Laughter and Lent and Links

Fr. Dwight Longenecker writes:

We are not mocking the spiritual battle but, rather, the pride and vanity of one who thinks himself the highest while he is really the lowest.

Of course we must take sin seriously. The reality of the devil must be admitted, and, especially during Lent, we must enter the spiritual battle wearing our full armor. All I am suggesting is that part of that armor should be the swift arrows of good humor and humility.

Laughing at Lucifer is a good way to do just that.

Laughing at Lucifer in Lent means that we are happy warriors. We are launching out on the spiritual battle with a spring in our step and a smile on our face. The Gospel says when we fast we should wash our face and put on a smile, and the spiritual writers speak of keeping a “joyful Lent.” We’re not going about as gloomy defeatists.

This requires a clear understanding of our own faults and the reality of temptation.

Read the whole thing. And then go check out Marcel’s terrific FAQ’s on Lent for 2010

Random links for Sunday reading:
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  • DeLynn

    I LOVED that FAQ about Lent. Really informative!

  • Myssi

    Very informative link, thank you. I am planning to abstain from white flour for the duration of Lent. I am a lover of biscuits, yeast rolls and English muffins. (Why a good Irish girl loves English muffins, I don’t know, but there it is.)

  • Miriam

    If you haven’t seen this yet, please take a look.

    LOL. Hitler Rails Against Pope Benedict.


  • The FatMan

    I read this article of Fr. Longenecker’s in last week’s National Catholic Register. At the time,reading through it, and throughout the week thinking about it, I wasn’t sure laughing at the devil was such a good idea, especially for we “mere mortals.” I get what he is saying in the piece, and the Screwtape Letters have kept me pondering for years, but I keep thinking of Saint John Vianney and his wrestlings with the devil. Battered and bruised after a full night of harrassment.
    Then, today, Sunday, EWTN played Bob and Penny Lord’s program on Padre Pio, at the time of it’s recording uhe was not yet pronounced a Saint. In the program they talk about his wrestlings with the devil, and how he would suffer thru themuntil he could take no more and he’d cry out the name of Jesus and Mary, causing the demon to flee.

  • The FatMan

    Part 2:
    I don’t think these two great Saints would see much humor in the devil. I feel better facing the devil squeezing the Crucifix of my Rosary (“My weapon,” as St.Pio called it). Sometimes laughter isn’t the best medicine.

  • Revnant Dream

    The foes of Jesus never rest in trying to destroy the family of which God ordains. Be it School or State. Its now under proscription in this day.
    You know the World becomes more like the Roman Empire day by the day in Paganism. This link has Their strategies.

    Domestic Disturbances

    The Rising Polyamorous Culture Is Out to Get Your Children

    by Patrick F. Fagan

    The culture of the traditional family is now in intense competition with a very different culture. The defining difference between the two is the sexual ideal each embraces. The traditional family of Western civilization is based on lifelong monogamy. The competing culture is “polyamorous,” normally a serial polygamy, but also increasingly polymorphous in its different sexual expressions.