as Jan mentioned, put those ribbons in it. Wow. Such dignity. So heartrending.

  • Bernard

    I’m not sure that I’d want the UN capable and authorised to conduct no-notice missions around the world…that’s not what it’s there for, and would be a huge (and disturbing) increase in its powers.

    In as far as the UN provides a framework for diplomacy and international cooperation, it is probably a good thing. In as far as it has been endowed with moral authority by its boosters, it is a bad thing. A nation’s proposed course of action does not become intrinsically immoral because China (or the US, or France) decides to veto something; neither does a majority of states voting for something make it moral. That’s what sticks in my craw, and why I like the fact that the UN cannot move quickly to do much at all. It’s a safety feature, if you like.

    There are all kinds of honourable NGOs (including the oldest, the Soverign Military Hospitaller Order of St John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta) that have the capability to assist in these situations, and the nimbleness to respond quickly. I acknowledge that they cannot “govern” a relief effort, but the issues surrounding national sovereignty are significant enough to warrant some pause for consideration, however desperate the situation.

    My two cents.

  • paul

    The well-dressed little girl is being taught a lesson which sadly is being forgotten by too many children and adults: that appropriate or proper dress is one of the important ways people can show respect for the people they are associating with and for the activities they are engaging in.
    Conversely, inappropriate dress conveys the opposite meaning.
    Regarding the U.N.’s inabilities and the unreasonable responses to American relief and peacekeeping efforts, welcome to the real world. The U.S. is the only significant Good Guy on the planet. The rest of the world knows this; needs what the US can do; and resents the fact.

  • Piano Girl88

    What a beautiful face…I love how this child is dressed in her best ~ her gift to God as she worships Him. Having worked in a large liturgical church for many years, I was dismayed at seeing how the kids (and many of the parents ) dressed to go into the house of the Lord. It certainly wasn’t the way I was raised. Perhaps I’m just old-fashioned that way. I love this picture.

  • Nan

    Happy to be alive.

  • Andrew B

    That little girl can–and should–teach a lesson to many American Christians (myself most certainly included). A typical Sunday at my church is inhabited by people who look, at best, like they are headed to a luau and, at worst, like they are preparing to undertake a particularly filthy domestic task. Add to that the fact that, should the sky be a bit cloudy, many will stay home rather than risk the elements.

    This beautiful Haitian child, in a world knocked flat, still puts on her Sunday Best to show her respect and devotion. Humbling indeed.

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