That Bronchitis that was chasing me linkfest – UPDATED

It hasn’t quite caught me, yet. But it seems to be gaining on me.

Meanwhile, this made me laugh: “he’s not an orator; he’s a Republican”.

Blogging will be on and off today. Don’t know how interesting it will be!

Here are some links:

Spengler: The Long-Term Employment Bust.

Archbishop Dolan: It’s a grand time to return to confession!

More Lenten Reading Recommends. He Leadeth Me really is incredible.

Also, Free Downloadable Lenten Reading and Books

First they excommunicate her, then they canonize her: there’s hope for me, yet, after reading about Australia’s first saint.

Didn’t think I’d like this video: I was wrong

A Metamorphosis

Reverencing Mystery

“The Icon gives off an odor of myrrh

Saying “No” actually works

15 Reasons Why He’s a Believer

This largely sums up my feelings about Sarah Palin

“These delicious, fresh vegetables come from Wal-Mart? I hate them! Ptooie!

One for the Traditionalists: All Your Church Are Belong to Us

Inevitable and tiresome

Paul Ryan needs to keep doing what he’s doing

And the spending goes on

Climategate: The Big Picture

Not a good optic

I had exactly the same thought

I expect this story to just fade away

Prayers for Dan

After all that, is it unconstitutional?

Candadians Get No Respect

The Enduring Appeal of Calvin and Hobbes

Ed Morrissey: Blogger of the Year and no one deserves it more.

Let Yourself be Loved

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