Read this

Don’t ask. Just shut up and go read it.

And learn to be grateful.

If we can learn to be grateful, we can know joy – true joy – while we live.

If we cannot learn gratitude, the joy will always be elusive, perhaps a near thing, but never complete.

Gratitude is the secret.

I am grateful for this reminder.

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  • Mimsy

    I’m grateful, too, for the reminder. Having survived childhood cancer (but with a nagging time-bomb feeling), being reminded to feel the joy of every day with those we love is good, very good. THANKS!

  • KS

    He thinks he’s going to live another 28 years?

  • Victor

    When you said shut up and go read “IT”, I only half listened, in other words, my wife was next to me on her computer and so I read “IT” out loud.

    I hear ya! What did she say after you finished?

    She simply said, “See how lucky you are!” To which I replied, Are you planning on falling in love with me all over again? Go Figure!


  • Manny L.

    That’s a good story. I hope it has a happy ending. May God be with her. Yes let us be grateful and let us thank God for our blessings.

    Let me also say, I’m grateful for finding your blog Anchoress.

  • Mila

    A great story. And a good reminder to be grateful for every day and every minute that God grants.

  • Jennifer

    Thank You.

  • JuliB

    Totally OT, but Anchoress, where is your search link?

    [It should be in your right hand side bar. Unless youre in IE, in which case, for some reason, it does not show up, as it does in all the other browsers. -admin]

  • m

    Fabulous-thanks for guiding me to it.

  • DeLynn

    I am grateful you posted this.

  • Jeanie

    I don’t understand prayer at all but I do try to understand gratitude. My nightly prayers with the kids are full of “thank you for…” Last night when I included math homework in the list, the kids thought I was pushing it. I don’t. Maybe this article will be a way for me to talk about giving thanks to the Lord in all things.

    A couple of people in the Daily Beast comments pointed out that saying a fierce attitude is what saved her life might be cruel to those who watched a similar fierce attitude fail. I’ve always thought that.

    [Seriously? We've gotten to the point that we're not to openly admire a gutsy attitude because it might not be sensitive enough to others with gutsy attitudes, who did not prevail? I think it misses the point. Prevailing is all well and good, but it's the gutsiness that remains in the family lore/love even after a person does -inevitably, and whether it's in 20 months or 20 years- pass on. I had one brother diagnosed with AIDS, who lived a then-unthinkable 22 years. I had one diagnosed with cancer who didn't last4 months. Both were incredibly fierce and brave; I think I'd have to be willfully seeking out a way to compound victimhood, if I had think that my cancer-stricken brother "failed." He succeeded. He just did not live.

    If your kids think you're overdoing it with the thanks, tell them the story of Corrie and Betsy Ten Boom, in a nazi prison camp, giving thanks for the fleas (because it was what St. Paul said to do; "give thanks in ALL circumstances) in their newly assigned barracks. They could not have known that the infestation of fleas kept the guards out, and gave the barracks a measure of freedom (and thus prayerfulness and hope) unusual to the prison! -admin]

  • UrbanRevival

    I am jaded. All I could think was, she wants us to read the Daily Beast?

    I am jaded, but it is a beautiful story.

  • Tapestry

    I still don’t see suffering as a gift to anyone.
    It might put the person on alert for his own salvation; if he has enough time to be able to think clearly.
    Those that suffer with cancer may be able to do that those with AZ cannot. To see suffering in the eyes of those who cannot do anything makes me weep. I can’t deal with it I have to leave it to care givers who are paid to deal with it. God bless the caregivers.

  • Jeanie

    Sure, we all admire a gutsy attitude. What I don’t like is the belief that some people do better *because* of their gutsy attitude; the flip side is that some people stay sick or die because their attitude is not gutsy enough. I think the gutsy attitude makes sick people easier to be around; maybe we congratulate that attitude because it makes things easier for us? I don’t know. I do know that some sluggards don’t die of cancer, and some really brave people do.

    In the same way, the one person stumbling out of a burning building says it is a miracle that she survived; the four people who couldn’t make it out…how do they fit into her miracle? God didn’t do a miracle for them?

    Self congratulation–I whipped cancer because I’m so tough, God saved my life but no one else’s–isn’t all that pretty.

    Thanks for the reminder about Corrie ten Boom’s story. My daughter will like reading it.